Tuesday, July 28, 2009

B. C. RPG from the Endless Imagination of Ink-B!

RPG's have certainly became some of the most mainstream and popular titles of the last decade. Recently Ink-b surprised me with something very interesting in my inbox. A picture of the boys in a fantasy world setting. Have a look:

Level Up with Bronze Tusks Dimata!!
I had a lot of questions for Ink, but for now the story is a secret! I believe The characters are indeed Smilo, Dimata and Romer as human animal types in a fantasy world of Ink's own creation. This is one sweet cross over!
I love how the tusks are a part of a costume, but the shoulder and arm hair could very well be either a part of his body, or an accessory. I love how they all have a kind of Incan, Mayan look to them. Very sleek. Looks like Ink was going to do them nude, then changed his mind...XD

Final Fantasy meets Flinstones!
Human Dimata gets hard eating a sexy forbidden fruit! I wonder if that causes a huge cum attack? I love the war paint on his cock.

Dimata on sale as a sex slave!

The Adult version of Dimata as a sex slave!

Ink you have a heart of Gold and your men are so fine!!! I love the 'Special Dimata'! He is so buff and desirable!!! The penis is very much like those found at Class, great job emulating that style my friend. It's so hot how the foreskin is positioned. I love all his jewelry and accessories. They have bring so many questions to my mind about the history of this character and the world he is now in. The palm tree background is so Jurassic Park. ;^) If this was a real RPG I would pre-order today!

On top of all that hotness Ink also went and extended the Lil'Deep go Deeper picture!
Now it's a summer orgy!

Tonia and Steko join the boys at the beach.

The position of Steko is so sexy! Up against the rock, cock thick and pointed down. He's huge and so sexy. His body and face is so masculine. Those are some gorgeous buns. I wonder if this is the influence of Fydbac's amazing bottoms? :) I can't believe he surprised me with Tonia!!! That is one cute and twinky Tonia. He has the air of a guy who knows how hot he is and doesn't mind being on display. (Cocky!) I love his hair and his EYEBROWS! I melted, I really did!

And to top it all off, Ink worked really hard and created two new animations.
HOLY CROW!!!! More animations!!! I don't know how well they will display on this blog, but I am sure if you save them and play them from your image viewer they will work great. If not feel free to PM me, or note me on Deviantart and Y! gallery and I will e-mail them to anyone who wants to see them in action.
Here is Lil Deep and Smilo having a great time, the first animated images of them ever. I am honored and floored.

The blow job is soooooooooo hot. Smilo and Lil Deep are haveing a great time! LOL Lil Deep is going to enjoy that meal. XD

Ink, your just the best of the best. Always striving to do better and having such a great time. You have taken everything to a brand new level of wonder and excitement. Your ideas rock, just brilliant!

Early 90's Video Game Fantasies

Ok I have been away for some, I got really sick and then my apartment became a nightmare to live in. (It's still being fixed.) So let's get to it!
Today I want to present a bunch of commissions that represent a lot of fantasies I had as a teenager. Growing up playing a lot of video games I was naturally attracted to these characters. This comes as no surprise though, as I have commissioned many video game characters already.
The first one I want to show is by FallenAngel. It's something I am surprised you never see anywhere, Captain N the game master. I had an image on him standing in front of Mother Brain, with Princess Lana as his knees, getting ready to fire as the tentacles close in on the two of them. Well Fallen created the image perfectly. He even made Mother Brain a 'Father' Brain by changing the tentacles! What an imagination that boy has! :)

I love how that boy can read my mind!!!! Captain N was the source of much passion in my early teen years! XD

I can't recall all the times I had to wait at the arcade while my siblings did their clothes shopping. More often then not, I found myself watching a young hot black man in a business suit play Final Fight. What a pairing Cody and Guy are. Who needs Jessica? XD
I asked the wonderfully talented 1320 to create this hot image. I was inspired to has her by Rikuo fan art and all the wonderful images she created for my friend Busiris.

Sunrise on the park, finds Cody and guy ready do cum.

My Reaction:

I had been wanting to Commission you for some time and it was really worth the wait I must say! :happyhappy:
Here's a pairing that was part of many a fantasy of mine growing up, Guy and Cody from Final Fight. These are two of the hottest guys Capcom ever created and you did them justice beyond my expectations. I just love your take on them!! The expressions are so sweet! The details breathtaking! The cut cock on Cody with the huge piss slit is to die for! And Guys Asian pubes are uncut cock were worth the comm price alone! Love how Guys hair is resting on Cody's head and how they look like they are going to kiss any second.
This is an old school masterpiece! Thanks for making a teenage dream of mine come true! You ROCK!!!!:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
Gotta really recommend 1320, a class act all the way through. Asking questions and tons of communication. Thank you!

Now that's a preview sketch!!! One of the things I wanted was Guy to be a bit smaller then Cody. Yeah it's a stereotype...

Please check out here amazing gallery, a fellow Canadian, 1320 was a pleasure and honor to have draw for me.


Some of the wonderful line art. SO, so hot and touching.

In my youth I had a huge crush on Link and Kid Icarus. I wanted to pair them in the worst way, so here is Logkuns beyond sexy take on the two of them frotting and shooting a load. LogKun was great to meet and have draw for me. I hope that I hear from him regarding more pictures soon!

I was the first person to commission Logkun and he was very kind and easy going. I have to say, I didn't have to request any changes to this masterpiece!! XD

My reaction:

It was a pleasure to be your first commissioner! I really wanted a major buff Link and Icarus and you really came though here. The uncut dicks are really hot and I almost regret asking for the cum shot cause it almost covers up the amazing job you did with the foreskins over the dick heads. Excellent job leaving them visible still! :tongue: Love the veins on the dicks too. Nice touch! These guys are just total beefcakes!!! Love the Hair on Icarus too! Olive skinned Icarus...drool...:drool:
Your Colouring is gorgeous. I dig the style, very much like the old instruction manuals. Thanks so much and I hope we can work together in the future cause you were excellent! :heart::happy: Next time we will have to work on some cut guys!!! LOL

Yeah I made another North American draw uncut guys! I am so bad...

Let's end this was something uber special, my buddy Fallenangels ever so cute take on Class Comics Locus, Cam and Lanor entering the world of Nintendo. For the first time ever, I present a larger and banner free view of this sexy stupendous picture!
I just can't get over Cams cock and him as Icarus to this day!

My Reaction:

Oh my gosh I have waiting forever to get this idea done! I had it saved just for my buddy Fallenangel7, cause I knew he would bring just the right amount of hotness, mixed with cute parody to make this picture work!
How could I resist mixing Nintendo and Class Comics!! The boys are having the time of their lives in video land!!!!

Hee hee Cam is a perfect angel with his foreskin pushed up! Lanor is really excited to be the side kick Luigi! He's getting a mushroom that makes at least one part of his body grow! So hot doing the sword with the penis man! That was too cool!
This is Fallens first threesome and I am proud to be a part of such a cute picture!

And think this warrants a sequel!

I really do need to ask him about doing a second one.

I just adore Fallens sketches. You can feel his mischievous mind at work!!!

Whew, more to come as always!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Adonix's Most Generous And Amazing Animation Gift ! As Well An Exclusive Pile Up of Preshistoric Proportions!

What a surpise today was! First off Cruzis pretty much finished his first ever commission! It's a lil' Deep meets Smilo piece that I will be adding to this blog soon! But what I came home to almost had me fainting! Ink-b surprised me with not only a band new super sexy image of Smilo, but 2 animated images!!! WOO HOO!!!! INK-B YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! Have a look and enjoy the fun!!!

Dimata takes matters into his own hands!

Have some fun with Smilo:

Smilo up.swf
Just keep clicking next to watch Smilo grow and explode! Sadly I Have no place to host this image from other then this site at the moment. If anyone has any sites I can remote host from, or wants the swf please let me know and I can e-mail it to you.

Oh my, is this not one of the Sexiest Smilo's ever? That hair...blown dry by the wind! His eyes are so hauntingly beautiful!

Thank you so much Ink! These are beyond spectacular! I never in a million years would have thought anyone would give me such an amazing gift!

Next we have something very special. It's a Dinosaurprince's Kingdom Exclusive image! The Prehistoric Paradise Pile Up by Cruxixion .

Crux was commissioned to do this some time ago. Now I say that because he started this when most of these characters were very new. (I guess they still are!) In fact, he started when all there was one image of Lil'Deep and Trish was only a mug shot. So he had tons of questions for me. I dug out my Rise of Mammals book and went over the various deer species Trish was based on. I remember the day he asked, me if I had actually seen Irish Elk horns and if I would like for him to draw them. He was very excited to do so. So much so that he created the previous image of Tirsh as gift. You will can also see that he added the horns of a Procranionceros a creature who's horns I took liberties with when giving Trish his second set of horns. Here they are replicated perfectly. That a lot of detail for a head alone! XD

When talked in detail about the scene, including the positions and setting, including the throne for the Pirate King Lil' Deep. I'm very impressed with the results. I can already think of ways to expand on that throne and some I was hoping would have been included, but forgot to ask about as the picture progressed. Dang! XD

Now where on Earth do I start with how amazing this image is? Dimata's Tusks are just took cool, coming out at the audience! If you look carefully you can see the long foreskin lips I originally imagined on Dimata! And he has fuzz around his nipples too. COOL!
Lil'Deep is just so sexy as he lets himself release. His hair has the aurora of fish fins to it. There's just something about it...:) Trish's tusks are actually digging into Smilos cock and holding it in place! Now that is an evolutionary advantage! Speaking of the Saber Tooth hunk, Smilo is very sexy here. I love his torso and abs. He has cool hair and a great face. Very nice!
I hope everyone enjoy this!

The Woolly Rhino Bros Keratis and Banyon Appear from the pen of Roalli!

Well today I have MUCH to share. But first off a post that is a day late. Straight from the tundras of Asia and Europe the Woolly Rhino bros!!!

Now the story of these two actually goes way back. OK not that far back, but into some time in late May. I drew a sad looking, really bad doodle of a Rhino man that was kinda Gothic looking. Mashi was the first one to take a crack at him. I loved her takes, she did them quickly in digital. And I always wanted to explore her design further.

The card you see in the background is from a very famous book Prehistoric Animals The Extraordinary Story of Life Before Man from the early 1970's. It's an amazing book filled with models of dinosaurs, ancient fish and extinct mammals. If you can find it on E-bay I highly recommend picking it up. The models were also featured on a deck of cards in the 1980s. This look has the character with really thick hair. I like it!

Instead of just thick bushy hair this has a more teenage feminine look, kinda like a goth, or emo kid. Again I actually really liked this.

Well I had been taking not of the artist Roalli this days. His take on Victor and other recent images really caught my attention. I figured, if I am going to do a Woolly Rhino I should go to a beef cake expert like him for sure! This guy turned out to be one of the most friendly artist on the Y!gallery.

What a super nice guy the Roalli is. He worked so hard on these two. Even before he knew what I wanted him to draw he was so into the commission he was sending me sketches!

He talked to me all evening regarding the character and what I wanted. He showed me various body types and I showed him rough sketches, hair styles and models. I have TONS of sketches from him! He combined all the best elements and came up with the Rhino Keratis on the left of your screen. He gave me too body types to choose. I was in love with the husky build character type that as well as Keratis. Through the advice of a friend I decided to ask if we could do both. And well here they are!

Not only did Roalli show me the steps, he sent me videos of him creating the boys as well! I have never had that pleasure before! He even added music! WOW!!! I got the royal treatment! :) I just sat transfixed to my screen with my mouth open the morning I viewed it.

These are the newest addition to the prehistoric series; two woolly Rhino bros, so hairy even their shafts have hair! (Thanks for going with me on that one Roalli!) I know that won't be up to everyones tastes but I have seen it in real life and after hearing about it for years on Howard Stern, I wanted to expose the condition a bit more give it to some some sexy characters.

I love them, from the thick foreskin, to the awesome circumcision mark. (Something Roalli is know for and another feature that attracted me to his art.) These boys are smoking. I wanted to go with a kinda Indian/Asian influence with Keratis and I have to say I couldn't be happier with him. His hair is perfect, his shag wonderful and his eyes to die for. An excellent mix of animal and human. :) Your hard work has really paid off big time. You rock!
Banyon is a powerhouse of creature. Sexy and spectacular. I love his board chest and his strong, yet gentle face. The perfect match of a lover. Both look like they could take on anyone in a fight.

I really love all the shading on both and that background is right out of every old prehistoric book I grew up with!
If you haven't asked Roalli for a commission yet, you had better! This guy is one of the strongest up and comers I have had the pleasure of meeting. Hope we can do more together when you are free!


Saturday, July 11, 2009

TonberryKnight Excluvise Dimata and Smilo and more!

It's been a week of non stop commissions again! For starters we have Tonberryknights oh so sensual take on Dimata and Smilo embracing each other under a waterfall. Be prepared to get lost in their eyes:

High above the world at the very edge of space lies Twilight Tundra Meadow. Here the two lovers secretly meet at Star Light Falls. They say that if you reach far enough into the falls you can touch heaven itself.

Tonberryknight DRIPS sensuality onto the canvas here! Her Dimata is one of the most desirable ever created. He's reeks of youth and vulnerability. Yet his cock begs the attention needed for a man. I can't get over his face, hair and ears. Those ears are amazing. The loin cloth, shredded by either wear, or the aggressive affection of saber toothed lover adds a much appreciated touch.

After seeing Tonberry take on Cam, Felicia and Lanor, how could I not ask to see her take on Smilo? And what an amazing job on him. I really dig his eyes, eyebrows and the his mouth. She gave him a nice pair of fangs. The beard separation at the sideburns is so cool!

Thank you Tonberryknight! Here's to many more!

Next is Zipopens ever so playful take on Dimata! He went and added Zahn in as a surprise!!! See, I had an idea for another Dimata and Zahn image. But Zip was dying to draw Dimata. So he asked if I would like him to try out Dimata alone. I said sure. Then the other day he surprised me with this!

Zahn Gives Dimata a Mighty Hand job!!!

Zip added such wonderful lighting effects here. There is so much detail on Dimata, from the freckles on his face to the varying colours of his hairs. I love his big eyebrows, his expression and those cool tusks. Zahn looks like he has Dimata firmly in his grasp, but I doubt the mammoth is going anywhere any time soon! Hold it in Dimata! LOL.
Thanks Zip, what a wonderful gift and surprise! You rock!!!

Next up is Feline Man master Chriss. I gave the budding young artist a chance to take on Smilo! And he really surprised me with what I got! He's currently doing tip only commissions, you pay what you feel the pic is worth and he got a nice sum from me! LOL.

It's really really good to be working with you again Chrisss! I love your take on Smilo! That is one rock hard ass! Gotta love all the shiny muscles! His back stripes are too cool! This picture is wearing me out! whew.... XD The fact that you wanted to pose him in a similar fashion to the the very first Dimata picture by Ink-b is going to make him feel very honored. Love the claw marks!!! When it comes to big cats you certainly know your stuff!

Thank you man! I hope to work with you again in July.
Big Hug.

Here just for the blog is a bare butt version of Smilo sans his tail!

Pretty hot huh? XD

Last, but not least is another Blog exclusive from my buddy Mashi. It's a an early image of Steko from some time back:

Don't hate me cause I'm white! XD

Yep Mashi made my Caribbean boy all white and he's uncut!!! But that's ok, love every race equally I say! LOL. And it's great to see diversity in my boys designs. This is a really smoking picture of the Stegosaurus at rest! She did him major justice. I love his hair and the nose. :)
Mashi is currently in need of commissions to help her out. Please check out her pages on Y and Deviantart for details!

Welcome to Castlevania!

OK something very special to me today, Castlevania! Ah the hours I wasted as a mere boy of 10 playing the first game. My dad would actually sit with me and tell me what I was doing right and wrong. The one of the few times he took an interest in my life...XD Seriously I never felt so accomplished as I did the day I finished it. Well sexy Simon Belmont has remained one of my favorite heroes to this day. So I couldn't resist a few requests of him. The first piece is one that is not on Y gallery. In fact it's actually one of the very first commissions I requested. It's drawn by Kain3 a very talented young man. He was one of the first artist that wanted to sit and talk to me on MSN as well. Which made me feel like an even stronger part of the process. It's been a long time coming and I am extremely happy with results. Here we have Simon meeting that 'other' video game guy that I adore so much!

Check out that lightning bolt of cum! That's old school Barbarian style Simon, not the recently lovely, but oh so effeminate style version! This guy will swing in and save you carrying you away in one arm! Kain Captured him very nicely and his Rikuo is just exquisite! The background is one of the nicest I have seen in a long time as well. Lots of effort here! :) I wanted to shake it up a bit by having Rikuo be cut and Simon uncut. Originally this was reversed, but sometimes an error leads to great things! Thank you Kain3 this is great picture!

Be sure to check out his gallery.

Next up was a fun picture done by Marourin. A very nice take on Simon from Castlevania Judgment. I should have asked for Simons suit and body paint to be added. But I went for the naked look! Ah oh well, here he is sexy and oh naturel! LOL What? I'm not complaining! He's super hot!!! Marourin did a wonderful job on my first posted Belmont Commission! This made me want more and more of him.

He has the whip at the ready! Pray you are not at the end of it!

Now we have my good friend Fallenangel7 doing what he does best, gaying up my childhood! :) I couldn't resist asking him to do a take on Simon and Dracula. For Refs I gave him Trevors and Simons outfits from Castlevania 1 and 3 and the Dracula from the DraculaX game. (I personally think that Drac is dead sexy!)

Here we go forced Frot!:

Dracula is leaking a lot, I think he doth protest to much! XD

My Reaction:

Ha ha ever since I was a kid I thought, that Dracula in Castlevania X is HOT. SO I asked my dear friend FallenAngel7 to draw my favorite Belmont frotting with Dracula!! GO SIMON!!! This is so hot and CUTE! I love it!!! :heart: Another 80's dream comes true!!

Castlevania is jam packed with hot guys! Who should I commission next? Maybe Uly to do a 3D version of Simon, or Richter!
One thing is for sure, with such great pieces to start off with, my imagination has plenty of inspiration.

Chibbi Madness!!!!

Today is going to be massive!!! Let's start with Demona! Some time ago the queen of Chibi's had a sale on them. And I took as many slots as I could! Here they are for your enjoyment! Get the toothpaste ready, this blog is so sweet your are bond to get a few cavities!!!

Widdle Wikuo! So cute!!! XD

Ah Zahn, you lucky bugger, some guys are just born well endowed!!!

After I saw this I told Demona she should be working at Ubi-soft on the kid friendly DS versions of the game! (Or making art for a kick butt 2D game on any system.)

Old School original Icarus in BLUE!!! Bet you didn't see that coming!

Awe it's Dimata with some the best tusks ever! NICE!

Check out the little buns on Cyclops! XD He looks like he is ready to pee on the X-Men target!

Not to be outdone by anyone Mashi got into the spirit and gave me wondrous image of Wonderboy and Congo! A prehistoric friendship is forever no? :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's a Prehistoric Paradise! Neo123, Conji, Sablechan and JC go back in time!

I recently opened up a club on the Y!gallery called Prehistoric Paradise. There have been some submissions from a few different artist and many of my commissions can be found there as well! I will be featuring some of the art I did not commission here soon as well.

Well first up we have Neo123's simply to gushing take on Dimata. He was really keen on drawing him and added a lot to him. For one thing the tusks and face are just incredible. And then there is that crazy foreskin action. I mean, when you want foreskin done right, just call on Neo, the man is an expert!

My Reaction:

Oh how I do love to let you run wild!!!! XD What a crazy hot picture!!!! I had to make you get this up cause it was too hot not to be!!!!! Love the foreskin action! Stretching is just so hawt!!! The bone up his bum, is so cool!!! XD
Like I said, I dig the tooth piercings! Very Flintstones!!! XD
He is going to have some major cum cakes in the morning!!! Happy my legs are not that hairy!!!! Always a pleasure to have you create great JO material!!!
You are a pure master!!!! Big hugs for my prince of porn!!!!

Next up a little something in honor of Ink-B! Chase swimming with the Megalodon Man himself, Lil'Deep!
Jcartblog really outdid himself as usual! He put the head crest on Chase which I think looks really good. It's kinda heart shaped just like the animal he is based on is! I have two versions to share! Hope you guys like!!!!

My Reaction:

This is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG your take on Megalodon lil'Deep had Ink-B jumping man!! (He created him for me.) And you really took him to a new level of sexiness! Thanks so much for working so hard on him and giving him the tail and dorsal fin. You have nothing to worry about, the colours on both look great!!! You did an excellent job man!
Chase is amazing! He looks so sleek and sexy!!!! I just love him! So very on with Fydbacs wonderful design too!
I love the water and lighting effects!!! Like they have just dived in! It water was an haunting beauty to it, as it gets darker as your eye moves lower.
Did I already say this was gorgeous?

Special version with Seaweed!

Next we have an artist I am rather new to commissioning. The last one he did for me, was a birthday gift from a friend. This is Conji's first take on my boys. And I have to say I am very impressed! Conji came up with some great ideas for this one! He really put his all into it.

My Reaction:

Nice tail action! Poor Dimata! He is getting sprayed in the eye!!!! That shit stings! LOL.
Very nice Romer too. Interesting skin tone. :surprised: He has a great chest and cool nipples, I love them. Nice elbow spikes! :heart:
I love Dimata blush. Very cute! He has that sex flushed look to him. Looks like he is supporting himself with his tail. Wish I could point that close to my mouth when I cum! :sweatdrop::heart:
Very nice foreskins too! Great details! :)
A very hot piece!!! :) :heart: Thank you Mr. Conji!

Finally on the list is this sweet sweet picture by Sablechan someone also new and is not only very talented, but a very kind young man too!
He did a massively hot image of Trish Elk in the snow! Check it!

What an Excellent, oh so very dramatic image! Love the lighting! It's very Chritsmasy! The melted snow is just so dang hot! The falling snow is way beautiful! XD Trish is just amamzing wearing his winter coat! I love the hot air coming from his throbbing manhole! SO much effort and done so quickly! Please check him out! Sablechan is now doing commission! I highly recommend him!
A very hot and sexy picture!!!

He even ran though character design sketches with me!

Love his big ears!


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