Tuesday, July 28, 2009

B. C. RPG from the Endless Imagination of Ink-B!

RPG's have certainly became some of the most mainstream and popular titles of the last decade. Recently Ink-b surprised me with something very interesting in my inbox. A picture of the boys in a fantasy world setting. Have a look:

Level Up with Bronze Tusks Dimata!!
I had a lot of questions for Ink, but for now the story is a secret! I believe The characters are indeed Smilo, Dimata and Romer as human animal types in a fantasy world of Ink's own creation. This is one sweet cross over!
I love how the tusks are a part of a costume, but the shoulder and arm hair could very well be either a part of his body, or an accessory. I love how they all have a kind of Incan, Mayan look to them. Very sleek. Looks like Ink was going to do them nude, then changed his mind...XD

Final Fantasy meets Flinstones!
Human Dimata gets hard eating a sexy forbidden fruit! I wonder if that causes a huge cum attack? I love the war paint on his cock.

Dimata on sale as a sex slave!

The Adult version of Dimata as a sex slave!

Ink you have a heart of Gold and your men are so fine!!! I love the 'Special Dimata'! He is so buff and desirable!!! The penis is very much like those found at Class, great job emulating that style my friend. It's so hot how the foreskin is positioned. I love all his jewelry and accessories. They have bring so many questions to my mind about the history of this character and the world he is now in. The palm tree background is so Jurassic Park. ;^) If this was a real RPG I would pre-order today!

On top of all that hotness Ink also went and extended the Lil'Deep go Deeper picture!
Now it's a summer orgy!

Tonia and Steko join the boys at the beach.

The position of Steko is so sexy! Up against the rock, cock thick and pointed down. He's huge and so sexy. His body and face is so masculine. Those are some gorgeous buns. I wonder if this is the influence of Fydbac's amazing bottoms? :) I can't believe he surprised me with Tonia!!! That is one cute and twinky Tonia. He has the air of a guy who knows how hot he is and doesn't mind being on display. (Cocky!) I love his hair and his EYEBROWS! I melted, I really did!

And to top it all off, Ink worked really hard and created two new animations.
HOLY CROW!!!! More animations!!! I don't know how well they will display on this blog, but I am sure if you save them and play them from your image viewer they will work great. If not feel free to PM me, or note me on Deviantart and Y! gallery and I will e-mail them to anyone who wants to see them in action.
Here is Lil Deep and Smilo having a great time, the first animated images of them ever. I am honored and floored.

The blow job is soooooooooo hot. Smilo and Lil Deep are haveing a great time! LOL Lil Deep is going to enjoy that meal. XD

Ink, your just the best of the best. Always striving to do better and having such a great time. You have taken everything to a brand new level of wonder and excitement. Your ideas rock, just brilliant!


  1. wow these are all great! the last two .. wow

  2. INK!!!!!! Ur the man! Seriously these are all so dang hot! Wonderful work and DUDE that Dimata pic just makes me drool!!!!!!!!



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