Saturday, July 11, 2009

TonberryKnight Excluvise Dimata and Smilo and more!

It's been a week of non stop commissions again! For starters we have Tonberryknights oh so sensual take on Dimata and Smilo embracing each other under a waterfall. Be prepared to get lost in their eyes:

High above the world at the very edge of space lies Twilight Tundra Meadow. Here the two lovers secretly meet at Star Light Falls. They say that if you reach far enough into the falls you can touch heaven itself.

Tonberryknight DRIPS sensuality onto the canvas here! Her Dimata is one of the most desirable ever created. He's reeks of youth and vulnerability. Yet his cock begs the attention needed for a man. I can't get over his face, hair and ears. Those ears are amazing. The loin cloth, shredded by either wear, or the aggressive affection of saber toothed lover adds a much appreciated touch.

After seeing Tonberry take on Cam, Felicia and Lanor, how could I not ask to see her take on Smilo? And what an amazing job on him. I really dig his eyes, eyebrows and the his mouth. She gave him a nice pair of fangs. The beard separation at the sideburns is so cool!

Thank you Tonberryknight! Here's to many more!

Next is Zipopens ever so playful take on Dimata! He went and added Zahn in as a surprise!!! See, I had an idea for another Dimata and Zahn image. But Zip was dying to draw Dimata. So he asked if I would like him to try out Dimata alone. I said sure. Then the other day he surprised me with this!

Zahn Gives Dimata a Mighty Hand job!!!

Zip added such wonderful lighting effects here. There is so much detail on Dimata, from the freckles on his face to the varying colours of his hairs. I love his big eyebrows, his expression and those cool tusks. Zahn looks like he has Dimata firmly in his grasp, but I doubt the mammoth is going anywhere any time soon! Hold it in Dimata! LOL.
Thanks Zip, what a wonderful gift and surprise! You rock!!!

Next up is Feline Man master Chriss. I gave the budding young artist a chance to take on Smilo! And he really surprised me with what I got! He's currently doing tip only commissions, you pay what you feel the pic is worth and he got a nice sum from me! LOL.

It's really really good to be working with you again Chrisss! I love your take on Smilo! That is one rock hard ass! Gotta love all the shiny muscles! His back stripes are too cool! This picture is wearing me out! whew.... XD The fact that you wanted to pose him in a similar fashion to the the very first Dimata picture by Ink-b is going to make him feel very honored. Love the claw marks!!! When it comes to big cats you certainly know your stuff!

Thank you man! I hope to work with you again in July.
Big Hug.

Here just for the blog is a bare butt version of Smilo sans his tail!

Pretty hot huh? XD

Last, but not least is another Blog exclusive from my buddy Mashi. It's a an early image of Steko from some time back:

Don't hate me cause I'm white! XD

Yep Mashi made my Caribbean boy all white and he's uncut!!! But that's ok, love every race equally I say! LOL. And it's great to see diversity in my boys designs. This is a really smoking picture of the Stegosaurus at rest! She did him major justice. I love his hair and the nose. :)
Mashi is currently in need of commissions to help her out. Please check out her pages on Y and Deviantart for details!

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