Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Adonix's Most Generous And Amazing Animation Gift ! As Well An Exclusive Pile Up of Preshistoric Proportions!

What a surpise today was! First off Cruzis pretty much finished his first ever commission! It's a lil' Deep meets Smilo piece that I will be adding to this blog soon! But what I came home to almost had me fainting! Ink-b surprised me with not only a band new super sexy image of Smilo, but 2 animated images!!! WOO HOO!!!! INK-B YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! Have a look and enjoy the fun!!!

Dimata takes matters into his own hands!

Have some fun with Smilo:

Smilo up.swf
Just keep clicking next to watch Smilo grow and explode! Sadly I Have no place to host this image from other then this site at the moment. If anyone has any sites I can remote host from, or wants the swf please let me know and I can e-mail it to you.

Oh my, is this not one of the Sexiest Smilo's ever? That hair...blown dry by the wind! His eyes are so hauntingly beautiful!

Thank you so much Ink! These are beyond spectacular! I never in a million years would have thought anyone would give me such an amazing gift!

Next we have something very special. It's a Dinosaurprince's Kingdom Exclusive image! The Prehistoric Paradise Pile Up by Cruxixion .

Crux was commissioned to do this some time ago. Now I say that because he started this when most of these characters were very new. (I guess they still are!) In fact, he started when all there was one image of Lil'Deep and Trish was only a mug shot. So he had tons of questions for me. I dug out my Rise of Mammals book and went over the various deer species Trish was based on. I remember the day he asked, me if I had actually seen Irish Elk horns and if I would like for him to draw them. He was very excited to do so. So much so that he created the previous image of Tirsh as gift. You will can also see that he added the horns of a Procranionceros a creature who's horns I took liberties with when giving Trish his second set of horns. Here they are replicated perfectly. That a lot of detail for a head alone! XD

When talked in detail about the scene, including the positions and setting, including the throne for the Pirate King Lil' Deep. I'm very impressed with the results. I can already think of ways to expand on that throne and some I was hoping would have been included, but forgot to ask about as the picture progressed. Dang! XD

Now where on Earth do I start with how amazing this image is? Dimata's Tusks are just took cool, coming out at the audience! If you look carefully you can see the long foreskin lips I originally imagined on Dimata! And he has fuzz around his nipples too. COOL!
Lil'Deep is just so sexy as he lets himself release. His hair has the aurora of fish fins to it. There's just something about it...:) Trish's tusks are actually digging into Smilos cock and holding it in place! Now that is an evolutionary advantage! Speaking of the Saber Tooth hunk, Smilo is very sexy here. I love his torso and abs. He has cool hair and a great face. Very nice!
I hope everyone enjoy this!

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