Monday, July 6, 2009

Commission A Day! Part One of Szadeks Amazing Sketches!

Well looks like my good friend Fydbacs concept of 24 hour commissions has inspired others, well one at least, the amazingly talented Szadek! I had him whip up 5 awesome sketches and each one is more incredible then the last!!!

Here we have Zorro from One Piece. Now this might come to a shock to some that I would commission a One Piece character in the nude, cause I hold that series as pretty sacred, but when I been heavy into the series and had a change of heart! I also want to get some other characters done as well some time. I figured Zorro should be cut, what with all the slicing and dicing! LOL, no seriously I just figure for some reason he would be.

Now we have a brand new character! I am so happy with this Original character to be honest. Meet Stegyu.

Szadek created him based on Kentros design and used it for a Stegosaurus.
Very dramatic Pose, nice genius plates for hair! He's so perfect! The perfect rival for my Kentro! A Ryuasaurus for my Kentro to spar with!!!

Here we have one of the best Dimatas to date! I had to have Szadek do more and this time I asked him to try to give him mammoth tusks in his mouth. I love this picture to death:

The mammoth at dawn!!

That is one sweet foreskin! I adore the tusks!!
OK I will be honest, this is, one of the best pictures of him, I have ever commissioned!!! XD IT's so so cute and hot!!! Master of perspective. I have to get this colored. After this I placed another order right away. I have one more Dimata coming!!!

Rygar another under used amazingly sexy character!

Awe Rygar is so abused! Even on here he just can't catch a break! It's time to pull out the arrows while looking sexy! He looks so tender! Oh well, just eat some meat Rygar and you will heal! And your sexy uncut man meat will lengthen!
Thanks for drawing this and taking on such a rare character! You did him major justice!!! :) Love him!!!

And now something very special. Patrick Fillions brand new Boytoon, Mako Finn!
We really don't know much about Mako yet as his comic is coming out this summer. But we do know he is hot and Szadek did him some major justice!!!

Mako Finn to the Rescue!

Notice that he has a very interesting penis! I have to give Szadek major props for taking on such an unknown and doing such an amazing job on him!

If you want to know more you can find his profile here:

The Art Of Patrick Fillion

And his Comic will soon be for sale at

Class Comics!


  1. Wow! Zoro! It's been so long since i saw such a great Zoro fanart XD That looks like a deadly move alright XD

  2. You sure did have a big week of constant new commissions. lol Oh what else is new?
    Well It's great that you really enjoyed them all as well. I am less than happy with my own commission but eh. Thems the breaks! Better luck next time. XD

  3. Well you have to tell the artist what is wrong with a commission if you want a fix!



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