Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tensontlisetl Is Gearing Up For Winter

Hey guys! Fall might have just rolled on in and the weather is still pretty good for us.   For Lord Tenson though, the weakening of the sun has our icy Mayan hell raiser finding his powers strengthening.  His form glows, as the ice of the ages surges through him, culminating in his giant phallus.  His rock hard member is ready to deliver an ice cold fuck to anyone who dares oppose him.  It gets so frigid cold, that his foreskin freezes and falls off

Lastmanouthere has outdone himself once again, experimenting with some new vibrant coloring techniques, that exemplify his already super stunning male forms.  Tensontli is a nightmarish dream hunk, that could easily lure anyone into his dangerous grasp thanks to Lastmans pen. Not only did he take the time to draw Ten, he added in a nice little back story piece as well!  (See below.)  Enjoy! 

Tenson challenged Ixy and Nehme in their quest to get the Power Over Life and Death, the secret hidden in the City of the Gods. Did Nehme got the power he coveted? Did Ixy managed to seal the dangerous force? For the sake of the argument, let's say Tenson claimed what once was the sole possession of the gods.

With the formidable Power Over Life and Death, Tenson's ice magic reached epic levels, turning him in a veritable incarnation of the chilling winds, the relentless ice and the merciless snow. The sorcerer froze his Aztec and Mayan foes without any effort, and then headed to Tenochtitlan, unleashing the power of coldness to bring the Aztec capital into submission. Lord Tensontisetl declared himself the absolute Emperor over the People's lands, taking swift revenge against any other civilization whom dared to oppose him.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

College Boy Justin Pak In Various States Of Undress

Hello guys, in the spirit of the back to school season, Lastanouthere has a little treat for us.  This is Justin Pak, Univeristy of Toronto student and get this, once roommate of Ingatius D'Marrow, Mr. Bone Hunter himself.  Now to me Justin opened up my eyes a bit more the back story of Iggy.  Due to Iggy always being shown as a warrior, in a brutal world of walking bones and bonalicious men, I was intrigued by this image for a couple of reasons.  Most being, how moder Justin is.  It reminds us how Iggy comes from the same time as us, as apposed to say Marshall Copeland, who has been adventuring for over a century.  Iggy is more akin to the younger generations of today, then some warrior of the past.  Showing us that in his world and ours there is still mystery and raw adventure to be had.

Unlike Iggy,  It would appear that Justin needed no magical force to make him a stone cold stud.  He's a cut above the rest, with his bronzen skin, shirt piercing nipples and huge chunk of prime circumcised meat between his legs.  Justin is ready to do a little strip show for you...and I am more than proud to present him for your eyes to feast upon!!! Below is his story by Lastmanouthere! Enjoy!

Back when Iggy D'Marrow was a PhD at The University of Toronto, he met Justin Pak.  Justin became his roommate and first real best friend. A smart, but not necessarily brilliant North American history major at the Social Sciences department, not only shared a room with Iggy, but also some lower level courses. He likes to present himself as the epitome of the straight-but-not-narrow guy, cool, smart, vegetarian, feminist, lgbt-ally and everything he could to make other people's life better. (Yeah I can see him being a vegetarian, he certainly has a good filling of meat between his legs. -DP)  
When he was assigned a roommate to Iggy, he saw immediately that the scrawny, shy geeky boy was gay and realized he needed some help to come out of the closet. Justin,however, felt it should be Iggy's decision how and when he should come out to him. So instead of telling him his suspicions, he went hyper-fluid, excessively grooming, commenting on how well some other guys looked and even admitting to having kissed boys before, just to try it. "Not my thing, really, but maybe if I keep trying I'll come to like it sometime". Iggy, however, was way to scared to actually come out in university.  He had decided though, that once he did, Justin would be the first one to know.

When Iggy fainted and went to The Steppe to fight Bones, his human body remained in a sort of coma, and Justin was the only one who stayed by his side at all time, not even Iggy's family were so dedicated.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Jockman87 Has Zahn and Vann Illia Making A Mess

Hey guys,

Before posting anything new, I decided to do a little more catching up. I have a few older pieces I have to post.  First off I have this amazing piece, which was the first ever commissioned piece I did with Jockman87.  Being it our first collaboration, I wanted to use two of the buffest barbarians around, Zahn and Vann Illia.  A sweet little gift for Patrick and Fraser and being able to fulfill a long held dream of seeing Jockman87 doing one of my original characters, I couldn't have been more excited to see the results.  The only thing holding me back from posting this sooner, was the hopes of having it colored first.  I caved and decided to spring them on you all today! Hey Summer is ending, so we might as well end it with a couple hot posts!!! ;D 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Another Hidden John Carter Penis From Michael Whelan Gods Of Mars Cover

This discovery wasn't made by me, but by the artist NeverPoster. He has the original lighter print of Gods Of Mars cover and discovered yet another cock hidden in the shadows!  (We both share this obsession!)  He was lucky enough to find the image online as well.  He asked me to try to manipulate the image a little more to see if I could find anything.  I present to you our findings!  This time I am CERTAIN there is a cock there.  What do you guys think? 

Years ago I went back to the Princess Of Mars Cover and used the same techniques. I had the same findings, but I never presented them here. Maybe I should...

Friday, September 11, 2015

Popocatepetl Warrior Of The Smoking Mountain

Hey guys, this new character has been waiting in the queue all week, just waiting to unleash his might boner to the world. As always I am proud to introduce a new character to our stable. This one is from Lastmanouthere and he claims to be an ancient not unlike Tensontlisetl.  In fact he seems to share some icy traits between them, though Pop certainly is much hotter...

 Read on for his story!

Popocatepetl was a legendary warrior who was promised the hand of Iztacihuatl, the white woman, after he returned from war. Sadly, she died before he came back. Upon his return, Tepetl took her away and laid her to rest, warding her sleep. Snow began to fall and turned the two lovers into the two mountains which now overlook Mexico City.

How do Tepetl enters Ixy and Nehme's story? The legendary warrior has been asleep inside the mountains for ages.  It has been prophesied that one day the people willrequire the greatest hero who has lived in their land to raise again and help the Aztecs, the Maya, the Tarasca, the scheming Tlaxcalteca and the even barbarian Chichimeca, to fight an enemy much more dangerous and powerful than any of the threats Ixy and Nehme have faced before. Will Tepetl the Smoking Mountain, the legendary warrior, return? What kind of magic is needed for such act? Will he miss Iztacihuatl? Were they really lovers? Only once Ixy and Nehme find out how to revive him, will they know the truth of his legend.

Lastmanouthere provides an intriguing story to go along with his mouth watering man. What was the true nature of these two? Were they heroes?  What truth lies beneath their mountain?  Well for now we can enjoy Popocatelpetls mountain sized member, as we await the day Lastman reveals all the details to us!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Zero Suit Samus Man Version

After finally getting a toy Metroid and securing a Zero Suit Samus Amiibo last month, I decided to celebrate.  What better way, but a little drawing just for me, from the pen of FallenAngel?  Yup, we went there with the what if Samus was a man and not a girl.  Heck, that is what we thought Samus was back in the 80s anyway! :P  That was a surprise...What do think of the skin tight suit on a perfect male frame?  Guessing that Metroid did a little battle damage to expose that big cut cock!
For those of you that had to go back to school, I hope this helps make you feel a little better! LOL!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Storm and Space Cadet

Hey Guys! It was Patricks birthday and a few artists and I sent him some treats! I want to start off by showing the first one that I had done.  It was, of course, by our dear FallenAngel!  He jumped at the chance to draw bishojo Storm!  All decked out in white, pure as can be, she is inspecting Space Cadets package.  Poor Byron is not sure what he should be doing. Meeting Storm is a huge honor and he cetainly isn't going to protest anyone, (especially not someone as prestigious as his creators favorite character!) from inspecting his new wears!

Happy Birthday Patrick! Lots of love!!

Leon De Leon Video Review

Hey guys! Leon De Leon did his first video review on youtube. It's not about sex stuff, but his thoughts on Tamagotchi Hexagontchi!  He has a great love for these little games from his youth. We can all understand that feeling! I really like his review. He doesn't come off as a smart ass.  He doesn't to shtick.  He just happily talks about one of his favorite little pass times.  (When he is not drawing sexy men, or kicking ass in Street Fighter and Tomb Raider.)  So I invite you to take a look at the video and get a little glimpse into the world of Urbanmusiq!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Bone Hunter Embrace Keri and Iggy

Today we mark a very special occasion, the first pairing of Ignatious with his beloved Keri by Lastmanouthere. Iggy finds love in welcoming arts of Keri, as soon as the young man lays eyes on him. This precocious kid fawns all over Iggy, but does not get attention from the new comer without some work.  Why does Ignatious fall for the tribal teen?  Perhaps Iggy sees a bit of his old skinny self in Keri.  Maybe it's not the over admiration, but the hard work he sees Keri putting into his shaman duties, that helps catch Iggys heart and respect. I personally adore the classic pairing of a strong 'barbarian' style male with a younger, slender one.  As always Lastmans work echos the great fantasies of old and he really hits a sensual and sentimental nail on the head for me here.  I am proud to share this with you all.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Adding Some Colour To The Orgy

Hi guys! It's been awhile and I'm honestly still no where close to being 100% healed. My one arm is getting there, but the other, my left, is struggling badly.  I have a huge backlog of art for you boys to enjoy at least.  Today I will be posting something from Maduinshorn and Lastmanouthere! I will start with Maduinshorns.  He very kindly added a splash of colour to his space orgy image!!!   I hope you guys enjoy the wonderful world of colour... hee hee.  I know I had some fun with it..blushes...

While on the theme of Aliens, I picked up this bad ass Metriod up yesterday.  I found him at Toys R Us!


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