Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tensontlisetl Is Gearing Up For Winter

Hey guys! Fall might have just rolled on in and the weather is still pretty good for us.   For Lord Tenson though, the weakening of the sun has our icy Mayan hell raiser finding his powers strengthening.  His form glows, as the ice of the ages surges through him, culminating in his giant phallus.  His rock hard member is ready to deliver an ice cold fuck to anyone who dares oppose him.  It gets so frigid cold, that his foreskin freezes and falls off

Lastmanouthere has outdone himself once again, experimenting with some new vibrant coloring techniques, that exemplify his already super stunning male forms.  Tensontli is a nightmarish dream hunk, that could easily lure anyone into his dangerous grasp thanks to Lastmans pen. Not only did he take the time to draw Ten, he added in a nice little back story piece as well!  (See below.)  Enjoy! 

Tenson challenged Ixy and Nehme in their quest to get the Power Over Life and Death, the secret hidden in the City of the Gods. Did Nehme got the power he coveted? Did Ixy managed to seal the dangerous force? For the sake of the argument, let's say Tenson claimed what once was the sole possession of the gods.

With the formidable Power Over Life and Death, Tenson's ice magic reached epic levels, turning him in a veritable incarnation of the chilling winds, the relentless ice and the merciless snow. The sorcerer froze his Aztec and Mayan foes without any effort, and then headed to Tenochtitlan, unleashing the power of coldness to bring the Aztec capital into submission. Lord Tensontisetl declared himself the absolute Emperor over the People's lands, taking swift revenge against any other civilization whom dared to oppose him.

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