Friday, September 11, 2015

Popocatepetl Warrior Of The Smoking Mountain

Hey guys, this new character has been waiting in the queue all week, just waiting to unleash his might boner to the world. As always I am proud to introduce a new character to our stable. This one is from Lastmanouthere and he claims to be an ancient not unlike Tensontlisetl.  In fact he seems to share some icy traits between them, though Pop certainly is much hotter...

 Read on for his story!

Popocatepetl was a legendary warrior who was promised the hand of Iztacihuatl, the white woman, after he returned from war. Sadly, she died before he came back. Upon his return, Tepetl took her away and laid her to rest, warding her sleep. Snow began to fall and turned the two lovers into the two mountains which now overlook Mexico City.

How do Tepetl enters Ixy and Nehme's story? The legendary warrior has been asleep inside the mountains for ages.  It has been prophesied that one day the people willrequire the greatest hero who has lived in their land to raise again and help the Aztecs, the Maya, the Tarasca, the scheming Tlaxcalteca and the even barbarian Chichimeca, to fight an enemy much more dangerous and powerful than any of the threats Ixy and Nehme have faced before. Will Tepetl the Smoking Mountain, the legendary warrior, return? What kind of magic is needed for such act? Will he miss Iztacihuatl? Were they really lovers? Only once Ixy and Nehme find out how to revive him, will they know the truth of his legend.

Lastmanouthere provides an intriguing story to go along with his mouth watering man. What was the true nature of these two? Were they heroes?  What truth lies beneath their mountain?  Well for now we can enjoy Popocatelpetls mountain sized member, as we await the day Lastman reveals all the details to us!!!

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