Saturday, September 5, 2015

Bone Hunter Embrace Keri and Iggy

Today we mark a very special occasion, the first pairing of Ignatious with his beloved Keri by Lastmanouthere. Iggy finds love in welcoming arts of Keri, as soon as the young man lays eyes on him. This precocious kid fawns all over Iggy, but does not get attention from the new comer without some work.  Why does Ignatious fall for the tribal teen?  Perhaps Iggy sees a bit of his old skinny self in Keri.  Maybe it's not the over admiration, but the hard work he sees Keri putting into his shaman duties, that helps catch Iggys heart and respect. I personally adore the classic pairing of a strong 'barbarian' style male with a younger, slender one.  As always Lastmans work echos the great fantasies of old and he really hits a sensual and sentimental nail on the head for me here.  I am proud to share this with you all.

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