Saturday, September 26, 2015

College Boy Justin Pak In Various States Of Undress

Hello guys, in the spirit of the back to school season, Lastanouthere has a little treat for us.  This is Justin Pak, Univeristy of Toronto student and get this, once roommate of Ingatius D'Marrow, Mr. Bone Hunter himself.  Now to me Justin opened up my eyes a bit more the back story of Iggy.  Due to Iggy always being shown as a warrior, in a brutal world of walking bones and bonalicious men, I was intrigued by this image for a couple of reasons.  Most being, how moder Justin is.  It reminds us how Iggy comes from the same time as us, as apposed to say Marshall Copeland, who has been adventuring for over a century.  Iggy is more akin to the younger generations of today, then some warrior of the past.  Showing us that in his world and ours there is still mystery and raw adventure to be had.

Unlike Iggy,  It would appear that Justin needed no magical force to make him a stone cold stud.  He's a cut above the rest, with his bronzen skin, shirt piercing nipples and huge chunk of prime circumcised meat between his legs.  Justin is ready to do a little strip show for you...and I am more than proud to present him for your eyes to feast upon!!! Below is his story by Lastmanouthere! Enjoy!

Back when Iggy D'Marrow was a PhD at The University of Toronto, he met Justin Pak.  Justin became his roommate and first real best friend. A smart, but not necessarily brilliant North American history major at the Social Sciences department, not only shared a room with Iggy, but also some lower level courses. He likes to present himself as the epitome of the straight-but-not-narrow guy, cool, smart, vegetarian, feminist, lgbt-ally and everything he could to make other people's life better. (Yeah I can see him being a vegetarian, he certainly has a good filling of meat between his legs. -DP)  
When he was assigned a roommate to Iggy, he saw immediately that the scrawny, shy geeky boy was gay and realized he needed some help to come out of the closet. Justin,however, felt it should be Iggy's decision how and when he should come out to him. So instead of telling him his suspicions, he went hyper-fluid, excessively grooming, commenting on how well some other guys looked and even admitting to having kissed boys before, just to try it. "Not my thing, really, but maybe if I keep trying I'll come to like it sometime". Iggy, however, was way to scared to actually come out in university.  He had decided though, that once he did, Justin would be the first one to know.

When Iggy fainted and went to The Steppe to fight Bones, his human body remained in a sort of coma, and Justin was the only one who stayed by his side at all time, not even Iggy's family were so dedicated.

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