Monday, February 24, 2014

Deimos and The Kapre (Tree Demon)

Another Magnificent image by Sirio to share with you guys.  This one features her favorite Class Comics character, Deimos! ^O^  We did this in honor of our friend Leons birthday.

This image is a bit of a continuation of the drawing of Amron and Deimos found in the book ARTCOCK.  It was also inspired by the book Deimos Dead of Winter and Sirios brilliant sketches that got me in a very crazy mood! XD

Amron wasn't done punishing the foreign demon...oh no.  He lied to Deimos, after fucking him up the ass for hours.   He told him, that he could use his help dealing with a Kapre.  Deimos, weak and confused, from all the harsh sex, agreed, if it meant creating some sort relationship with the world renowned Dilim hunter. 
Deimos thought Amron had his back, as he went  to attack the Kapre, but Amron tripped Deimos.  Fallen flat on his face, the thing quickly snatched up both his arms in one hand and held the demon up high.  Then as Amron watched aroused, it's massive tree trunk cock sprang from the gowned and planted itself deep in Deimos's ass.  Amron leaned on his sword, laughing, jerking off Deimos and making him cum time and again, as the purple demon cursed him over and over.   Mack showed up, Axe raised ready to help his friend out, but he was immediately confused and aroused by the scene.  Deimos was certainly enjoying this on some level, so he wondered if he should really hurt the tree creature?

What has come over Amron?  Why the sudden hate and sadistic nature?  What has Deimos done to him?  What does he think he did?  Only time will tell... .

Porn Star with A Sektan Alien Cock

I was going through a few profile images for the porn star Jacques Levere, aka Jacques Le Coque, when I discovered this very interesting image of his cock.  Taken at this angle, he appears to have the super thick shaft and elongated penis head of the Sketan Aliens.  (The species Locus of Class Comics is, as if it wasn't clear from the image above.)  Are Aliens and humans breeding male porn stars?  Is there something Class Comics knows, that they are not sharing with the rest of us?  Keep watching the skies!
Sadly no other images I found of him show this similarity as well as the one above.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Amron Gets Some Brotherly Love on Family Day

Happy Family Day everyone!   This amazing animated image by Genelightfoot was done in honor of Leon De Leons 29th birthday and I think it's the perfect image to post today! Time for some incest! XD  I hope you love this image filled with beefcakes, glistening in the rain, as much as I, Leon and Patrick Fillion did. Amron has his hands full taking on the two brothers Odis and Aris. They are the newest characters to enter the Zahn saga, created by Patrick and Leon for Strip Show last month. (Full comic below.) These are the first characters where Leon was the first artist to draw for Class, before anyone else did! Due to this I felt it was fitting to place them in a penis twitch inducing image by Genelightfoot for his 29th.

Oh to find a scene like this on a rainy day...sigh..not in my world sadly... XD

Love the call back to one of the first panels in the original Zahn comic here...

It's been a long Valentines weekend for me, filled with way too many chocolate hearts and nonstop company. Last night I watched the New DBZ, ah, ha, I mean the new Superman Movie with family and friends. As of right now, I am about to watch Rise of the Guardians. Hope it's good! I'm fighting off the early stages of a cold, so covered up with some tea, should make it more enjoyable. :)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Last Blade Valentine

Good evening everyone. Time for a sleepy Valentine's day post, featuring the sexy art of Zerimar. As a sweet gesture of love, he drew up Hyo Amano from Last Blade!  He drew him minus his signature arm concealing robe, with just his skimpies on that is! Amano, a silly, flamboyant character makes for a beautiful Valentine hunk when done by Zerimar's talented hand.  I sometimes wondered if he was gay due to pink attire?  And their might be something to think about regarding his um...shall we say less then bright nature?  Like, does he even know that he is gay?  Does he know all too well and his one affair has led to his constant drinking, in hopes of forgetting that he once fucked a girl?  Is his love of woman all for show?  :P  I doubt it, but it's fun to look way to far into this due to the color of his clothes, then I know I should be!

This year I dug up some of my old Valentines featuring Garfield and friends to share with you. As a kid I liked this set a lot more then the ones that replaced them in the late 80s. These featured a few cast members from the comic, as apposed to later ones that just featured the fat cat. Kinda sad that even here, Arlene doesn't get her own card and that John and Liz are totally left out. Oh well. I thought these were awesome when I was 9 years old. XD

I got a wonderful Valentines day surprise from Class Comics, but more on that tomorrow! For now I bid you all a good, romance filled night! I hope your day was as exciting as mine was.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Amron In Year Of The Horse

Our little Chinese New Years Centaur meets Amron today, in this comic page by Caravaggia and myself. It was done as part of a birthday gift to our friend Leon De Leon, aka Urubanmusiq. Caraggia did this really quickly, coming hot off a 5 page comic she had just completed featuring the characters of Marvels Agents of Shield. She was in the mood to draw some sexy Amron! :P Amron maybe visiting some very famous springs, known for their effects on ill fated martial artists, by the way...

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Rikuo And Batsu's Sketchy Adventure

I got some fun sketches from Maduinshorn to share today! ^O^ This was so sweet of him!  He drew up a scenario where Rikuo my favorite Darkstalker, has stolen the swim Trunks of Batsu from Rival Schools. Once on land Batsu catches up to Rikuo, Rikuo agrees to give the swim ware back for a price. Batsu gladly agrees to his terms! Two sexy heroes from two favorite neglected classics, done by Madiunshorns hand? That's enough to warm up the coldest February weekend!
Batsu is the subject of many of Maduinshorn fantasy images, so it was fitting to welcome Rikuo to Maduinshorns roaster by pairing the Fishman with him!

Maduinshorn did something special with Rikuo by giving him a seethed penis! BLUSHES from the hotness...XD
Check out Maduinshorns blog for more hot sketches, like this one of Asura he posted a few days ago.  YES IT GOES DOWN BELOW THE WAIST! XD

Urusei Yatsura Board Game And the Most Disturbing Episode Of The Series

I recently purchased this pencil board.  As much as I loved the art found on these, (Especially this one in particular) I rarely spend money on them.  This one proved to be different enough to warrant a purchase. I couldn't resist when I found out what was on the back of it: A cute little board game, where Ataru is trying to get to Lum! (Much the opposite of his behavior in the series...) A simple board game like this is the perfect way to beat the winter blues, or used on a valentines date later this week! :P  Spending an evening sipping hot chocolate and playing a game like this with friends, is always the way to go!

There is no instructions on how to the play the game.  I guess you could use coins, or make copies of the Ataru image and use them as playing pieces.  Dice, or just flipping a coin would work fine.  I am not sure what the significance of the food items with out arrows is supposed to be.  Maybe that is when you have to eat food off of your lover? XD  I made a quick translation of what Japanese under each character means.

Shinobu: rest one turn.  (Miss a turn.)
Ran: go back 4
Sakura: go forward 3 spaces.
Mendo: go back 5 spaces.
Mendos sister:  Go forward 2 spaces.

Last night I watched the oddest episode of the show I have seen so far.  (And that is saying a lot.)  I had to share it. XD Enjoy!  Sexy art to come later today. :)

Friday, February 7, 2014

Gene Lightfoot Anime Style!

Skin up, Gene!

FallenAngel Chiseled out the Centzontotochtin as part of a birthday gift from both of us to our friend GeneLightfoot.  His birthday was yesterday, but if you haven't yet, feel free to send him some love!  I hope you enjoy Fallens take on Gene, who looks like he belongs on a 1980s anime pencil board he is so stylish. :D 


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Enter Suiji Kǒudài: Year Of The Horse Centaur

Pengs morning alone suddenly got strange when he pulled the sting on a mysterious prize ball. The thing was just floating there, with a tag that said "Happy New Year." Suddenly in a puff of smoke, a gold and red Centaur appeared. Peng very cautiously considers taking the strange creature up on it's offer of hot dumplings and red pockets. "What harm could be in sharing a meal?" Peng thinks to himself. Hey may just find that out very soon!

Suji came into being on the 12th of January.  From the moment I finished drawing him, I had a number of situations in mind for him.  I have been lucky to get some great input from friends and some wonderful sketches to help quickly propel his creation forward.  I asked Caravaggia right away, about doing a him paired with Peng.  We wanted to a very nice introduction piece for the character, so she posed him, bowing to the audience.  Very cute, I think!   I wanted to include a sunrise, to emphasize the start of a new year, a new beginning, new hope.  Last year I didn't do all that much online and I want to change that this year.  In doing Peng she wanted to try something a little different with his wings, which I think turned out to be very elegantly. See through is pretty sweet.  As you can see we were still deciding the characters color scheme.  I am partial to the red skin myself.  Soon I will have a short comic featuring him, explaining his story, along with some more creative sketches to share with you guys. 


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