Monday, February 24, 2014

Deimos and The Kapre (Tree Demon)

Another Magnificent image by Sirio to share with you guys.  This one features her favorite Class Comics character, Deimos! ^O^  We did this in honor of our friend Leons birthday.

This image is a bit of a continuation of the drawing of Amron and Deimos found in the book ARTCOCK.  It was also inspired by the book Deimos Dead of Winter and Sirios brilliant sketches that got me in a very crazy mood! XD

Amron wasn't done punishing the foreign demon...oh no.  He lied to Deimos, after fucking him up the ass for hours.   He told him, that he could use his help dealing with a Kapre.  Deimos, weak and confused, from all the harsh sex, agreed, if it meant creating some sort relationship with the world renowned Dilim hunter. 
Deimos thought Amron had his back, as he went  to attack the Kapre, but Amron tripped Deimos.  Fallen flat on his face, the thing quickly snatched up both his arms in one hand and held the demon up high.  Then as Amron watched aroused, it's massive tree trunk cock sprang from the gowned and planted itself deep in Deimos's ass.  Amron leaned on his sword, laughing, jerking off Deimos and making him cum time and again, as the purple demon cursed him over and over.   Mack showed up, Axe raised ready to help his friend out, but he was immediately confused and aroused by the scene.  Deimos was certainly enjoying this on some level, so he wondered if he should really hurt the tree creature?

What has come over Amron?  Why the sudden hate and sadistic nature?  What has Deimos done to him?  What does he think he did?  Only time will tell... .

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  1. Cool treeman design. Really like how the person drew the leafs. Awesome!



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