Saturday, February 8, 2014

Urusei Yatsura Board Game And the Most Disturbing Episode Of The Series

I recently purchased this pencil board.  As much as I loved the art found on these, (Especially this one in particular) I rarely spend money on them.  This one proved to be different enough to warrant a purchase. I couldn't resist when I found out what was on the back of it: A cute little board game, where Ataru is trying to get to Lum! (Much the opposite of his behavior in the series...) A simple board game like this is the perfect way to beat the winter blues, or used on a valentines date later this week! :P  Spending an evening sipping hot chocolate and playing a game like this with friends, is always the way to go!

There is no instructions on how to the play the game.  I guess you could use coins, or make copies of the Ataru image and use them as playing pieces.  Dice, or just flipping a coin would work fine.  I am not sure what the significance of the food items with out arrows is supposed to be.  Maybe that is when you have to eat food off of your lover? XD  I made a quick translation of what Japanese under each character means.

Shinobu: rest one turn.  (Miss a turn.)
Ran: go back 4
Sakura: go forward 3 spaces.
Mendo: go back 5 spaces.
Mendos sister:  Go forward 2 spaces.

Last night I watched the oddest episode of the show I have seen so far.  (And that is saying a lot.)  I had to share it. XD Enjoy!  Sexy art to come later today. :)

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