Monday, February 17, 2014

Amron Gets Some Brotherly Love on Family Day

Happy Family Day everyone!   This amazing animated image by Genelightfoot was done in honor of Leon De Leons 29th birthday and I think it's the perfect image to post today! Time for some incest! XD  I hope you love this image filled with beefcakes, glistening in the rain, as much as I, Leon and Patrick Fillion did. Amron has his hands full taking on the two brothers Odis and Aris. They are the newest characters to enter the Zahn saga, created by Patrick and Leon for Strip Show last month. (Full comic below.) These are the first characters where Leon was the first artist to draw for Class, before anyone else did! Due to this I felt it was fitting to place them in a penis twitch inducing image by Genelightfoot for his 29th.

Oh to find a scene like this on a rainy day...sigh..not in my world sadly... XD

Love the call back to one of the first panels in the original Zahn comic here...

It's been a long Valentines weekend for me, filled with way too many chocolate hearts and nonstop company. Last night I watched the New DBZ, ah, ha, I mean the new Superman Movie with family and friends. As of right now, I am about to watch Rise of the Guardians. Hope it's good! I'm fighting off the early stages of a cold, so covered up with some tea, should make it more enjoyable. :)


  1. Thank you again soo much to Dinosaur Prince and Gene Lightfoot for this amazing artwork!! It made for a really special birthday Indeed!! XOXO

  2. Whow! This is hot. Truly hot. Thanks for sharing!

  3. MAN! I LOVE it when Zahn bottoms! Hes amazing.



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