Saturday, February 8, 2014

Rikuo And Batsu's Sketchy Adventure

I got some fun sketches from Maduinshorn to share today! ^O^ This was so sweet of him!  He drew up a scenario where Rikuo my favorite Darkstalker, has stolen the swim Trunks of Batsu from Rival Schools. Once on land Batsu catches up to Rikuo, Rikuo agrees to give the swim ware back for a price. Batsu gladly agrees to his terms! Two sexy heroes from two favorite neglected classics, done by Madiunshorns hand? That's enough to warm up the coldest February weekend!
Batsu is the subject of many of Maduinshorn fantasy images, so it was fitting to welcome Rikuo to Maduinshorns roaster by pairing the Fishman with him!

Maduinshorn did something special with Rikuo by giving him a seethed penis! BLUSHES from the hotness...XD
Check out Maduinshorns blog for more hot sketches, like this one of Asura he posted a few days ago.  YES IT GOES DOWN BELOW THE WAIST! XD

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