Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cum For Sparta! Zahn Blows King Leonidas

I'm delighted to present this image tonight. As I myself, prepare to chow down on a huge, hot sausage fresh off the BBQ, so dose Zahn savor a juicy jumbo as well. I would prefer the far more tastier dish Zahn is enjoying. The super meaty uncut dick of King Leonidas, is a meal truly worthy of a gay warriors palate. FallenAngel is serving up 4 times the sausage this May 24 holiday, with this second awesome paring.  The exotic background serves to add more fun flavor to this piece.
Is it me, or is the man in the moon watching these two?

Queen?  What Queen?  We all know Leonidas was really all about fucking his 300 warriors.  Zahn just 'pushed' him into the realization.
This is a piece that I have been itching to turn into a full comic project for a couple months. I guess you could say this was done to test the waters and see how well these two work together. What do you guys think?  Shall I go ahead with this?

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Capcoms Dungeons and Dragons Is Cumming

This is FallenAngel and I's little anticipation project for Capcoms release of Tower of Doom and Shadow over Mystara, together as Dungeons and Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara for various systems next month.  It will be a lot easier to have two Fighters (Warriors) 'playing' with each other on screen now, for those of us that use Mame to play the game. It will be nice to play online without having to rely of friends, who have probably lost most of their ambition to play this almost 20 year old game franchise.  :P  (Has it really been that long?) Fallen pictured these two getting their uncut cocks off, while relaxing by a fountain.  They seem to have rested at a castle, located by an oasis, as you can see the dunes rising high in the background. (Guess he wanted to add some extra hotness to this one literally!)
I hope the new version will inspire more art.  It's always fun to think of ideas for these classic characters and watch artists work on them!  

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cupping and Jerking Off Skelldon By Guanino

Today I have the first of two images featuring Tonia and Skelldon that I had done recently.  This one is by the artist Guanino.   He is an artist that has dazzled the gay art world with some amazing pieces, including boner inducing animated games!  For our first piece together, he did me the honor of drawing my two favorite dino lovers.  He gave them the full treatment of his sexy style!  He graced them with some silky smooth hair, jaw dropping muscles and colossal cut cocks!  I can't get over Skelldons huge upper body and massive pecks. Lovely.....

You can find more art by him through the links below:

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Be Carful What You Say On Facebook Patrick Fillion! >:D

Don't worry, this isn't going to be some drama filled blog post!  Quite the opposite in fact.  So, around the time I was thinking about doing the centaur image with Caravaggia, a conversation on Facebook sprung up about Patricks newest profile picture.  Well, didn't FallenAngel ask the question I was thinking of?  He asked if Patrick had ever thought of drawing himself in his Boytoons style, which was met instantly with Patrick liking the comment, etc, etc.  So I sent a sly e-mail to Fallen asking if he would like to take this on himself.  Doing an anime version of a friend sounded fun to him, so he went for it.  It started off innocent enough, but when I saw the initial sketch, I suggested something a lot more daring.  Fallen met my suggestion with a little bit of caution at first, then at almost the same time we thought if we are gonna do this, let's really go for it.  "How big do you want Patrick-sensei?"  He asks me.  (Like he doesn't know what I am gonna say!)  I said, "Let's Lil' Deep him up!"  Fallen cracked his knuckles, laughed and said "ALRIGHT!"   We went even further then that though.  We gave Patrick Fillion the full Yaoi experience.  (Or as I called it the Pixiv one, due to the amount of images done this way, that flood the site.)  We did his cock in various stages of arrousal. Yeah, if we were gonna do this thing, we were taking it to the max. :P
Thankfully Patrick and Fraser both loved the piece and Patrick has even been using it as his avatar on Facebook.  He's been teasing people for some time that there is more to this image and so today I proudly present it to the world.  Our silly, sexy anime Patrick, the newest Boytoon Hero!

I told you it started out innocent enough!
The profile image.  I know what he's thinking. "I gotta stop encouraging these crazy friends of mine!"
Here is a really wild variation FallenAngel did with Patrick wearing a Strider the Centaur shirt!

Sol Badguy From Aneros and I

This is the final Sol Badguy piece for Madiunshorn.  This one was created by Voider Aneros and I.  God I love that pose.  He is has such a great mid section.  A very sexy piece if I say so myself.  This one got done super fast and With a dick that massive and thick when flaccid, I think Sol can retire his usual weapon of choice.  Maybe that is why we decided to not include it in this image! ;D hee hee.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sol Badguy By Leon De Leon

The second last Sol Badguy image comes courtesy of  Leon De Leon.  In this beautiful sketch, Leon bestowed Sol with an adorable youthful face (Not bad for a 150 year old) and very powerful looking cut cock.  He talked about how much fun it was to explore doing an anime character in his style once again, as it had been some time since he had done this. He also took great interest in the game as well, which he had never played before.  It's always nice when a project leads to exploration of the media it is based on.
Tomorrow I will post the final image for Maduinshorns birthday.   

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sol Badguy Showing Off His Uncut Cock by FallenAngel

This is the second image of Sol Badguy done for Maduinshorns birthday.  Drawn by FallenAngel, his sporting some sweet curves (Love dat ass!) and one lovely shaped cock, with a yummy tight foreskin.  He's sweating with desire for Maduinshorn to come over and try it.  This is Fallens second image of Sol and he's done an even more impressive job this time.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Maduinshorn Birthday Blog 1 Sol Badguy By Karulox

It was Maduinshorns birthday recently and I got a few of the guys together to do some art for him.   I picked one of his favorite game characters Sol Badguy from the Guilty Gear series of fighting games.  I had so many responses that I decided to post each one roughly 12 hours apart instead of trying to post them all at once. So yeah, it's gonna be a few days of Guilty Gear genitalia. I'll start with the first person to complete a picture, Karulox!  He did this fucking bad ass sticker style, rock 'n roll sketch of Sol Badguy with his big floppy uncut dick hanging out of his jeans! Enjoy! Maduinshorn and I did! ^O^

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Heavenly Birthday Wishes for Lastmanouthere

On Friday May 3rd it was Lastmanoutheres special day. FallenAngel and I were there to send him wishes for many happy returns of the day. Along with us were his two heavenly body brothers, the Moon and Sun, to celebrate the day his shining light first lit up our little universe. Sure our birthday card is a little celestially incestuous, but there's no denying that this brother love amongst deities isn't super hot! ^o^ All our love to you Lastmanouthere, may your creative light shine brighter with each passing year my friend.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Familiar Gay Centaurs...

Caravaggia and I created a little something special for Patrick Fillion and Robert Frasers first wedding anniversary.  In the spirit of a year living wild and free with each other, we turned our friends into Centaurs!  In so many places, (heck even within areas were gay marriage is legal), it can seem to be an unattainable fantasy.  So we wanted to capture the spirit of that through mythological creatures.  Caravaggia always does the top centaurs around and these could not have turned out better.  It was great fun going over various horses and try to give the best horse body befitting to each these wonderful guys.  And those massive cocks are real jaw droppers!

Did you know they were hung like horses? ;D 


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