Sunday, May 12, 2013

Be Carful What You Say On Facebook Patrick Fillion! >:D

Don't worry, this isn't going to be some drama filled blog post!  Quite the opposite in fact.  So, around the time I was thinking about doing the centaur image with Caravaggia, a conversation on Facebook sprung up about Patricks newest profile picture.  Well, didn't FallenAngel ask the question I was thinking of?  He asked if Patrick had ever thought of drawing himself in his Boytoons style, which was met instantly with Patrick liking the comment, etc, etc.  So I sent a sly e-mail to Fallen asking if he would like to take this on himself.  Doing an anime version of a friend sounded fun to him, so he went for it.  It started off innocent enough, but when I saw the initial sketch, I suggested something a lot more daring.  Fallen met my suggestion with a little bit of caution at first, then at almost the same time we thought if we are gonna do this, let's really go for it.  "How big do you want Patrick-sensei?"  He asks me.  (Like he doesn't know what I am gonna say!)  I said, "Let's Lil' Deep him up!"  Fallen cracked his knuckles, laughed and said "ALRIGHT!"   We went even further then that though.  We gave Patrick Fillion the full Yaoi experience.  (Or as I called it the Pixiv one, due to the amount of images done this way, that flood the site.)  We did his cock in various stages of arrousal. Yeah, if we were gonna do this thing, we were taking it to the max. :P
Thankfully Patrick and Fraser both loved the piece and Patrick has even been using it as his avatar on Facebook.  He's been teasing people for some time that there is more to this image and so today I proudly present it to the world.  Our silly, sexy anime Patrick, the newest Boytoon Hero!

I told you it started out innocent enough!
The profile image.  I know what he's thinking. "I gotta stop encouraging these crazy friends of mine!"
Here is a really wild variation FallenAngel did with Patrick wearing a Strider the Centaur shirt!

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