Saturday, May 4, 2013

Familiar Gay Centaurs...

Caravaggia and I created a little something special for Patrick Fillion and Robert Frasers first wedding anniversary.  In the spirit of a year living wild and free with each other, we turned our friends into Centaurs!  In so many places, (heck even within areas were gay marriage is legal), it can seem to be an unattainable fantasy.  So we wanted to capture the spirit of that through mythological creatures.  Caravaggia always does the top centaurs around and these could not have turned out better.  It was great fun going over various horses and try to give the best horse body befitting to each these wonderful guys.  And those massive cocks are real jaw droppers!

Did you know they were hung like horses? ;D 


  1. I sat for like 10 seconds trying to figure out what you meant by "Family Gay Centaurs" like...was it a reference to something? An inside joke? Is someone at Class Comics pregnant?

    Then I realized what it said and was like, "OMG my mind, what's going on up there?"

    1. I know! Those two words look way too much alike. Ah, English, what a language......



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