Thursday, January 28, 2010

Felinoids 3 Mini Review!

Wow! Talk about a comic a long time coming! One of the first books I ordered from Class was of course Cams signature book. In fact my interest in Class came from the image I found of him online. The sequel comic left us with a cliff hanger we have had to wait almost 5 years for the resolution too. Such is the trial Mr. Fiilion faces running a comics company and doing much of the art himself. Thankfully Cam has not vanished from comics and has had a ton of adventures during this time. So has it all been worth the wait? Oh yeah....

In fact one of the things I really like about this book is how it picks up right off the events of Felinoids 2. It was commendable how Patrick was able to explain in recent issues of Rapture and Boytoons Adventures the disappearance of Locus from Cam and Felicias crew in the Felinoids 2. This brought me to the conclusion that I might have been right to assume most of the stories Cam was featured in between Felinoids 2 and 3 were mostly prequels to those books.

So here we are right back where the story left off in 2004, but now with the addition of Jung and his crew thrown into the hero party! The plot revolves around the freeing of the capture Felinoid boys from Cam's sister Mina, who has locked a good portion up and enslaved an even bigger portion in a harem. (Much to the viewers delight. XD) Mina, who was begging for Camili-Cats proper treatment at the end of issue 2, has since flipped her wig and now is starting to admire her brothers body, tits (Hey she calls them that) and fat orange foreskined fuck toy. The gang better get there soon, or Cam will have to face incest! That's a fate worst then death!

Team Locus to the Rescue!

Lanor has his people on the prowl! Kayxon is my favorite in this group.

There is a ton and I mean a ton of sex in this book. It's one long orgy for Cam and he is loving every minuet of it. (Outside of the before mentioned sister act...) The second you turn the to the 2nd page you are met with unending Felinoid man sex. There are so very many hot guys here I could do a review just picking out my favorites. (Check out the Spiked Felinoid on page 3 above the bald green Alien. hee hee hee.) From start to finish cocks are shown in every state from flaccid to the many numerous forms of arousal. Foreskins are pulled back and forth, holes opened and cum shot in all directions. The foreskins, cocks and balls are so real looking you often forget these boys are indeed fictional. The thought of sucking multicolored dicks from cat men, seems very real and natural in a short time. The book is just a masterpiece of design to say the least.

Gaining much of the spot light is a new bald panther like man called Imanno. He turns out to be a very stand out character in design and personality. A chiseled hunk with deep black skin with a bubble gum pink cock head is my kind of cat!
We also get to see Kayxon return and in full colour. I had forgotten how sexy he is. It's great to see him again and hope there will be more of him to come.

Many returning characters get fleshed out a bit more. We are given a glimpse into the minds of Flammer and a short teaser regarding Captain Jungs history. In fact it was Flammers eying of a new Felinoid boy toy that brought me over the edge during my first read. ^_^ Amidst all the fighting and sex Mr. Fillion finds great ways to let his boys grow and develop.

Check out the sexy Blue Boy..will Flammer hook up with this sexy cat? Only time will tell!

Included in the book are cool action figure style pin ups inspired by the Star Wars Toy line. Here is Jung out of the package. He's still mint thought. :P

Sensuality and action come together so well in Fillions hands. The comic is full of cool fights. Here we see Cams original boyfriend, the cut cocked, silver skinned Lanor hand standing back into action. He's fighting along side the lusty Locus, but will they get along?

Now of course you have to ask, does he have any complaints? I hate this part, but I believe one can't do an honest review with out them...sadly...ugh..tears at my heart...

I guess my request would be the same I usually make, that is for more of the mix up of the cut/uncut status of main cast members. (There actually are a few new cut boys here to be found in the background.) I have been dubbed Mr. Foreskin. I love the natural uncut penis, the way the skin moves up and down, the thickness, etc. I find it to be a thing of beauty. Anyone into Class is usually of the same mind set. Of course not everyone is.
In remembering past comments I have heard from fans I do think it is good to keep in mind the status of men in North America where this comic is primarily sold. After all it's best to be careful not to alienate potential audience members. I may be barking up the wrong tree as this is of course what so many viewers except and enjoy seeing already. That little piece lost to them, shown so beautiful and clean as drawn by Patricks hand. I feel like I am totally harping on poor Mr Fillion...

My other major complaint was how this book left me wanting more! For you see, Felinoids 3 is not the end of a trilogy, but the possible start of even more adventures and sex in the city of Pillar. So many new characters are introduced (Calloway.) Many questions arise regarding the status of the species and main cast, that an entire new series of books could be produced featuring the adventures of...well I don't want to ruin the ending... :P If you haven't already picked this up, you are missing out! With each new title Patrick Fillion and his his staff dive deeper into erotica. Felinoids 3 is exactly the kind of product you expect from Class Comics, masterfully drawn, sexy, funny, adventures and and filled with page after page of ball draining man on man action. Get the tissues ready, cause you will need a box!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cave Cam Returns Thanks to Urbanmusiq!

Hey guys! I have two exclusive images that will lift the steam right off the jungle ground to share today. An idea rolling around in my head for some time was to bring back Cave Camili-Cat. But who should he meet in the prehistoric Paradise? Why none other then Lil'Deep and Smilo of course! I had an idea for a twist on the a peek at the newest Urbanmusiq masterpiece:

It's Saber Cam!!!!

A lot of hard work went into this image. Mostly on Urbans side! LOL. Actually it was fun to sit and think of how this should go down. At first the image was just Smilo and Cam and honestly nothing I had in mind was very exciting. Then it hit me. Sadly while I sitting at work and had to worry about being asked to get up for few moments..Anyway the idea of a threesome with huge Deep and Smilo holding Cam on their shoulders was insane. I had never asked for anything this crazy! So When I got home, I in vain sketched up a few ideas and poses. Cam holding on to a palm tree was even included at one point. I thought this was it, too much I am pushing it. Funny thing, Leon was there with a sketch that was out of this world in a very short time. His reaction to the idea was even more over the top then my pitch and he feverishly went to work on this upon reading the e-mail. I wanted to make Cam a Saber tooth, the how and why of this will come in later commissions. :P I had asked FallenAngel a short time ago to take this on as forward to that soon! The inside shot was inspired by many artists, including Patricks panels in Zahn and Rapture.

I really love how this image turned out. The boys are frigging glowing. The high res has some great features such as a shine in the boys eyes and highlights that are little harder to catch in this blog version.
Smilo has never been so chesty! You can bounce quarters off those things! His skin tone is just so MMMMMMMMMMMMMM! His butt is way firm! His cock is just the right size with a Ghostboy style circumcision scar (on my request.) XD Urban put the fish bone necklace on him to show Cams bond with the Saberman. :P Very touching.
Both Lil'Deep and Smilo got the Urban touch with their hair as well. Lil'Deeps hair is said to resemble a dorsal fin. Urbanmusiq took elements of many artist version including the dorsal fins on his arms Guytoonist provided and added many of his own as well. Gotta love the facial hair! This is one tough ass hunk. :)
And Saber Cam is just too hunky and happy for words. We had some fun with that tank top too. Cutting away at it... XD Cam looks like he feel right off the pages of Class Comics!

A super nice bonus, the Cock out version...look at that huge head! There's something aquatic about that foreskin...looks so smooth and slippery!

I wanted to pair Cam and Smilo since well, his creation. I mean Camili-Cat was partly the inspiration for his creation to begin with. However Smilo instantly became a lover for Dimata. Ink-B's first image of them together sealed that. Any attempts to pair the two with artists I had asked were either put on delay, that is push aside for another project, (that happens where one exciting idea overshadows another and is never really a bad thing. There's only so much time and money. lol..XD) or abandoned. Truth be told outside of one incident, I only pitched this concept a few times and it just never made it off the ground during that period. So to anyone reading this that I am still in constant contact with and you got wind of this concept prior, no worries. And anyone working on images similar at the moment, nope this has nothing to do with you. XD In fact I am very happy to say that this concept has been placed in the hands of some very competent trusted artists, so expect more of the same in future.

If it sounds like for once I am bitching, it is cause I am slightly. The peril of being a commissioner is the lack of respect some people have for potential customers.
Never is any of this the case with Urbanmusiq. This guy is right at the top with the other best artists I have commissioned period. FAST, FRIENDLY, ENTHUSIASTIC, OPEN and HONEST. He works hard and fast to deliver some extremely professional art. In a short time we have done 7 commissions together. We have become great friends as well. I often say this of many of the artists I have worked with and praised on this site, that a relationship is more important then just doing art and projects. You must share a respect for each other. It leads to a trusting strong relationship. To anyone looking to do commissions I will say this, artist that are like Leon, are the ones instrumental to helping make your dreams come true. You find yourself a good group of people you work well with like I have and you are set. It's not always easy and there are a lot of people that will chew you up and spit you out. Those people deserve some public attention as well.....

Now on to image number 2! Now if you ever have a chance check out Yuri and Friends you will understand where the inspiration for this image came from! It's a comic series that to this day is often speculated to have been produced by SNK due to the professionalism. I showed it to Urban who had never seen it and both our minds started to click at the same time. What if we take out Mai and put in Joe....HEE HEE! Nice right? :P Well here is a comic panel that will live on in the infamy of erotic art and raise even more will there be more? LOL.

Check this action out! Leon even came up with the dialog. XD I let him take the reigns on this one. He was having way to much fun! LOL. It's so ALIVE and sexy! You can feel this guys, you can see what move they are going to do next. This is better then the Yuri comic! XD
I like how the little details such as the marks on Joe neck as he cranes back to get a good view of Terrys facial reaction. And how the vein on his penis goes into that light brown colour. I like that concept, much better then a big black line. It gives it a more organic feel. Mmm Joes light to dark Hair is stunning.

I love Andys pink foreskin glands..what do you call that area under the foreskin just below the head? Anyway it's hot. And the ooze on Joe's bum is is his BUM! What a bubble butt. Bet that was fun to bounce against, Andy certainly enjoyed it...ahem. XD Andy is posed so nice and loose, yet so strong with his arm at his side. Joe looks like dark caramel between two bars of white chocolate... XD This really makes him a delicacy!

Not much changed from the original sketch. We added a cum shot to ruin Joes' hair XD and made it a little more lighter in tone by changing the facial expressions of Terry and Joe. As well as a circumcision scar on Terry. I always felt he was joe would be cut for some reason.

It is here and now I want to publicly congratulate Urbanmusiq on his new employment with Class Comics. You gotta get the fan letter to see what is going on.
And a Happy Australia day too!

I'm gonna end this with a big shout out to my boy WTjohn who did his very first request, just for me! Camil-Cat! If you haven't checked out his site and amazing art you are missing out. His art is all hand drawn. He uses pencils and crayolas to producing some very touching fantasy style art that takes one back to the days when we all drew dirty images with the same tools. The difference is John's work is amazing, sexy and so beautiful. These are to me, the images I wish I could have drawn as a boy. So take a trip back to boyhood and discover the wonderful world of WTJohn.

Awe Talk about a great mix of cute and sexy! Cam is so handsome here! I swoon when I gaze into those eyes! Sigh! XD Look at that face and that hair! Then take a look at the tops of those firm legs tight butt. Not to forget his huge firm erection! Ha ha ha ha. I think my favorite feature is one I only really took notice off, the design on his cute little nipple that is sticking out is just so well done it deserves recognition. Thank you John, it was a pleasure to be your first! LOL.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday Nookiedog! XD 30? Now it's WAR!

A couple days ago my oldest friend from the world of art hit the big one. 30! Well it's a depressing day for anyone, so I thought I would ask some artist to help cheer him up and celebrate this wonderful day. These artist all really came through for me cause I only gave them a couple days notice! I know Phil loves God of War, so his virtual card was filled with Kratos Cream!

Many happy returns of the day dear friend. Lots and lots of love to Demona, FallenAngel, Buddha the God, Ink-b, Crimsonblood and Urmbanmusiq! You guys all rock so very much!

Fallens sexy Kratos brought the cake, but I think that big snaky cock is what Nookiedog wants for his dessert! He's lanky, muscular and so dang sexy!!! XD I really adore this take on him. Thank you Fallen you're awesome!

Buddah the God's second commission for me brought the Decorations!!! His Kratos has a gorgeous uncut dick and nice big hands. HOT! He's got that crazy go for the icing look in his eyes and I don't think he is looking at cake! Watch out Phil! LOL. Thanks Buddah you're wonderful dude!

Every party needs a cute gift. Here is Demona the Chibbi Queen's toy sized Kratos! I think this is one of her best Chibbi's EVER. Why? Cause she made the God of War so adorable!!! That's no easy task. I am sure Phil would love to cuddle with this bad boy all night like a Kratos stuff doll.. XD Thanks Demona you really came through for us and fast too!

Ink-B's Kratos is Chilling in the rain. He is so hot that rain is gonna steam right off of him. ^_^ Mmmm he is rock hard and waiting for Phil to take a seat....Looks like that cock is very sensitive. Don't keep Kratos waiting Phil! Ink stayed up late to complete this which was extremely kind hearted of him! Thanks Ink you're amazing man.

Crimsonbloods Kratos is a huge hunky gift. I don't think I have ever seen him this built! Another amazingly sexy image. Kratos is so thick and juicy!!! Crimson wants Phil to come blow out Kratos Candle. ^_^ Poor Crimson, he finished this the day off while fighting off a fever. I think it was Kratos that was making him woozy! This is one of his best images to date, if I do say so myself. Really hot! Much love to you lil'bro!

Prince Naveen was a special gift for Nookiedog and me. Part of a thank you from Leon. Upon hearing it was Phils birthday he created two very special uncensored versions for him as well! :) Talk about a nice guy! My head was spinning when this showed up in my inbox. A very unexpected and wonderful gift, it warmed my heart big time. I literally blew a load to this. His Naveen is the currently the best erotic image of him out there. A spectacle to behold. Thanks Urban, you're the bomb!

Thank you everyone again. When Artist come together to do something special like this, there's no feeling in the world to describe it. Nookie, I tip my hat to you buddy. You still look 21 you lucky bugger you! XD

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Like a Fantasy Long Forgotten, the new works of Astasia666, Jacy-J, Sakuseii and Ink-B

Hey today I have some very heart warming art to share. It's this period just after Christmas that makes me often think of the past. Childhood memories start to surface and I get a little sentimental. Now most of you have seen Sakuseii's wonderful Line art for Tonia of Arabia. Ha ha ha, I guess that is what we will call him from now on? XD

Anyway Sakuseii poured his hear into Tonia's design. He gave me one stunning Tonia, with a costume of great intricate design and detail. Later he added Tonias sword on my request, which is also something of pure beauty. When I got the line art I noticed the Faclon was not the creature Caravaggia and I had come up with. However I told him to leave the Falcon as a more traditional version of the animal. I think it looks really good, so I never asked for a switch. Perhaps I doubted my own creature for a moment.

The image was put on Deviantart and word of a cock out version spread. Well around this this was when I had the task of finding someone to colour both images. I decided to choose Jacy-J, my good friend as she has worked on colouring Sakuseiis images in the past as well as more then proven herself as a fantastic artist.
The naughty image is still in the works so stayed tuned! I will be doing a blog on that along with FallenAngles wonderful takes on Tonia in the near future.
Here he is for the first time in full colour the spectacle that is Jacy and Sakuseiis TONIA!

A slightly altered version with no textures.

Talk about a dream come true! Tonia is literally glowing. Like a hunk out of a vision, Tonias cape and hood blur out of focus, his hard muscled legs and butt penetrate the senses. He stands poised in a state of steady readiness, his tail soft and leathery looking, but a danger to those that threaten him. He is a magnificent specimen.

And speaking of Desert warriors, I have been holding on this for some time. A commission by Ink-b of the Prince of Persia!

A simply wonderful take on take on his majestic beauty. Ink gave him the biggest Cut cock ever! WOW! That is way hot. When I look at him, I am reminded of a photograph in a circular frame. Something of a turn of the century lover. A Harem master who's only waking moment is to fulfilled the desires of his subjects, or a young man who's love was never acquired, but not at all forgotten by the one he loved. There is a timeless haunting beauty to it's simplicity.

And now the images I just got last night from Anasia666. Astasia666 took on Tonia, Dimata (Human) and Andrew just a week ago and came up with something very special too me.

I am going to have a hard time putting my feelings into words..but let me try!!! These images all take me back to when I was a little boy. My big brother would sit me down in his room and he would play records like Classical music, movie soundtracks and stuff. His bedroom was in our basement and he would take old books out of the closet and read them to me and explain the pictures. There were lots of old encyclopedia books. They were filled with pencil art of vast cities, creatures, people, animals and all done really small and encased in large paragraphs. Lost little worlds living in the pages. He always had books on Arabian nights, Dinosaurs, pirates and Zorro. When I opened these last night I was taken back to those days long ago in the early 80's. When my world was my home and his room was portal to a fantasy land.
From the hissing of the plants as Andrew sits cautious, the sun setting engulfing him in a deep orange, to the melting of the ice on the outside of the cave Diamta is hiding in, to the volcano active outside I feel a special bond to these images. They are splendid. Each one is a window to a small little world, a private place where one can snuggle into and let your imagination run wild. Just like I did many years ago.

If you look closely you can see flesh in the Falcons mouth! CUTE! ha ha ha ha.
Dimatas hair and body is just out of this world. He is so very sexy! Andres body is very smooth and lovely with his vines growing around his arms and legs. Tonia is so very gentle and sweet.

I can honestly say these images by these 4 talented people have touched me very deeply. Images that echo a time when Fantasy was pure, exciting, simple and exotic. I swear I hear the drums of the Bolero......

Friday, January 15, 2010

Barbarian Brilliance! This January Jacy, Sirio, Ink-B, Baralust, FallenAngel and JCArblog Bring the Heat!

Hey, it's been awhile, but the blog is back with style...and so are the artists! My work schedule is MURDER! I got some time today so I had to prepare a very special treat. Today it's Barbarians only! Let's start it off with a bang...
Jacy-J's newest wonder, Conan and Ice He-Man!

Jacy did her own original take on the boys. They looks very hunky to say the least. She was not too sure I would go for this concept, but I absolutely adore every inch of this virtual canvas. Taking the same concept as Zahn, young Conan here is holding up the words a bit, ha ha ha very cute! I love the face she gave him. He has such sexy eyebrows and who wouldn't go nuts for hair like that??? Speaking of hair, who needs a loin cloth with a soft brown bush like that growing from under it? NICE! ^_^
She gave He-man a sweet spike job on his hair. OMG he reminds me of this guy I had dated...XD The hard sharp hair, gorgeous weapons and ice counter balance the cool soft blues, rounded muscles and that warm inviting loin cloth so well. Masterpiece.
Mmmm like two hunks out of my wildest dreams, Conan and He-man echo all the great models I grew up staring at in the 90's. I always say it, but I can't help it, Jacy topped herself once again. These boys stole my heart!
Now a Blog exclusive, He-Man and Conan remove their bottoms to reveal two huge thick uncut slabs on meat! Enjoy!!!

Next up is something I wanted to ask Sirio to draw from the moment the last image was I pretty much did! He-man having some Anal fun with Conan! This time Conan is uncut and what an uncut dick he has! Sirio researched a few nice images to give him that look. We added some cum and really the images was a breeze cause the sketch was so perfect. Sirio's Barbarians are beloved and I could not be happier to share this with you bloggers:

Two immortal titans go at it. The cum gushes from the Cimmerians ass.

My reaction:

ooooh you do Conan and He-Man so nice!!! It great to see him in his Ice uniform! So sexy! I love Conans foreskin covered penis leaking cum! That's so hot!!!! You did a great job on his red from thrusting bum too! He little torso is very tantilizing. It's very yummy! LOL. He-man has a great face and oh so big nipples! :kiss:
Thank you Sirio! This is a delightful picture. :heart::kiss:

I just loved the sketch, He-Man is so adorable and Conans foreskin is wicked over his thick head! LOL. Who knows what we will do next?

What a delight. The sketch is worth the comm price alone. XD

Now let's go to the newest hottest Barbarian around, Zahn! A blog exclusive! This was my Christmas gift from the ever awesome Ink-B!

This is Ink-Bs first attempt at Zahn and Camili-Cat. It was big image for him and extremely exciting to take on. First off, the son of Winter ramming Cam in the middle of a fantasy snow storm is perfect for this time of the year. This is a gay holiday card for all time. The boys glow in the evening snow. Cam is so lovely as done by Ink. His eyes transfixed on the voyeur as if to say 'Please enjoy the show, it's all for you.' His cock flipped over, so heavy and thick and his hair wildly tossed by the wind, stunning. His chest perked out so proud. There is a realistic quality to this image of Cam I can't get over. Then there is Zahn, who has let his hair grow long and bushy in the harsh winter weather. I swear I can feel it each time I look upon this. He has Cam riding the very tip of his cock, forcing the Felinoids anus to push his barbarian foreskin up and down his just his massive pink head. I just love the expression on Zahns face. He is just starting to give Cam the ride of his life and doesn't look anywhere close to losing control.

Whew...that took a lot out of me! Now for a double douse of Jacy-J! Time to bring out more of my new character done in complete beauty and style as only she can provide! Check this out:

Nova and his mate shine when done by Jacy-J! They are so dreamy. Like something from a book of ancient tales, they young warrior shyly presents himself to his love. Her female alien is very sexy and smooth. She gave her a very sweet new look. On top of her pony tail, which she did in wispy blue hair, she gave her a blond wig. I love the glowing ends. So romantic and spacey at the same time. Like something to wear on wedding night, or on a very special date. Meeting Nova must always be special for her! I really love those boobs! Ha ha ha, what a gorgeous body. The face is a perfect mix of human and Aline with soft blue eyes, a slight nose and full, but not huge lips. She has an elegance to her. The perfect interstellar princess.
Originally there were only two versions of this. A nude and one that was nude, with no penis. I asked Jacy if she wouldn't mind adding a toga and she created a really cool Egyptian style one. A brand new accessory for my OC. Nova is just well...WOW. Sparkling skin, glistening muscles, a wonderful build, a moist blue cock head, sizzling stubble, what more can I say? Except I must beg her for more. image like this reminds me of all those great science fictions books I would leaf through in the libraries of my youth. Very Touching Jacy, it has becoming a very special image to me. Can't thank you enough!

Shy, but hard, the half Aliens prepare for a night of romance together at last. Perhaps this is taking place in a Palace tower far from prying eyes. The wig may have been dawned to make her look more human to her mate.

I still need a name for my Female half Alien, so if anyone has any ideas please add them in the comments section. Also I will starting a poll so people can choose over the ones I have thought up and others have provided. I was thinking Neopetra. I have a whole list to add.

More Nova! Next we have the ground breaking Nova by Baralust. This guy sent me flying and my tissues filling....ha ha ha! What a stunning vision of manliness he created. At the time Nova was slowly getting bigger and bigger. Baralust took him to Herculean levels with this. I proudly present his mouth watering image:

My reaction says it all about this classic:

Oh my god...this is soooooooooooooooo hot! I'm sweating looking at this still. Wow you really captured the barbarian warrior look at feel of Nova. DUDE the upper body rocks so hard. :surprised::heart::heart::heart::heart:
What an imagination you have. Love the alien chain design and how he is in full motion, fighting the pleasures of the dido. The swaying of the his toga to the side is so wicked. The whole thing is so alive with motion. His eyes and face are so nice. You gave him fantastic eye lashes and stubble
These new longer dreads are fan-freaking-tastic! :widesmile: Thank you for coming up with that. They are perfect for the character. It's like he has been stuck locked up for some time and his hair grew and grew... XD
You even remember the glowing penis head when he comes. OMG that is so unbelievably sexy!!!
Shhh...don't tell anyone...I came so hard to this! :lol::blush::heart:! XD :lol:
You are da MAN. Much love to you! :heart:

Baralust has more in store as well. Including Dimata and Chiida! Can't wait! I am still reeling from his imprisoned Nova. The image has inspired more images currently in the making.

Here is a current blog exclusive, something cooked up with much love by my good old buddy JCArtblog. Been almost a year since we met. His art gets better every day and he was awesome to start with. Check out this mouth watering Dish:

Nova JCArt Style. He is presenting himself...check the love hole...XD

Jcarts big boys just scream sex. The huge chest and thick abs are amazing. Love his glowing blue cock head and the anti-gravity cum shot! LOL. That's hot! I saw that in a porn once...the Uranus Project by Private...look it up! ^_^ Those big blue eyes... Nova has a nice smug look. He lips hard and set showing he is very proud and looking like he is questioning if you deserve to be admiring his beautiful self. JC did magnificent job on his wild hair. Looks really good with many long strands, very snaky! They would be gear to run your hands through. I think the bald head with the shading he did is very sexy. You just want to kiss the top of it! Hee hee.

Thanks JCart, he is grand indeed!

Last but in no way least is my dear buddy FallenAngels take on the Roman Warrior that gets so very little love, the Great RYGAR from Tecmo!

OH how I love love love Fallens Rygar! He is just a so sexy! He is EXHAUSTED from a very long jerk off session. I told Fallen he is slowly become not only one of my favorite images by him, but one of my favorite takes on Rygar period. It's like looking at him before the game, a little younger, more innocent and unable to physically handle the stain of his huge uncut cock. The high res has a massive wrinkled foreskin visible. YUM YUM YUM. Lets not forget the details on the cum stained shield and background. It's a beautiful day in Rome and Rygar is taking advantage of that in the morning air!

Early perfection in this sketch to be sure!

Thanks ladies and Gentleman! More to Cum!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Suprise Christmas Gift From Feralelf

This Christmas I was given a surprise on the Y!Gallery. The artist Feralelf drop me a note with a link to a sketch. It was of his take on Dimata! He wanted to know what I thought of it. It's not very often I get fan art and I was thrilled let me tell you!
He took Dimata and made him extremely hung, tall and bara. Just the way I like him! He also remembered how the penis was very trunk like in my early concepts of him. Reminding me just how freaking wicked that idea is!

This is one buff and built Dimata! I love the cocks trunk shape and how he closed the foreskin! So hot!

This Dimata's a sweat mixture of strong hard beautiful manliness and sweet innocent found in his face. Heck, how can you look at his eyes and those big ears and not tilt your head and say "AWE!!!?" You just want to hug and squeeze him. Then you look down his giant chest, mega sized arms and to die for legs that could hold a T-Rex in place and sweet ass and want to do a lot more then hug him! I'm gonna type it again, that dick is amazing!!!
The hair placement is also very unique to Dimata and seeing a new variation on it is always nice. Those are some hairy balls and the chest hair by the nipples is a great touch as well! :P
Not only did he draw such a great Dimata, but he also provided a fitting and well done background. I love winter nights. Heck living in Canada, that's a huge part of the winter since it gets dark around 5 pm here! ^_^

Thank you so much Feralelf, this really helped make my holiday special!
He is open for commissions, so check him out! You gotta see his take on Ephorox Monkey King too, it's grand!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Boys Get the Glorious GuyToonist Touch! Urbanmusiq Brings the Dune Mice Back to Life!

Hey guys! Now if you have been to Y Gallery you must know of the great Guytoonist. He is a legend there! His boys are all hand drawn and drip with sensuality. Big lips, wild hair, big torsos and hypnotic naughty eyes are all his trademarks. He also enjoys giving his men a more regular sized penis! So....when he took on my boys he gave them a little more downstairs then he was used to and really enjoyed doing it! ^_^ ha ha ha ha!

Actually he also REALLY was excited at the thought of doing some of my characters! I could not believe it! I was humbled! This great artist was into my characters! I asked if there were any boys he would love to draw and he said he had some great ideas for Glypto. I said sure, feel free to draw him and add to him. And he so did! So here is his take on Smilo and Glypto as two sexy Beach Beefcakes!

My reaction which mentions the fact that he completed both in one day:

Whoa! Two completed commissions in one day! You are going to drain me! LOL. :lol::heart: There is just so much I love about this picture! The bodies are fantastic! Smilos eyes are just too hot, his fangs are wicked and his hair lovely! That cock has a curve and shape to it that is out of this world! Who told you I love hairy balls? XD ha ha ha.. sexy!!!!
Now, I really have to say I am ever so happy you not only wanted to take on Glypto, but also give him some new concepts. When I first thought of him, I had a kind of Helmet in mind for his head. But that meant losing his hair for the most part. So we gave him hair instead. This is ingenious. We get the plates and the hair, complete with braids!!! My Fav! XD I love the curly pubes and uncut cock on him. (He was cut originally) Nice and flaccid, but still thick with the head sticking out. So hot. :blush: The slender hips and smooth looking legs. A real Stallion! He's like a whole new boy! :love::love::love:

So as you can see, I am in love with this picture! XD Glypto with the new hair due, plates and uncut penis can pretty much be classified as a new character at this point. So I am kinda torn, should this be a new character, or just Gylptos new due? Hmmmm only time will tell! XD I love it so much I really feel he could be in honor of the fab work done by Guytoonist.

The second image he did was of Sexy Lil'Deep! This one might have been slightly inspired by a certain celebrity cover...which really gets my heart pumping! XD
Check out the eye magnet that is Guytoonists Lil Deep!

My reaction:

Oh my gosh, I think you wanted to give me a heart attack for Christmas didn't you? What a shocker!! Out of the no where comes SMOKING HOT Screen Burning Lil Deep. That water should be boiling..
I absolutely ADORE that face! Big full lips, long luscious hair, sensually scheming eyes and a hot nose too! His body is RIPPED! So freaking sexy!!! Love his cock with the foreskin pulled back, nice and thick! XD The white pubes were a great touch and a perfect new addition to the character.
This is already a classic!

And it did become a huge classic. People went nuts for this Lil' Megalodon muscle mass madness! I do so love the fins he added to his forearms. What a magnificent touch!

His art started a fire on Y!Gallery. Voider saw his art and could not resist taking on Smilo and Lil'Deep in his beloved style! Check this out!

Voider added some shading on the muscles of both Smilo and Glypto that really bring out their frames. The beads around his neck look great in red! The boys eyes and their pearly whites really stand out with a glowing radiance. What a nice gift! I was pretty surprised by this. It is always cool to see a different perspective regarding how they would colour a piece.

Guytoonist is up for grabs! So please commission him. He is friendly, works fast and puts TONS of love into each image. He's HIGHLY Recommend! I really must see if he can do some sexual follow up images. I want to know what happens next on the beach!

Now lets move on to the fifth and final commission I purchased from the Newest Master on the block, the dear sweet Urbanmusiq! For his commission I asked him if he would like to take on my Dune Mice Characters. You may remember them from Zipopens commission way back in June. Well They got shelved, not on purpose of course! Ever since I commissioned him I was dying for him to try the Mice as Urbans black men are some of the finniest I have ever seen. They have a superior quality and sexuality. I was overjoyed that he was interested in them, finding them adorable! In fact he loved them so much he researched desert mice and asked me if I would like the tails done like a Jerboa the hopping desert mouse! I was taken back by how cute the addition was and like with Guytoonist I was honored that the artist researched and thought about what they could do to add to the creation. This warmed my heart!
Well here they are, Travis and Troy Return to worship Cam, a stunning masterpiece by Ubranmusiq! ^_^

Ok first off let me gush about the shading and colours! There is so much detail here, like how the hair on Travis is lighter on top and darker on the step by the ears, that's just so cool! The boys turned out better then I could have hoped. He gave them a very neat nose that is a combination of a human and mouse that works perfectly. The skin tones came out great and Travis's body as well as Troys. God how I love his curved torso as he thrusts his dick into Cams, his nipple sticking out and his eyes shining a glorious baby blue as he focus all his attention on pleasing his pharaoh.
How freaking hot is it that not only are the cocks cumming, the cum is sticking to both of them in something I would have to call a dick kiss! XD That cum is sparkling in the higher res as are the the moist cock heads that have been getting smothered time and again by Travis moving the foreskins up and down them at a furious pace. Love the position of Travis foreskin thick at the base of his head! Travis's hair is just so cool! A pure bushy mass of a hot hair do!

And then there is Cam who is just so perfect. His thick little nipples, his chiseled abs, the eyes watching helplessly as he is forced into an orgasm by his royal guard. I just love his big legs and those cute balls! XD Wow man, Cam fell off the pages of Class and into your skilled hands! Looks like you had him at your beck and call!

The original image was done all by hand. It was so large it took more then a page to chart it out! XD Thank you so much Urbanmusiq. You may be new to the scene, but you sir are a kind and professional artist that sets a very high standard for others to follow. All my love to you!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New OC's from the hand of Dearest Ink-B! Happy New Year!

Today a special almost ALL INK BLOG! Whoo hoo! My dearest friend has once again blessed me with such gorgeous images to share! First off the Prehistoric Summoner! He is an original creation made by Ink-B for world of Prehistoric Paradise.

The summoner is character that dwells in Dore's village. Unlike most humans he has some very special magical abilities. Here we see him calling upon the power of a prehistoric plant monster to fulfill his desires. He's a super cute OC with his soft fluffy hair, manly nose and kind eyes. He has a large 9 inch cock and when he summons his sexual spells his body lights up with wicked cool arcane symbols. As you can see this plant is friendly and he is enjoying it very much!!!
So this got me to thinking. Most tentacle rape images are just that. Aggressive Rape. Instead of going that route, Ink went for a friendly encounter. So I sat down and did my best to come up with the creature these penises would be coming from. And here he is from my HAND. I referenced a character Model by Patrick Fillion, in order to draw a sexy body! XD

This was my final model of him. I had done many sketches for conceptual ideas regarding him. He has two man sucking plants that grow out of his shoulder blades. Much like Audry 2 from Little Shop of Horrors. So I named him Andrew Two.
I figure he can shoot out lots of Vines from his arms and legs. I tried to show that he has vines wrapped around them, not sure how well that came out. He has 4 pods around his hips that have 2 cut and 2 uncut cocks hidden in them. They stretch out pretty far. He also has his main cock. He truly orgasms from this phallus, while the others bring him to ecstasy too, they instead shoot out a sappy sticky cum that does little to impregnate prey. I didn't trace a thing. It's not my best work, but it's better then my crappy sketches I usually do.
Ok for fun here is a couple little images of his evolution..

These are the two first sketches I did of him.

Well I sent off all the images I did to Ink and today I was presented with this masterpiece. I can't believe the love and care presented here, Andrew turned out sexier then I could have imagined.

Come up and Seed me some time!

Wow talk about taking a character to the next level! I love the fact that the top flower has been left off, it makes the head a lot sexier as apposed to my first original concept. That is why I dropped it later as well. (Maybe it is that he can grow it in and out at will.) The hair on the head is just wonderful how it lazily hangs in place, nice and long and soft. Ink gave the Kissing/Sucking plants on his shoulders a lot bigger size, more personality and a cute little leaf on their tops. NICE! He added some shine two the two flowers on his head (which is very dreamy) added in his freckles, (so adorable!) and implemented the features such as the cock sheaths perfectly. That was so hard for me! The body is a stunning testament to manhood. I really like the MUSHROOM Head he gave the penis! That is just PERFECT! LOL.

From here Ink Took on Nova! Yep, and he did him as if he feel off the pages of a Conan graphic novel.

Nova is a combination that includes all the wonderful elements of past commissions. He gave him the long gorgeous dreads of Baralusts image, which drives me wild! The face is a wonder, The full lips, eyes, even the head crest and chin hair is perfection. His frame like with Fallens is wicked. Ink gave him a cool weapon as well. I spinning discus! How cool is that?

Now it's time to share a little Dimata love! Ink Did a really cute image of Dimata enjoying a Dildo! XD

Awe Ink's Dimata is always so lovely. Man, his face takes me back to the start of all this. I love the perspective with his bum right in our faces! It's really hot and smooth! XD His Dimata is always going to have a special place in my heart. XD

Ink-B got his hands on Boytoons Adventures as part of a Christmas gift. It left him inspired. He presented me with an image he knew I would flip over, as I have mentioned to him how much I love the style and dig the Captain Jungs profile shot. Here is Dimata done in the same pose and style as Patrick Fillions Boytoons! I could just jump to the moon over this one!

This is too cool! I like the tiny feet with the look of leotards over them! XD The hair sticking up on the back of his head is the best! Dimata boytoons, someone pinch me, cause I must be dreaming!!!!

Next up Ink took on his most beloved OC, the creature that is pure sex, Lil Deep and gave him a brand new look. His hair is much longer then before, but not as long as Jacy's just yet. The images just flows into vision. It is a looking at a physical bar of music that resonates in your heart.

From the tip of his tail to the tip of his cock, Inks Lil'Deep is a creature of grace and beauty. His expression of uncertainty as he strolls by the viewer almost beckons you to follow him into the briny deep and experience his passion. Ink is the master of Megalodon! I love the damage on his tail. His cock is just splended as well.

Here is a totally flattering work in progress, that my ego made me shore. As a little gift, Ink Fillionized my persona and created Matt-U the Dino Summoner. XD OH man I am so flattered!!!! I dont' think I was ever this handsome! But thank you Ink, it's so very kind of you! I can't stop blushing as I type this. I am so giddy! LOL.

How cute is this? Snow meets Cloud Chibbi's? XD Snow sure is a popular character! ^_^ I like him already.

More Final Fantasy love! Galka from Final Fantasy 11! He's one beefy hunk who gets some great respect from Ink here! I don't see him around much at all. Nice!

Meet Hezzer Paul a brick fire pit full of fire from Ink-B! What a sexy bald stud! I really love the cross going down his body. I can't wait to see him completed. :)

This is Ink-B's newest OC, a prehistoric Tyrannosaurus Rex Man! A gorgeous warrior, enslaved in chains forced to wield a hammer until the day he can break free. Rex invokes a lot of questions on the viewer. Was he a leader? Does he have a family, or a lover? Who does that sleek hair cut for him? He has a noble face, I wonder what secrets he hides? Only Ink-B knows for sure. I know I am in love, that's for sure. :)

One more OC from Ink:

This guy better watch out, any bugs passing by him can reach and grab that! XD This guy is a one steaming hot cup of hot chocolate! He looks nervous because he was captured by pirates and held against his will. What will his fate be? I am guessing something hot and steamy... :P

Ok Speaking of hot and Steamy lets give Demona a little praise tonight at well. She has just completed her delightful take on Lil'Deep. This one was in the works for a short while. Sadly during that time Lil'Deep saw some major changes and it was all she could NOT do to give him long hair and stay true to her original vision of him. You have never seen a Lil'Deep as smooth and sexy as this! I very proudly present, Cell Shaded Deep! Gonna Faint...XD

Demona offered to do Deep as she did Darkstalkers Felicia and I could not wait to see the results. I was in luck cause this didn't take long to do at all! I really love the skin tone here, it's so smooth and aquatic. Like a Dolphins. Ink loved it so much it's his Cell phone Wallpaper! LOL. In the higher res, I swear his eyes sizzle. She had the inspired idea of taking the purple from the penis head and lightly applying that to his lips. Very sexy!!!!

Ink and Demona I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Demona Deep is spectacular!!! A true Classic! Ink, these are some of the most wonderful gifts I have ever got! What a way to ring in the New Year!


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