Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cave Cam Returns Thanks to Urbanmusiq!

Hey guys! I have two exclusive images that will lift the steam right off the jungle ground to share today. An idea rolling around in my head for some time was to bring back Cave Camili-Cat. But who should he meet in the prehistoric Paradise? Why none other then Lil'Deep and Smilo of course! I had an idea for a twist on the concept...so..take a peek at the newest Urbanmusiq masterpiece:

It's Saber Cam!!!!

A lot of hard work went into this image. Mostly on Urbans side! LOL. Actually it was fun to sit and think of how this should go down. At first the image was just Smilo and Cam and honestly nothing I had in mind was very exciting. Then it hit me. Sadly while I sitting at work and had to worry about being asked to get up for few moments..Anyway the idea of a threesome with huge Deep and Smilo holding Cam on their shoulders was insane. I had never asked for anything this crazy! So When I got home, I in vain sketched up a few ideas and poses. Cam holding on to a palm tree was even included at one point. I thought this was it, too much I am pushing it. Funny thing, Leon was there with a sketch that was out of this world in a very short time. His reaction to the idea was even more over the top then my pitch and he feverishly went to work on this upon reading the e-mail. I wanted to make Cam a Saber tooth, the how and why of this will come in later commissions. :P I had asked FallenAngel a short time ago to take this on as well...so...look forward to that soon! The inside shot was inspired by many artists, including Patricks panels in Zahn and Rapture.

I really love how this image turned out. The boys are frigging glowing. The high res has some great features such as a shine in the boys eyes and highlights that are little harder to catch in this blog version.
Smilo has never been so chesty! You can bounce quarters off those things! His skin tone is just so MMMMMMMMMMMMMM! His butt is way firm! His cock is just the right size with a Ghostboy style circumcision scar (on my request.) XD Urban put the fish bone necklace on him to show Cams bond with the Saberman. :P Very touching.
Both Lil'Deep and Smilo got the Urban touch with their hair as well. Lil'Deeps hair is said to resemble a dorsal fin. Urbanmusiq took elements of many artist version including the dorsal fins on his arms Guytoonist provided and added many of his own as well. Gotta love the facial hair! This is one tough ass hunk. :)
And Saber Cam is just too hunky and happy for words. We had some fun with that tank top too. Cutting away at it... XD Cam looks like he feel right off the pages of Class Comics!

A super nice bonus, the Cock out version...look at that huge head! There's something aquatic about that foreskin...looks so smooth and slippery!

I wanted to pair Cam and Smilo since well, his creation. I mean Camili-Cat was partly the inspiration for his creation to begin with. However Smilo instantly became a lover for Dimata. Ink-B's first image of them together sealed that. Any attempts to pair the two with artists I had asked were either put on delay, that is push aside for another project, (that happens where one exciting idea overshadows another and is never really a bad thing. There's only so much time and money. lol..XD) or abandoned. Truth be told outside of one incident, I only pitched this concept a few times and it just never made it off the ground during that period. So to anyone reading this that I am still in constant contact with and you got wind of this concept prior, no worries. And anyone working on images similar at the moment, nope this has nothing to do with you. XD In fact I am very happy to say that this concept has been placed in the hands of some very competent trusted artists, so expect more of the same in future.

If it sounds like for once I am bitching, it is cause I am slightly. The peril of being a commissioner is the lack of respect some people have for potential customers.
Never is any of this the case with Urbanmusiq. This guy is right at the top with the other best artists I have commissioned period. FAST, FRIENDLY, ENTHUSIASTIC, OPEN and HONEST. He works hard and fast to deliver some extremely professional art. In a short time we have done 7 commissions together. We have become great friends as well. I often say this of many of the artists I have worked with and praised on this site, that a relationship is more important then just doing art and projects. You must share a respect for each other. It leads to a trusting strong relationship. To anyone looking to do commissions I will say this, artist that are like Leon, are the ones instrumental to helping make your dreams come true. You find yourself a good group of people you work well with like I have and you are set. It's not always easy and there are a lot of people that will chew you up and spit you out. Those people deserve some public attention as well.....

Now on to image number 2! Now if you ever have a chance check out Yuri and Friends you will understand where the inspiration for this image came from! It's a comic series that to this day is often speculated to have been produced by SNK due to the professionalism. I showed it to Urban who had never seen it and both our minds started to click at the same time. What if we take out Mai and put in Joe....HEE HEE! Nice right? :P Well here is a comic panel that will live on in the infamy of erotic art and raise even more questions...like will there be more? LOL.

Check this action out! Leon even came up with the dialog. XD I let him take the reigns on this one. He was having way to much fun! LOL. It's so ALIVE and sexy! You can feel this guys, you can see what move they are going to do next. This is better then the Yuri comic! XD
I like how the little details such as the marks on Joe neck as he cranes back to get a good view of Terrys facial reaction. And how the vein on his penis goes into that light brown colour. I like that concept, much better then a big black line. It gives it a more organic feel. Mmm Joes light to dark Hair is stunning.

I love Andys pink foreskin glands..what do you call that area under the foreskin just below the head? Anyway it's hot. And the ooze on Joe's bum is yum...so is his BUM! What a bubble butt. Bet that was fun to bounce against, Andy certainly enjoyed it...ahem. XD Andy is posed so nice and loose, yet so strong with his arm at his side. Joe looks like dark caramel between two bars of white chocolate... XD This really makes him a delicacy!

Not much changed from the original sketch. We added a cum shot to ruin Joes' hair XD and made it a little more lighter in tone by changing the facial expressions of Terry and Joe. As well as a circumcision scar on Terry. I always felt he was joe would be cut for some reason.

It is here and now I want to publicly congratulate Urbanmusiq on his new employment with Class Comics. You gotta get the fan letter to see what is going on.
And a Happy Australia day too!

I'm gonna end this with a big shout out to my boy WTjohn who did his very first request, just for me! Camil-Cat! If you haven't checked out his site and amazing art you are missing out. His art is all hand drawn. He uses pencils and crayolas to producing some very touching fantasy style art that takes one back to the days when we all drew dirty images with the same tools. The difference is John's work is amazing, sexy and so beautiful. These are to me, the images I wish I could have drawn as a boy. So take a trip back to boyhood and discover the wonderful world of WTJohn.

Awe Talk about a great mix of cute and sexy! Cam is so handsome here! I swoon when I gaze into those eyes! Sigh! XD Look at that face and that hair! Then take a look at the tops of those firm legs tight butt. Not to forget his huge firm erection! Ha ha ha ha. I think my favorite feature is one I only really took notice off, the design on his cute little nipple that is sticking out is just so well done it deserves recognition. Thank you John, it was a pleasure to be your first! LOL.

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  1. Hey DP!!

    Its always a pleasure to make your "dreams come true" LOL and it's certainly a pleasure transposing your cleaver ideas onto canvas!

    your kind words were very touching - which i will hold dearly!! its much, much appreciated :)

    *Big Big Hugs*



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