Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Like a Fantasy Long Forgotten, the new works of Astasia666, Jacy-J, Sakuseii and Ink-B

Hey today I have some very heart warming art to share. It's this period just after Christmas that makes me often think of the past. Childhood memories start to surface and I get a little sentimental. Now most of you have seen Sakuseii's wonderful Line art for Tonia of Arabia. Ha ha ha, I guess that is what we will call him from now on? XD

Anyway Sakuseii poured his hear into Tonia's design. He gave me one stunning Tonia, with a costume of great intricate design and detail. Later he added Tonias sword on my request, which is also something of pure beauty. When I got the line art I noticed the Faclon was not the creature Caravaggia and I had come up with. However I told him to leave the Falcon as a more traditional version of the animal. I think it looks really good, so I never asked for a switch. Perhaps I doubted my own creature for a moment.

The image was put on Deviantart and word of a cock out version spread. Well around this this was when I had the task of finding someone to colour both images. I decided to choose Jacy-J, my good friend as she has worked on colouring Sakuseiis images in the past as well as more then proven herself as a fantastic artist.
The naughty image is still in the works so stayed tuned! I will be doing a blog on that along with FallenAngles wonderful takes on Tonia in the near future.
Here he is for the first time in full colour the spectacle that is Jacy and Sakuseiis TONIA!

A slightly altered version with no textures.

Talk about a dream come true! Tonia is literally glowing. Like a hunk out of a vision, Tonias cape and hood blur out of focus, his hard muscled legs and butt penetrate the senses. He stands poised in a state of steady readiness, his tail soft and leathery looking, but a danger to those that threaten him. He is a magnificent specimen.

And speaking of Desert warriors, I have been holding on this for some time. A commission by Ink-b of the Prince of Persia!

A simply wonderful take on take on his majestic beauty. Ink gave him the biggest Cut cock ever! WOW! That is way hot. When I look at him, I am reminded of a photograph in a circular frame. Something of a turn of the century lover. A Harem master who's only waking moment is to fulfilled the desires of his subjects, or a young man who's love was never acquired, but not at all forgotten by the one he loved. There is a timeless haunting beauty to it's simplicity.

And now the images I just got last night from Anasia666. Astasia666 took on Tonia, Dimata (Human) and Andrew just a week ago and came up with something very special too me.

I am going to have a hard time putting my feelings into words..but let me try!!! These images all take me back to when I was a little boy. My big brother would sit me down in his room and he would play records like Classical music, movie soundtracks and stuff. His bedroom was in our basement and he would take old books out of the closet and read them to me and explain the pictures. There were lots of old encyclopedia books. They were filled with pencil art of vast cities, creatures, people, animals and all done really small and encased in large paragraphs. Lost little worlds living in the pages. He always had books on Arabian nights, Dinosaurs, pirates and Zorro. When I opened these last night I was taken back to those days long ago in the early 80's. When my world was my home and his room was portal to a fantasy land.
From the hissing of the plants as Andrew sits cautious, the sun setting engulfing him in a deep orange, to the melting of the ice on the outside of the cave Diamta is hiding in, to the volcano active outside I feel a special bond to these images. They are splendid. Each one is a window to a small little world, a private place where one can snuggle into and let your imagination run wild. Just like I did many years ago.

If you look closely you can see flesh in the Falcons mouth! CUTE! ha ha ha ha.
Dimatas hair and body is just out of this world. He is so very sexy! Andres body is very smooth and lovely with his vines growing around his arms and legs. Tonia is so very gentle and sweet.

I can honestly say these images by these 4 talented people have touched me very deeply. Images that echo a time when Fantasy was pure, exciting, simple and exotic. I swear I hear the drums of the Bolero......

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