Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Meet the Dilophosaurus Brothers!

An idea for human/carnosaur cross can be difficult to come up with if you are trying to keep the character fairly human. I have seen it done though, so I wanted to see if I could take a crack at it as well. For years and years I had the idea of a merman with a frill around his penis, much like that of the Frilled Lizard and the Dilophosaurus in Jurassic Park. He came to me when I was 17. Well, I took that concept and applied it to a Dilophosaurus man. Interest in him was good back in July. I found 3 artists willing to take him on. Lastmanouthere drew him back in October and just a few weeks ago, Voider/Aneros and Caravaggia gave the boy some skin tone and pizazz! And Ginrom came up with a name for him!

Here for the first time ever is the combined efforts of all our imaginations:

Drival The Dilophosaurman. When Erect the Frill opens for a 9 inch surprise! Don't let him spit in your eyes!
A young Jungle inhabitant, he has feathers for hair that he wears in a long pony tail. We even gave him feathers instead of under arm hair. He is a pure trouble maker. A practical joker and bandit.
Lastman took my humble sketch and gave him a smoking hot body. Very built indeed. I think it's nuts how he got the frill to work so well around his neck. It makes him look really very elegant and makes the neck stand out as thick sexy pillar. XD

I like his very human face with the thick eyebrows. I think dark brown was a great choice. Voider gave him some excellent shading. He went on a limb and gave him scaled skin! That's pretty bad ass. Lastmans chest looks even more smooth done in that yellow tone. This is the first time I asked for a YELLOW PENIS HEAD. What do you guys think? I think what I love most about Voiders colouring is how fitting to a dinosaur it is. It reminds me of Godzilla a little bit!
Voider presented me with a couple variations to choose from. Here is the runner up, which is gorgeous as well.

Dancing to the tribal Beats.

Lastmanouthere so enjoyed drawing him, he came up with a second character as well. He drew two images with some variations and instead of dumping one for the other, we decided the boys should be brothers. I mean, how could I not fall in love with this dancing enigmatic character? Some how the genius idea of having the frill placed like a cape on his shoulders was added to him. Cava gave his younger sibling a smooth cartoony colouring job. It looks so great. He has a pink penis head. The lighter skin tone to exemplifies the fact that he is a calmer cooler character. He turned out to be dreamy!
This boy has yet to be named. So any suggestions are welcome.

The younger brother has a thinner build with a longer torso. He sports a red stripe over his eyes and an almost completely bald head. He has the pony tail in the back of his head like his brother. Check out those Legs!!!! I really love the playfulness of this character. The combination of Lastmanouthere's art and Cavas coloring is perfect for him.

The very first image I drew of him.

Thanks guys! Having so many people work on a character was a great experience. I feel they got the royal treatment for each of you.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Capcom Love by Nookiedog and FallenAngel

Hey guys! A real treat today. A blog exclusive by none other then Nookiedog. It been a very long time since he tackled a Darkstalkers character. In fact it's been as long as I have been doing commissions as his Rikuo was my very first commission request! So this is a pretty wicked special image to share with everyone.
Enter the unholy union of Donovan and Demitri:

Despite the holly circle, the power of the beads and Donovans physical strength, he just can't overcome his desire to have Demitri seduce him. Maybe it's safer in the circle? XD

I got rock hard just looking at Donovan in that pose! He's so full of ecstasy in that cat like stance, his cock just filled to the brim with with blood and sensitivity. His butt eagerly awaiting Demitri's massive meat. You know he is positing himself so he can feel that pre-cum just drip between his butt cheeks all the better. Nookies Donovan is a dream boat. His glowing blue eyes exemplify so well against the slightly dark skin tone he chose. I love his full lips! Check out the line art to see the wicked almost ink slash like hair curl on Donovan. Very Okami! :)

Demitri is by far one of the most unique takes on the character I have seen in a long time. Instead of going pale, he was given a kind of olive skin that reminds me of some of the great Italian porn stars.. XD I really love that cause I think it looks way better then pale white skin on him. The pointed finger nails and the arm and leg hair is a great touch as well. I like this Demitri cause he is also showing a softer gentler side. He is not shown as an aggressive vampire, but as a tender lover. What exactly is that circle doing Donovan? XD It makes the image that much more erotic.

Then there is the background. Wow, I mean check out all the archaic scribbles, the fog, the cool wood floor and fog. I know the sword placement looks cool, but as a fan of the series I think it's kind of funny how Donovans sword is embedded in the ground with it's eyes covered. Guess he doesn't want it peeping!

Thanks Nookie! I love these boys. Maybe one day we should think of another idea for Rikuo, the boy that started it all. :)

Next up, more rare Capcom! The great Hayato from Star Gladiator as done with all this talents by my little Christmas Angel..Fallen! He gave this to me on Christmas day. :) YAY! Thick uncut dicks to fill my stocking!

Have you ever seen a more dark desirable cock? FallenAngels Hayato is just so juicy! I must ask for more of him.

My reaction:

I really love the huge dicks and think foreskins in this image! Great Hayato. His dark skin is magnificent here! Great shiny muscles. Really love his shirt and pants. Defiantly one of my favorite versions oh him ever.;
That's a very cute version of Guy too! :P Very sexy!

I just think is crazy hot how Hayato is carefully pulling his ripped outfit to the side so Guy can get a good view of that huge cock! Gotta love how he captured the skin tight costume, the chest bursting tank top and the position of his head plate just above his eyes. I think I just came a little....

Guy is really cute too! Fallen Based him on an image he found in a old Hentai comic. So he is very anime like. He comes off as a slightly younger inexperience almost virgin version of Guy. Making for a very unexpectedly delightful twist! He's taken on gang members the size of Andre the giant, but he's never seen a cock like that go up his butt! He did a super job with the costume. All that mesh must be a nightmare to draw! LOL.

I know I promised a 4 new OC blog, but I feel ill yesterday and pissed the day away on MSN...XD Tonight will be different.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Barbarian Dream Time by Urbanmusiq! The Chirstmas Class Blog!

OK December is the worst month to do any kind of blogging! I am really backed up, so today is catch up day! So between today and the rest of the week there is going to be one HUGE blog dump. Lots of art, but very little description I am afraid.

Tonight is the Class Comics blog! To start I have the commission that features the ultimate Barbarian team up! I VERY proudly present to you the perfection, the snow melting hotness of Urbanmusiqs He-Man Meets Conan and Zahn:

The three sexiest guys in comics done to perfection by Urban!

I discovered Ice He-Man a little while ago. Almost right away I started showing him to various artists. I think he is the sexiest He-man ever. Who else better equipped to give a hand job to the Son of Winter? Urbanmusiq has captured him in all his glory. Conan is shining testament to the character who's comics I spent many an afternoon flipping threw as a young man. His hair is just out of this world and his pecks and cock are a wonder. Olive Skin and cut purple penis head? YES PLEASE! XD
We went through a couple versions of the He-Man and Conan. At first the image was going to be He-man as the only cut character, but that got changed after the first sketch had such a gorgeous cut dick on Conan. I didn't want to mess with that perfection, so kept it and then we pushed the foreskin over the rim oh He-Mans head, like his cock had just grown and the skin was still slowly retracting. Urbans Zahn is probably the closest thing I have ever seen to something matching exactly to Fillions. And yet, it has wonderful little touches in it that are significant trademarks of Urbans style, seamlessly added to him. I adore this Zahn like I cannot possibly describe in words. His eyes are just so sexy! Not to forget his bubble gum pink penis head and amazing body!
This image is one of my greatest dreams come true. Thank you Urbanmusiq! I hope you all will enjoy this as much I do. If you guys want, let me know and I will share the variations of this!

Speaking of Dream teams, I took Sirio up on the commission sale and Got this simply amazing image of Conan and He-man having a circle jerk! Sirio had never seen the new He-Man and you can see the delight in drawing him Sirio had just but checking out his to die for pecks and cute face!!!

'What is this, can I touch you too?' Conan discovers a dick as thick as his!

My Reaction:

Oh your He-man and Conan are soooo hot I have to ask for more of them!!! The bodies are fantastic. SO HUGE!!!! LOVE IT!
This is just beautiful Sirio. I absolutely adore it, one of your best! The faces are so cute, especially He-mans eyes! The colours are great, like with the big pink Nipples you gave He-man!! I want play with them! LOL kidding! XD He-man looks so curious and so innocent. :kiss::heart:

Sirios boys are so huge and built. Pure pectoral perfection! The legs are magnificent. I hope to commission more from Sirio soon!

Here is a blog exclusive. You have no idea how hard this was for me not to post this here the second I got it in my inbox. Jacy-J made the cover of Boytoons Magazine with her incredible image of Zahn and here is her censored version of the Son of Winter! She is taking the world by storm!

Jacy's Zahn not only gives him a huge dose of her own sexy charms, he's presented as laid back, strong and very easy on the eyes. Check out his long feathery hair, the beautiful sculpted muscles, and that tanned ripped body. One of my very favorite renditions of him. I have to take a little credit as Jacy had never heard of Zahn, so I educated her as best I could. As you can see she then took Zahn to school! XD

Here is the uncensored with that huge chunk of man meat hanging proud!

Zahn was no the only Class Character Jacy took on last month. Since Camili-Cats new comic was coming out, I really excited to see others renditions of him.
Check out her smoking hot dripping wet Clawed Cam!

Cam is so hot he's sweating sexy!!! Nice Tighty Whities!

Here he is hanging low and lazy!!!
Cam is very unique in that Jacy gave him cool clawed hands and huge eyebrows! Very cute indeed. I will have to give her another Class mission soon! :)

Cams feature in Boytoons was promoted by some images him sporting basketball gear. I really love the idea of Cam playing my favorite sport. So I asked Fallenangel if he would not mind doing an image of Cam having a friendly game with Ghost Boy.

Fallen did am amazing job. His art is always so sexy and cute. His Cam is far one of my all time favs. The hair on Cam here is just magnificent. It looks so handsome! He shortened up Ghost Boys outfit (to say the least) and gave him a sweet circumcision scar to add to the sexiness.

As well Fallen did a version of Cam with his T-shirt on.

My reaction:

This is sexy!!!! I love the pose and expression for Cam. I think this is one of your, no scratch that, this is your best image of him ever!!! The tail and the cock is beautiful. Really stunning. Man who would not miss the ball with that giant penis flying by your face????

Ghostboy is WICKED! Love the costume design. That was a great idea. Masterpiece. :wink::widesmile::heart:

And now a late entry...sorry guys! No excuse to not have this up before Christmas. Santa Cam actually did come to my house! On Christmas Eve Morning I got my copy of Felinoids 3 in the mail. That made the snow melt around my house!

Santa Cam greets a circumcised Locus. Fallen was having way too much with this idea! Take a look at the Naked Justice Doll. After this was posted on Y, there was out cry of people wanted that doll. HA!

My Reaction:

This one was really fun to do! I loved going over the ideas with you. :) Figuring out what characters and concept was fun. Realy love your Locus. You draw him so cute!!!! Nice PJs! Saturn..:lol::heart:
I wonder with that Dildo, will he put one part in his butt and let Cam lick the other end? :XD::blush::heart: The Naked Justice doll was brilliant!

I like your new take on Cam. :kitty2: It has changed a bit from your first ones, which is nice to see for a variation. Brown hair is a charming choice! :surprised::heart: The minimal Santa suite is hot! Love how the foreskin is right over the head...very hot. That thing is monstrous!!!!:blush::love: Thank you for letting me be a big part of this image as well. :happyhappy::heart:

Merry Christmas!

I was a part of this cause, Fallen let me draw in Locuses Foreskin! You can find the image on the Boytoons site! How cool is that? :)

Well I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas. Time for me to head to bed. More to come tomorrow. Including 4 new Characters!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Prince Of Egypt, only from the Pen of Gninrom!

Hey guys!!! Something VERY VERY special today. I know I have a TON of art to share, but it's the holiday season and things are hectic. I am making time tonight for this image. This is something I have wanted to see someone create since the winter of 1998. 11 years of trapped desire, brought to WONDROUS life by the one and only, my good friend and the master of Toons, Gninrom!
WARNING! This image may shock and offend you!!!

There's a new Commandment Ramses, Love they Brother!

Yes we went there!!! Ever since this movie came out, it has continued to have a lasting inspiration on me. Moses and Ramses where shown as two brothers with a deep emotional bond. It explored the tale of the 10 commandments in a way I had never seen before. It brought me to tears. Besides all things prehistoric, my other true love is Egyptology. After seeing the movie, I sat and created characters, stories and concepts of an Egyptian world.
The fact that they were so hot, did get my mind thinking about *ahem* stuff like this!! XD

I just had to ask Gninrom to take this on for me. His love of toons is as strong as you can get. And he is one of the most daring artists out there! He love the concept from the start. And his love is shown in every stroke! He put all his energy and skill into this simply breathtaking image. He buffed up the boys a bit, which I LOVE. He gave Moses a cut cock (Hey he's Jewish! XD) and we decided to leave Ramses uncut. He had fun with that foreskin, pushing it over the head a bit...and that shiny moist cock head makes me drool!!!! HOW PERFECT are those dicks? XD Moses's hair is soooo silky looking, like you could just reach out and touch it! And did you ever think you would see Prince Ramses eyes fixed in the expression of a begging cum whore? :P I have to say that is the sexiest Ramses EVER!
Everything is mind blowing, from the glitter on the jewels and ornaments, to the very sexy feet!

A bigger more close up version :)

Take it all Ram!

The background was added after the characters were drawn. Alone in a beautiful desert, the boys succumb to their burning desires.

Don't blame us, blame the talented artist at Dreamworks for making them so sexy! LOL.

I want to thank Raul of the Rainbow Boys blog. It was his image of Ramses that was also a huge inspiration for this image. :) Taking on a biblical character took a lot of bravery and passion.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Angels and He-Men

Today I have a super hot exclusive from Jcartblog! I asked him to do He-Man for me. JC said it was the buggiest buffest boy he ever drew!

Check out that package! Huge bulging muscles all over the place! He asked me if I wanted the breast armor on and I think I made the right choice not covering that up! That is one hot chest. That hair is just so sweet. I think JC's new colouring style is outstanding. It makes his art look so smooth. The blue eyes are so nice I went with a larger image upload to show them off here better! XD
I like how the armor and clothes are just kind of slipping off. He-Man is getting ready to take care of that ragger JC gave him! And speaking of the awesome meat, Jcartblog gave him quite the impressive circumcision scar. He-Man is fast becoming one of my top favorite commed imaged from him. The background, mixed with the characters natural tan has made this a pin up for the ages! :)

Thanks JC! Jcartblog is currently taking commissions to make some Christmas money, please feel free to look into that! :)

Now it's time to go back to the start of my Commission days...way back to what I think might very well have been my 14th Commission. The Artist from NYC known as Seraphicreverie is known for her muscular images of Seph and Cell. At this time I really wanted to have someone portray a muscular Pit Icarus. Something I have mentioned is how it is unknown that he does grow to this size during the games ending. A very hot feature I really must keep exploiting! ^_^ Seraphicreverie came up with an image that quickly became legend. It started to spread like mad all over the net from the moment it was posted.

I remember my instructions being very simple. I wanted them both uncut with the foreskin on Icarus moving a bit over the head. A sexy male Medusa, built, but not as much as the powerhouse Pit. I got more then expected! Check out the hair on Icarus, it fades as it goes into the background. There are many nice details here. The snakes are fantastic! So many poses! XD

My reaction at the time:

Check out the skills on display here! Have ever seen a hunkier Icarus? And Medusa turns one part of me to stone, that's for sure!
What an amazing job! The huge green uncut cock drives me crazy! I just can't get over how hot this is. :heart: Someone call Nintendo, this is what I want to see in the next game!

I have to say I return to this image again and again. It's one of my favorites and touched me very dearly as it was done with great care and respect in a time when I was new, vulnerable and bursting with ideas and dreams. Seraphicreverie is an artist that deserves a lot more thanks then I can give, it was people like her that kept me going in my early days on Y. :)

And in Honor of her image, I asked Fallenangel to take on the characters as well!

Here is his wonderful take on Male Medusa and Kid Icarus! Don't look into his eyes Pit!

My Reaction was a little gross at the start! LOL:

so much cum...when I opened this I swear I could smell it! XD ewwwe ha ha ha! :lol::heart:
Wow man, your Pit looks just like the game version! He's hot!!! Love the foreskin action. So hot..:drool::heart:
I think the star here is that sexy Medusa! He is FINE! I love all the snakes. You did so many I can tell it was a lot of work for sure. I love his face, it's so sexy! The scales, so sweet. Mmmm I could sex that green penis all night! LOL
Thanks man!!! :heart::kiss:

I don't know what to say, Medusas neck is freaking hot. There's something about it!!! And that thick FORESKIN on Icarus....pant pant...need to take it easy... LOL.
Fallen used the Smash Bros Model for Pit. Though I have to say he looks a bit buffer here and I love that. Ha ha ha..those undies falling down his leg are hot! Heavenly sex!

There's more He-Man and Icarus on the way! :)

To end todays blog I wanted to share a very different style of image! Some time ago I asked Tonberryknight to take on Mega Man and Cut Man. I just had to see these two classic characters done in her style. Another blog exclusive!

A sexy bulging version of Mega and Cut fighting it out!

The colours are so vibrant in this image! Check out the packages and the nipples! Very very hot!!! Cut man turned out sexy..ha ha That's hard to do considering how cute and cartoony he is in the game! I so love the boots she gave Mega Man. I just want to peel off that outfit. XD Really great action packed stuff! These guys are really sexy and all this has given me some new concept ideas. So what do you guys think? Should I ask Tonberry to take this to an erotic level next year? :P

An early sketch with Mega Man using blasters to fly.

Thanks Tonberryknight, this one has inspired me a lot! :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ken Masters by Master Nookiedog!

Hey guys I have a special treat today. I have so much freaking great art to post it's not funny. I am snowed in this morning so I am taking this free time to post something I just got. I asked Nookiedog if he would like to take on Ken from Street Fighter for me. Being a fan of the men of Capcom, he wanted in on that for sure! :)
So I very proudly present to you, my favorite Male Street Fighter as done by Nookiedog:

Check out the tanned glowing glory that is Nookie Ken!!! What a beast!!!!

Nookiedog loves to add hot details. He even gave Ken some freckles on his chest and legs. I have never seen that before! Not only is it so fitting, it's also turning me on big time! XD The trail of pubes leading to that gorgeously dark cock is just so old school sexy! Body hair is awesome.. XD Everything on Ken is perfect! Gotta love that take on Ryus stage. Loving that painted look. It's so classy, takes me back to the good old days...sigh.. :)
Why do I have the feeling off to the side is Ryu laying unconscious in total ecstasy and leaking cum out his love hole? LOL.

If you check out Nookiedogs blog, he has a special version of Ken to share there too! :) He's open for Commissions as well!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gifts from the Artists of the Y!Gallery

Today I want to share some of the awesome gifts artist have bestowed upon me!
Let's start with the thank you gift Ginrom gave me for doing a commission with him. He wanted to get me interested in Bleach and I have to say, I am into now! XD

I fapped so much to this I slept till 10 am! LOL.

He wanted to surprise me with this and accidentally showed me the line art that morning! XD ha ha ha! Oops!
That was ok, cause I told him straight up how hot he was! :) Gin finished this so dang fast!!! I love a guy that cums and looks at the viewer pissed, as if you to say 'Hey you you think you're not going to get fucked now?' LOL! XD
He's really sexy. I absolutely adore how Gin draws a cut cock. Circumcision scars are sexy! It's so hot. He's got way sexy feet and a great outfit. You know I'm going to be all over this bleach show now. But first I have to take care of something that just came up.... XD
Thanks so much again for the wonderful gift. He made my day! :)

Ginrom was really generous. He gave gifts to many people during this time. He even gave out some sweet Sam and Max art. I am big fan of that series! Check out his blog and Y!Gallery page to check out the 2 awesome images he created!!!

Next up we have something very special from Kidnova. As much as I love Rikuo, I have a great fondness for the rest of the cast of Darkstalkers as well. There's not a character I don't like! Just in time for Halloween Kid Nova presented me with this spectacular image of Demitri masturbating on his throne:

I love traditional art so much!

My Reaction:

Wow great picture man! This Dimitri rocks!
Very nice job on his costume. The frills on the sleeves are really well done. His muscles are just bulging out. Love the nips!! Hot uncut cock with the foreskin half over the head...very sexy! Thanks so much for doing this and just in time for Halloween! :)

I really HAVE to request more Demitri ideas be done by various artists.

Next up is a real shocker! See I really love the Male Harpy Tonberryknight and I came up with. She really created a beautiful creature. After seeing Luc820's Angels and faries, I thought why not ask if he does requests, or commissions. I asked him to try to do the Harpy in 3D and was presented with this:

Holly Crap! The entire image redone in his own 3D style! XD That will knock ones socks off!

My Reaction:

Oh wow! When I asked if you would be interesting in doing the Male Harpy Tonberryknight and I came up with from Kid Icarus, I never would have thought you would do the whole image in 3D! This is really awesome! Ohhhhh I love that Centurions butt! He's so sexy!!! Great job with the helmet and you even gave him little wings on his ankles. That's so cute! The light arrow and bow look superb. :widesmile::heart:
Ha ha ha, Pit has been shaved bald. XD But he's still so sexy, especially with his huge wings and lovely body. :)
The Harpy is freaking amazing. Love the head dress, that was a wicked addition. The wings are really pretty. The way the body looks really thin with the ribs showing, you would expect that build in bird man from a classic story book. :happyhappy::heart:

What a delightful surprise. Thanks so much Luc! This was very kind of you. :blush::heart::heart::heart:

Last but not least is a request made by a new comer that has taken the Galleries by storm. The very talented and super friendly Inmomakuro! I asked him if he wouldn't mind doing a simple picture of Rikuo with a big uncut dick. He had never done an anthro before. For a first time this is amazing stuff! Heck for a 10000 time this is amazing stuff! LOL!

Ok I know there is a lot that is going to get your attention, but check out Rikuos spine sticking out and the little details on his webbing. Just wicked, especially considering he did this in less then 24 hours. XD The little guys are his own cration.

My Reaction:

LOL this is the best!!!! ha ha ha. :lol: Very sexy! You did this so fast! :heart::lol: I LOVE the shiny skin on your Rikuo! :blush::blush: His facial expression is priceless. Great butt action..and the cock is out of this world hot! I am so happy I took a chance and ask a request from you. Thanks!!! :widesmile::heart:

You guys HAVE to check out his Felix, otherwise known as Naked Justice!

Thanks so much guys! Your kindness is more then appreciated!

Demona's Super Hero Surprise

Demona is planning a huge amount of Super Hero art (all naughty) for an upcoming art Disc she will be selling. The disc will contain 10 images all High Resolution for the price of a single character commission.

The Disc will feature:




Human Torch





Silver Surfer



There may even be 2 surprise images on the disc!

If you would like to place an order you can contact her here:

Or e-mail her via:

Here are two works in progress!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Little review of BoyToon Adventures!

I'm a fan of all kinds of art, but my favorite kind of comics and animation has always been the cartoony stuff. From video games like Parodius, Super Mario and yes even Darkstlakers (the game is very comical and silly), to the theatrical shorts and comics of Warner Bros, MGN and Disney. The more animated something is, often the greater the feeling of connection, depth an emotion that it can ensue upon it's audience is. Patrick Fillion has just released a new comic that echos this. It's call Boytoon Adventures, a comic that shows us Mr. Fillions range of not only artistic talents and making us aroused, but as a story teller able to touch our hearts as well.

Taking inspiration from the style of projects like Star Wars the Clone Wars and Japanese artists, Fillion has come up with a new sexy look for each of his boys. I keep saying to people that it reminds me of all the wonderful Star Comics of the late 80's and early 90's, especially Alf. One of the reasons for saying that is, like with the Alf comic, the cast are presented as perfect caricatures of their more realistic forms. In BoyToons the cast is given a complete make over that exemplifies their sexy features, muscles, tight butts and gorgeous cocks.

I really love the new look for Cam. There's an image of him in the shower that is worth the price of the book alone. His big bulging chest muscles, his thin torso, leading to his bouncy butt and huge uncut monster and cute legs is wonder to behold. I won't lie, it brought me over the edge!

My other personal favorites include Mako Finn and Ghostboy who is now so darkly tanned and freaking handsome. I think I like this version of him even better then his regular comic look. His Kosher meat would be put to good use in my world! XD

His super hero team mate, the straight Diablo was really given an overhaul. He's really buffed up and become very top heavy. Despite his size and demonic appearance Diablo is a soft spoken good natured character and it has never been so well demonstrated as in this new style. Take a look at what I mean:

Diablos modesty is shown as he asks for help at the house of an elderly woman.

In the new style, Locus's elongated penis head really stands out even more and is as sexy as ever!

Mako has a nice lead in that shows off his assets and gives us his back story in the process. Mako has a noble mission, which will surprise and delight fans new to him. And he is not the only new character found in the book. There are many in each story. I really like the wicked cool Tarantulo.

The other factor that comes into play is how intense and crazy the sex is in this animated style. Take a look at what is going on below as Camili-Cat is fondled by Tentacle beast called a Yolon.

Yep that monster is pushing Cams balls into his butt! Look at how hot his butt cheeks are!

In Boytoon Adventures your going to see a ton of crazy sex and it includes a lot of stuff not done before in other Class titles. Foreskins will be stretched, pee holes explored and asses opened in ways you never thought you would see. Zahns is by far the wildest encounter! ^o^

I wish there was even more of the Asian Sensation Captain Jung!

Your cock and funny bone, won't be the only things effected by this comic. The stories presented here also move the characters plots along further and give us some in sites into their hearts as well. Particularly touching to me was Cams story, which focused on loss of family. Ghostboy's encounter was another story that will touch most gay readers, myself included, as I am sure many readers face the grim reality of being stuck closeted.

From what I read regarding it's production, the book was so much fun do to stories had to be set aside for another release. That's great news, because the book has left me wanting more. Like more Jung for one thing. More back story on his very interesting crew as well. I would also really love to see a new main character that is 'cut' since Mr. Fillion draws the circumcised cock so well! It's been awhile! :P

Gorgeously drawn and coloured, full of human heart and signed by Patrick himself, Boytoon Adventures is the perfect pick up this holiday! :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Master Of Gladiators My Italian Buddy Sirio!

Wow, talk about a blog that has been a long time coming! Today I will be featuring some of the wonderful art of Sirio. Sirio took on some very complex ideas from me right from the start. I has a huge fan of couse. :) Sirio has some Roman gladiator art that is just outstanding. So when I saw that commissions were open, I had to get in on that action. I really wanted to include the Character Zahn from Class Comics in a picture with some of my favorite old school video game warrior characters. The first picture I asked her to do was one of Zahn chained and having to service Gil from Tower of Druaga and Rygar. I love these old games a lot. Tower of Druaga is like the hardest game ever made, but the Turbo Graphics 16 version is very playable as is the PS2 sequel. Gil gets no love in the gay art scene, so I wanted to introduce him on Y and really wanted Sirio at the helm of the project. They same goes for Rygar. I think I found all of 2 decent fan arts of him on Deviantart and none on Y at all. He's a super hot sexy Roman Gladiator, that is ripe for the sexing up!!!! Man, the first Rygar on Nintendo was my entrance into manhood. An action RPG with no save feature. You had to sit and finish it in a day! I loved that game!!! It made me into an astounding video game player. The PS2 game was so freaking great. It was the game that God of War used for the blueprint for it's series, but Rygar will always be my favorite of the two series. Hey, we have a history! :)

This was the very first sketch I ever got from Sirio. I was floored. Look at Zahns cute eyes!!!!

My Reaction: (Feels like a lifetime ago)

Oh man what an amazing experience working with Siro is, I can strongly recommend him. A very kind and hard worker! :heart::heart:
Talk about Servicing the Gladiators!:kiss:

Looks like Zahn has been captured in video land and forced (Yeah right) to provide some welcomed pleasure for two of the hottest Warriors around. Here we have Gilgamesh the Babylim warrior from the ancient Namco Series Tower of Druaga. He is a young man with a very built body. (Blessing from a goddess, does it every time!) OK that was all Siros magic! He decided to take that armor off and show the world his pecs and I wasn't going to argue that hot idea!:lol:

To his right we have the Super Hunky Rygar! Zahn is chained, but looks like he got his arms free and no one is complaining! In fact Rygar is providing some stimulation with his feet, just enough to send Zahns tender raging boner past the point of ecstasy,

In my the original sketch I sent Siro I had Rygars breastplate undone, it was his amazing idea to add battle damage! Way cool man!
I can't explain how much I love the extra bushy hair on Zahn and Rygar. It adds a rugged wildness to the two studs! Like they have been caged and unkempt for awhile. Gil is cut with his scar all the way down his shaft. That's one of the most interesting takes on circumcision I have ever seen and I love it! :heart::happyhappy:

I get so turned on every time I look at this. You did an amazing job on all the caracters, the armor details, everything. I am happy to say we will be working together a lot more in the future! :heart::heart::heart:
Thank you so much!!!

Next was a bold move for me. I wanted to do not a cross over commission, but one of just Class Characters. This one took a lot of planing. For what I think was the first time ever, I took pen to paper and really drew the scene out as best and as fast as I could. (Before that I was using microsoft paint.) I wanted to do a spoof picture with Lanor and Cam as Lions 'feasting' on two hot warriors. Cauldron was a brand new character at the time. Luckily I had snatched some images of Cauldron from the Strip Tease mini site to show him to Sirio. I actually took pictures with my camera of Black Gladiator from the book Hot Chocolate to show Sirio what he looked like! ^o^

LOL the porn director first sketch. XD ha ha ha. So embarrassing!

Nice first sketch huh? I love to see Sirios sketches. Do you see something off about Lanor? :P

My Reaction:

Siro and I started this right after his last picture. What a picture Siro has done! This is one gorgeous orgy!!!! :kiss:

I sketched out the entire thing for her and let me say she followed my instructions to the the tee! Siro got it perfect. Even the captions! Again I have to recommend her a lot if anyone wants to commission her. Super good natured and friendly to work with. This is the first time I went with an all Class Comics cast. I thought it would be hot to continue the Gladiator theme, especially when I discovered Black Gladiator in the book Hot Chocolate.:heart::inlove:

Cam and Lanor are playing the roll of Lions, except they only want to savor some cocoa man meat and hot white cream! :kitty2: I really love the Gladiator character and had to make him the central character! And of course I couldn't resist asking Siro to draw Cauldron getting some tail action! I hope everyone else loves this as much as I do!

Dude Siro you rock! This picture is smoking hawt! You gave everyone your own flair and they are super sexy! I love your work on the foreskin pull! Thank you for following all my instructions and going beyond to make the picture perfect! Take a rest my lady, this one was HARD and it going to get a lot of people hard too! LOL.:heart::happyhappy:

And there you have it, the start of a beautiful friendship!

Sirio is offering a sale on commissions for the Holidays! One character coloured for only $30. (Ends December 31st.) That's a huge slash in price. Sirio is great to work with. You can check out the gallery and details here:


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