Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gifts from the Artists of the Y!Gallery

Today I want to share some of the awesome gifts artist have bestowed upon me!
Let's start with the thank you gift Ginrom gave me for doing a commission with him. He wanted to get me interested in Bleach and I have to say, I am into now! XD

I fapped so much to this I slept till 10 am! LOL.

He wanted to surprise me with this and accidentally showed me the line art that morning! XD ha ha ha! Oops!
That was ok, cause I told him straight up how hot he was! :) Gin finished this so dang fast!!! I love a guy that cums and looks at the viewer pissed, as if you to say 'Hey you you think you're not going to get fucked now?' LOL! XD
He's really sexy. I absolutely adore how Gin draws a cut cock. Circumcision scars are sexy! It's so hot. He's got way sexy feet and a great outfit. You know I'm going to be all over this bleach show now. But first I have to take care of something that just came up.... XD
Thanks so much again for the wonderful gift. He made my day! :)

Ginrom was really generous. He gave gifts to many people during this time. He even gave out some sweet Sam and Max art. I am big fan of that series! Check out his blog and Y!Gallery page to check out the 2 awesome images he created!!!

Next up we have something very special from Kidnova. As much as I love Rikuo, I have a great fondness for the rest of the cast of Darkstalkers as well. There's not a character I don't like! Just in time for Halloween Kid Nova presented me with this spectacular image of Demitri masturbating on his throne:

I love traditional art so much!

My Reaction:

Wow great picture man! This Dimitri rocks!
Very nice job on his costume. The frills on the sleeves are really well done. His muscles are just bulging out. Love the nips!! Hot uncut cock with the foreskin half over the head...very sexy! Thanks so much for doing this and just in time for Halloween! :)

I really HAVE to request more Demitri ideas be done by various artists.

Next up is a real shocker! See I really love the Male Harpy Tonberryknight and I came up with. She really created a beautiful creature. After seeing Luc820's Angels and faries, I thought why not ask if he does requests, or commissions. I asked him to try to do the Harpy in 3D and was presented with this:

Holly Crap! The entire image redone in his own 3D style! XD That will knock ones socks off!

My Reaction:

Oh wow! When I asked if you would be interesting in doing the Male Harpy Tonberryknight and I came up with from Kid Icarus, I never would have thought you would do the whole image in 3D! This is really awesome! Ohhhhh I love that Centurions butt! He's so sexy!!! Great job with the helmet and you even gave him little wings on his ankles. That's so cute! The light arrow and bow look superb. :widesmile::heart:
Ha ha ha, Pit has been shaved bald. XD But he's still so sexy, especially with his huge wings and lovely body. :)
The Harpy is freaking amazing. Love the head dress, that was a wicked addition. The wings are really pretty. The way the body looks really thin with the ribs showing, you would expect that build in bird man from a classic story book. :happyhappy::heart:

What a delightful surprise. Thanks so much Luc! This was very kind of you. :blush::heart::heart::heart:

Last but not least is a request made by a new comer that has taken the Galleries by storm. The very talented and super friendly Inmomakuro! I asked him if he wouldn't mind doing a simple picture of Rikuo with a big uncut dick. He had never done an anthro before. For a first time this is amazing stuff! Heck for a 10000 time this is amazing stuff! LOL!

Ok I know there is a lot that is going to get your attention, but check out Rikuos spine sticking out and the little details on his webbing. Just wicked, especially considering he did this in less then 24 hours. XD The little guys are his own cration.

My Reaction:

LOL this is the best!!!! ha ha ha. :lol: Very sexy! You did this so fast! :heart::lol: I LOVE the shiny skin on your Rikuo! :blush::blush: His facial expression is priceless. Great butt action..and the cock is out of this world hot! I am so happy I took a chance and ask a request from you. Thanks!!! :widesmile::heart:

You guys HAVE to check out his Felix, otherwise known as Naked Justice!

Thanks so much guys! Your kindness is more then appreciated!

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  1. Gnin does a pretty damn good job at recreating characters from a pre-existing series, and his Renji is up there. Big time. I love your honesty about fapping lol. And the fact that you used the word "fapping" and then expressed how worn out you were. You're too much! lol >3>



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