Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Capcom Love by Nookiedog and FallenAngel

Hey guys! A real treat today. A blog exclusive by none other then Nookiedog. It been a very long time since he tackled a Darkstalkers character. In fact it's been as long as I have been doing commissions as his Rikuo was my very first commission request! So this is a pretty wicked special image to share with everyone.
Enter the unholy union of Donovan and Demitri:

Despite the holly circle, the power of the beads and Donovans physical strength, he just can't overcome his desire to have Demitri seduce him. Maybe it's safer in the circle? XD

I got rock hard just looking at Donovan in that pose! He's so full of ecstasy in that cat like stance, his cock just filled to the brim with with blood and sensitivity. His butt eagerly awaiting Demitri's massive meat. You know he is positing himself so he can feel that pre-cum just drip between his butt cheeks all the better. Nookies Donovan is a dream boat. His glowing blue eyes exemplify so well against the slightly dark skin tone he chose. I love his full lips! Check out the line art to see the wicked almost ink slash like hair curl on Donovan. Very Okami! :)

Demitri is by far one of the most unique takes on the character I have seen in a long time. Instead of going pale, he was given a kind of olive skin that reminds me of some of the great Italian porn stars.. XD I really love that cause I think it looks way better then pale white skin on him. The pointed finger nails and the arm and leg hair is a great touch as well. I like this Demitri cause he is also showing a softer gentler side. He is not shown as an aggressive vampire, but as a tender lover. What exactly is that circle doing Donovan? XD It makes the image that much more erotic.

Then there is the background. Wow, I mean check out all the archaic scribbles, the fog, the cool wood floor and fog. I know the sword placement looks cool, but as a fan of the series I think it's kind of funny how Donovans sword is embedded in the ground with it's eyes covered. Guess he doesn't want it peeping!

Thanks Nookie! I love these boys. Maybe one day we should think of another idea for Rikuo, the boy that started it all. :)

Next up, more rare Capcom! The great Hayato from Star Gladiator as done with all this talents by my little Christmas Angel..Fallen! He gave this to me on Christmas day. :) YAY! Thick uncut dicks to fill my stocking!

Have you ever seen a more dark desirable cock? FallenAngels Hayato is just so juicy! I must ask for more of him.

My reaction:

I really love the huge dicks and think foreskins in this image! Great Hayato. His dark skin is magnificent here! Great shiny muscles. Really love his shirt and pants. Defiantly one of my favorite versions oh him ever.;
That's a very cute version of Guy too! :P Very sexy!

I just think is crazy hot how Hayato is carefully pulling his ripped outfit to the side so Guy can get a good view of that huge cock! Gotta love how he captured the skin tight costume, the chest bursting tank top and the position of his head plate just above his eyes. I think I just came a little....

Guy is really cute too! Fallen Based him on an image he found in a old Hentai comic. So he is very anime like. He comes off as a slightly younger inexperience almost virgin version of Guy. Making for a very unexpectedly delightful twist! He's taken on gang members the size of Andre the giant, but he's never seen a cock like that go up his butt! He did a super job with the costume. All that mesh must be a nightmare to draw! LOL.

I know I promised a 4 new OC blog, but I feel ill yesterday and pissed the day away on MSN...XD Tonight will be different.


  1. I'm glad you like it ^_^ nyohohohohohohoho - FallenAngel

  2. oooooh, You really did manage to get a blog in this morning! lol I kinda came wondering in to see new bloggeh!
    Of course you always have a lot to showcase, and linearts too, even some exclusives, but the one thing that I think I'd never be able to match is your wordsmithing on the description. XD You have me beat on imagination.



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