Sunday, December 27, 2009

Barbarian Dream Time by Urbanmusiq! The Chirstmas Class Blog!

OK December is the worst month to do any kind of blogging! I am really backed up, so today is catch up day! So between today and the rest of the week there is going to be one HUGE blog dump. Lots of art, but very little description I am afraid.

Tonight is the Class Comics blog! To start I have the commission that features the ultimate Barbarian team up! I VERY proudly present to you the perfection, the snow melting hotness of Urbanmusiqs He-Man Meets Conan and Zahn:

The three sexiest guys in comics done to perfection by Urban!

I discovered Ice He-Man a little while ago. Almost right away I started showing him to various artists. I think he is the sexiest He-man ever. Who else better equipped to give a hand job to the Son of Winter? Urbanmusiq has captured him in all his glory. Conan is shining testament to the character who's comics I spent many an afternoon flipping threw as a young man. His hair is just out of this world and his pecks and cock are a wonder. Olive Skin and cut purple penis head? YES PLEASE! XD
We went through a couple versions of the He-Man and Conan. At first the image was going to be He-man as the only cut character, but that got changed after the first sketch had such a gorgeous cut dick on Conan. I didn't want to mess with that perfection, so kept it and then we pushed the foreskin over the rim oh He-Mans head, like his cock had just grown and the skin was still slowly retracting. Urbans Zahn is probably the closest thing I have ever seen to something matching exactly to Fillions. And yet, it has wonderful little touches in it that are significant trademarks of Urbans style, seamlessly added to him. I adore this Zahn like I cannot possibly describe in words. His eyes are just so sexy! Not to forget his bubble gum pink penis head and amazing body!
This image is one of my greatest dreams come true. Thank you Urbanmusiq! I hope you all will enjoy this as much I do. If you guys want, let me know and I will share the variations of this!

Speaking of Dream teams, I took Sirio up on the commission sale and Got this simply amazing image of Conan and He-man having a circle jerk! Sirio had never seen the new He-Man and you can see the delight in drawing him Sirio had just but checking out his to die for pecks and cute face!!!

'What is this, can I touch you too?' Conan discovers a dick as thick as his!

My Reaction:

Oh your He-man and Conan are soooo hot I have to ask for more of them!!! The bodies are fantastic. SO HUGE!!!! LOVE IT!
This is just beautiful Sirio. I absolutely adore it, one of your best! The faces are so cute, especially He-mans eyes! The colours are great, like with the big pink Nipples you gave He-man!! I want play with them! LOL kidding! XD He-man looks so curious and so innocent. :kiss::heart:

Sirios boys are so huge and built. Pure pectoral perfection! The legs are magnificent. I hope to commission more from Sirio soon!

Here is a blog exclusive. You have no idea how hard this was for me not to post this here the second I got it in my inbox. Jacy-J made the cover of Boytoons Magazine with her incredible image of Zahn and here is her censored version of the Son of Winter! She is taking the world by storm!

Jacy's Zahn not only gives him a huge dose of her own sexy charms, he's presented as laid back, strong and very easy on the eyes. Check out his long feathery hair, the beautiful sculpted muscles, and that tanned ripped body. One of my very favorite renditions of him. I have to take a little credit as Jacy had never heard of Zahn, so I educated her as best I could. As you can see she then took Zahn to school! XD

Here is the uncensored with that huge chunk of man meat hanging proud!

Zahn was no the only Class Character Jacy took on last month. Since Camili-Cats new comic was coming out, I really excited to see others renditions of him.
Check out her smoking hot dripping wet Clawed Cam!

Cam is so hot he's sweating sexy!!! Nice Tighty Whities!

Here he is hanging low and lazy!!!
Cam is very unique in that Jacy gave him cool clawed hands and huge eyebrows! Very cute indeed. I will have to give her another Class mission soon! :)

Cams feature in Boytoons was promoted by some images him sporting basketball gear. I really love the idea of Cam playing my favorite sport. So I asked Fallenangel if he would not mind doing an image of Cam having a friendly game with Ghost Boy.

Fallen did am amazing job. His art is always so sexy and cute. His Cam is far one of my all time favs. The hair on Cam here is just magnificent. It looks so handsome! He shortened up Ghost Boys outfit (to say the least) and gave him a sweet circumcision scar to add to the sexiness.

As well Fallen did a version of Cam with his T-shirt on.

My reaction:

This is sexy!!!! I love the pose and expression for Cam. I think this is one of your, no scratch that, this is your best image of him ever!!! The tail and the cock is beautiful. Really stunning. Man who would not miss the ball with that giant penis flying by your face????

Ghostboy is WICKED! Love the costume design. That was a great idea. Masterpiece. :wink::widesmile::heart:

And now a late entry...sorry guys! No excuse to not have this up before Christmas. Santa Cam actually did come to my house! On Christmas Eve Morning I got my copy of Felinoids 3 in the mail. That made the snow melt around my house!

Santa Cam greets a circumcised Locus. Fallen was having way too much with this idea! Take a look at the Naked Justice Doll. After this was posted on Y, there was out cry of people wanted that doll. HA!

My Reaction:

This one was really fun to do! I loved going over the ideas with you. :) Figuring out what characters and concept was fun. Realy love your Locus. You draw him so cute!!!! Nice PJs! Saturn..:lol::heart:
I wonder with that Dildo, will he put one part in his butt and let Cam lick the other end? :XD::blush::heart: The Naked Justice doll was brilliant!

I like your new take on Cam. :kitty2: It has changed a bit from your first ones, which is nice to see for a variation. Brown hair is a charming choice! :surprised::heart: The minimal Santa suite is hot! Love how the foreskin is right over the head...very hot. That thing is monstrous!!!!:blush::love: Thank you for letting me be a big part of this image as well. :happyhappy::heart:

Merry Christmas!

I was a part of this cause, Fallen let me draw in Locuses Foreskin! You can find the image on the Boytoons site! How cool is that? :)

Well I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas. Time for me to head to bed. More to come tomorrow. Including 4 new Characters!


  1. Lots of coverage today, and I assume you've got a lot more tomorrow, as you say there. If I had to point out some of the best stuff here, it's the first two. Urbanmusiq does some really well detailed stuff, with excellent coloring as well. Then the next pic by Sirio is also excellent stuff. I like the smaller heads to add to their buffness. It's a good thing. Never enough buffness out there.

    But overall, good stuff, consider yourself proud of your pic stash. :)

  2. WoW O__O

    I love the pic by Jacy-J !

    It's awesome <3



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