Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ken Masters by Master Nookiedog!

Hey guys I have a special treat today. I have so much freaking great art to post it's not funny. I am snowed in this morning so I am taking this free time to post something I just got. I asked Nookiedog if he would like to take on Ken from Street Fighter for me. Being a fan of the men of Capcom, he wanted in on that for sure! :)
So I very proudly present to you, my favorite Male Street Fighter as done by Nookiedog:

Check out the tanned glowing glory that is Nookie Ken!!! What a beast!!!!

Nookiedog loves to add hot details. He even gave Ken some freckles on his chest and legs. I have never seen that before! Not only is it so fitting, it's also turning me on big time! XD The trail of pubes leading to that gorgeously dark cock is just so old school sexy! Body hair is awesome.. XD Everything on Ken is perfect! Gotta love that take on Ryus stage. Loving that painted look. It's so classy, takes me back to the good old days...sigh.. :)
Why do I have the feeling off to the side is Ryu laying unconscious in total ecstasy and leaking cum out his love hole? LOL.

If you check out Nookiedogs blog, he has a special version of Ken to share there too! :) He's open for Commissions as well!

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