Sunday, September 27, 2009

From the West a lawman partols the desert by Lastmanouthere

Influences come in many forms. It's not uncommon for us to see someone and be inspired by them. Such was the case for my new character, brought to life with a ton of love in 3 gorgeous images by Lastmanouthere from Y!gallery. I saw the actor Randy West from Powermen in a solo video in August. They guys a total stud. He's chiseled like a true Adonis should be. He's cock has such a cool shape and it's a nice size. He's uncut, I think, though he doesn't seem to have much in the way of a foreskin. Here are some images:

Sadly all I could find was the one video of him. That video came out almost 3 years ago. Looks like that was the start and end of his career. Such a shame. I was so inspired by ever aspect of his perfect frame, I wanted to create a character in tribute to him. I had a couple ideas, one was a crow man due to his kinda feathery hair. I settled on a character for Dimatas world. I contacted the master of Muscles Lastmanouthere who very eagerly created not just one, but 3 amazing images of him. So here is our everlasting tribute to him. A Dimetrodon Sheriff, ready to protect the deserts from Bandits and raiders. Dimetrodons have in my mind always seemed like creatures that live outside, or in the desert, so I think it's a natural fit.

Mornin' son. Like my crotchless chaps? Those eyes are so gentle!

To be honest, outside of the costume and the dimetrodon refs, I needed to give Lastmanouthere little in the way of direction with this. As always he had lots of ideas and was willing to make any changes, or adjustments I wanted.

Bang! Bang! I love this. As mentioned we went with a more cut looking penis.

This was my favorite of the bunch. I love the tail coming through his legs. Looks like he's going to round up some loving...

Lastman was really having a good time, doing three pictures is above and beyond my expectations for a request. I guess Randy really touched him too. I was genius putting the sails along his arms too. Thanks Lastmanouthere, for this series of gorgeous pictures. I knew I could count on you to capture the spirit of this incredible man. :)

And now a little of what's new on the commission front!
is offering commissions again so please feel free to take him up on some! I asked him to take on Punch Out's Little Mac. I finally finished the games two career modes. (What a pain in the butt!) Getting this sexy image was better then the ending they provided.

Uppercuts make Mac Hot.

I love all the shine on this picture. His muscles bulging with smoothness on his shirt and his hair. Nice touch! The eyes are very sexy, a nice new style! Yeah Doc Louis does not have the best training facility does he? That's ok if we get to see Macs big dick. I wonder what he was thinking about when punching that bag? Something got him hot! That is one massively THICK foreskin. WOW! Hot stuff, lots of dick skin is hot. He would be good with docking! LOL.
The sweat bead was a cute touch!

1320 was hosting some discounted commissions. I had her take on a character called Victor for Vicky on Y!gallery. Vicky loves this guy and he's one of the most active people on Y!gallery. He doesn't draw, but he does comment and fav on many pictures. His encouraging spirit is appreciated by myself and many members and it was a delight to surprise him with this image. 1320 was super nice, even though all the slots had been filled the artist took me up on the idea.

Hunky beast isn't he? I love that long hair. I really need to watch this anime....

I also asked 1320 to take on Kentro as I have seen this artist do some great reptile-human art.

Even sitting and relaxed this boy looks dangerous!

My reaction:

Thanks so much for agreeing to take him on. He's a complicated bugger and you did an amazing job! Thanks for doing the slight adjustment on his penis for me! He looks so suckable now. His muscles are all so well detailed and smooth looking. Makes me want to cuddle his front, but stay away from his back! Nice colouring job too, it makes get all nostalgic over the old Godzilla cartoon when I see him done this way. I love his big feet too! :tongue::lol: Ha!

You can check out all of 1320's wonderful art here and even request a commission of your own!

1320 at the Y!Gallery

Ending the post in style, here's Ink's version of Leo from Final Fantasy VI, one of the most celebrated games of all time. He's so lickable! LOL. Dig the thick foreskin resting on the end of his fat cock. He's a feast for the eyes. Thanks for letting me post him my friend!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Next Contest Starts: Fall of the Caveman

No art to share in this post! :) This is to announce a contest! You do not have to be a part of the Y!Gallery to enter this. Anyone is welcome. If enough entries come from outside of the site, I may do the voting on this site.

Hey guys! There was some interest in starting the contest soon so here we go with the second contest


Now the rules are almost the same as the last contest.
To make things interesting any kind of caveman is welcome. That is, all human, or part anthro. So Cro-Magnon Man, ape men, monkey men, regular troglodytes, or even FAN ART based on Actual Caveman characters is allowed. Though I encourage you to created your own characters. As always a visible penis is encouraged.

There is a twist, I have set up a donations box on my site. All donations will go towards increasing the prize money for the winners. (Or even including a 4th and 5th place prize.) This will depend on the contributors wishes of course. That is, if I get any! Most likely it will work on a interval of a $2-5 increase for each place first, second and third per each donation given. All donations will be acknowledged both here and on my site. I will update the contest page right away if I get any donations.

The prize money is as follows:

First Prize: $35
Second prize: $25
Third Prize: $15
All prizes money is distributed via Paypal, or gift certificate of your choice. (Please contact me to make sure I can get the gift certificate you want.)

Here are the rules:

All submissions should be in colour.

More then one character is allowed.

All characters must be original, OR fan arts based on famous caveman characters. This isn't the contest to make Son Goku a caveman. Sorry, those contest will come later!

Submissions should be in by October 25th. You can start posting your submissions at any time you like on, or before that date.

Once you know you will be in the contest for sure, send me an E-mail, or PM. I will add you to the poll list. The poll will appear on October 26th. If anyone needs and extension, feel free to contact me anytime.

Please contact me when you post so I can add your entry to the poll. I will include thumbnails and links on the contest page. You should link your submission to the poll as well. Advertise as much as you can, make journals, etc.

I will also post all images on my website as well to help everyone get a little more exposure. (With the artists permission.)
Voting will be open until November 7th.

The winner will be featured in this club until the next contest and all entries will remain posted on my site as well with the artists permissions.

Please feel free to add any feedback to this. I am STILL new to Contests.

Good luck to everyone!

The Official Contest Page is Here:

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Yelmo goes Deep, Demona does Egypt, BossReo Premiere, Ink Fullfills More Fantasies and Ryld gets hired.

No theme this time! It's been a busy couple of weeks. As always many ups and downs. Here are some of the wonderful images created by talented artists for me during that time.

First off we have my old friend Yelmo doing an inflation picture:

Getting ready for the Anal of his life!

In the wonderful world of Dig Dug anything is possible. You want a bigger dick? No problem, just stick that magic pump in and watch it work miracles! I have to say big thanks for Yelmo for this one. He went back into this picture and added the stingers to the Pooka and defined the characters for me. The picture was wonderful, but now it's fantastic.
My reaction:

I have to say that I really dig your take on these two classic characters. Pooka's face is so perfect. Excellent job on his expression and features.
That's one thick pumped up cock! Dig Dug is getting it back for once huh? :P Nice inclusion of the circumcision scar below the head. That's very hot. The score and the player name made me laugh. It made my day, the morning I opened it.
Dig dug is very sexy as well. Thanks so much.:heart::heart::heart:

Yelmo was very kind to include my name as the player of the game. Cool kid that. :)

As far as my dinosaurboys go, Brakari is one of the hardest to draw. Here is a bad image of my very first sketch of him:

I kinda see Brakari as an average worker. He would be someone that due to his size could easily build pyramids as a daily activity.

Demona was offering a special package some time ago and I took her up on. She agreed to take him on. And here he is in all his glory:

I have to say that her image is extraordinarily close to my original vision. Oh that neck!!! XD Demonas first sketch of him was sans the neck! That got added later! hee hee.

I loved him from the first sketch you sent! Very nice take on him. It's so very close to my original design. Long necks and arms are fun, eh? :) You gave him such a soft and gentle look. His face is so kind and inviting. I like the different colour on the head crest (NOSE) It kinda looks like hair in a way. Adding a little more of a human touch to him. I know he's supposed to be Egyptian, but he looks perfect for playing basketball doesn't he? XD
I really like the background, if fits the stone age, Egyptian crossed theme.
Thanks so much!

Demona was very busy, I had her draw the great Egyptian God Anubus as well. He turned out very smashingly. Made with someone in mind, who will remain anonymous.
Here he is in a couple stages:

You playful bugger!

Stargate anyone?

He must have just been looking at Demonas gallery!! His eyes are glowing! Either that, or a godly golden shower had a lasting effect...

Outside of Prehistory, Egyptology was my other passion growing up. This is one sweet, playful and inviting Anubis. He has the most mischievous smile and sexy eyes. I love his ears! I just want to pat them! :lol: Nice muscle tone. Very well built arms. His cock head is the perfect colour too. :wink::heart:
I know how hard you worked on that bg too. It's super sweet. I love moving the image down a bit, taking out the top blue sky and having it look like storm is coming, then moving it up and enjoying the blue sky mixed with the cloud cover of a cool Egyptian morning. Gives this image a very special feel, that really speaks to me of the dying days of summer.
Awesome stuff!

Here's a surprise! I was the first one to Commission Ryld on the Y!gallery. How about that??? Well for an artist of his skills and gulp..prices...(Which I later learned were a lot less then his page write up lead me to believe. oops) I had to think of something really special. I had an idea of a playful image of Dimata and Smilo as pirates. The costumes were inspired by my very favorite Halloween special. guess it; Garfields Halloween Adventure. I still guilty watch it every year.

My reaction:

Ok first off this is spectacular!!!! WOO HOO!!!

Wow I am your first? Ah I deflowered Ryld!!! Add a notch to my belt!! XD
It took me a while to pick something for you Ryld. I wanted to something worthy of your skills. Something very dramatic. Yeah this is kinda inspired by a lot things...Garfield included...:lol:
What magnificent costumes you gave them! I love this to death!!! Dimata looks very angry, but it fits the whole pirate image. I think I was going to go with playfull, but why the heck not? You can just hear the ARRRRGGGGGGHHHH OK lame... His mouth and tusks are just too much. It's the perfect Pirate picture. Great cocks on both. Dimatats is crazy huge, no complaints there! That would be some wicked anal he would give with that huh?
Smilo is amazing too. That pose is exactly what I wanted. I could not have imagined a better image of him as pirate. Your skills are a marvel.
Thanks man, can't wait to see part two!:heart::wink:

Ryld turned out to be one of the most professional people I have ever met on Y Gallery. His kind attitude and patience with his customers will take him far in life.

Way back when, all my Rikuo commissions caught the attention of many artist. Included in them was BossReo from Y!gallery. He asked me if he could have the honor of drawing him for me. I love his cartoony style and his promise of something smooth and sexy intrigued me.
So here is the premier for the internet to enjoy:

I was actually waiting for BossReo to post this himself, but he has never gotten around to it due to a hectic schedule. I gotta say I love love this! His hands are so cute perching on that log. It is indeed very sexy. Cute uncut cock, wonderful background and handsome face. He's a regular Darkstalkers fold out!
Thanks BossReo!

The following image wasn't made by request, but is one of Ink-B's tributes to the boys of colour in the Final Fantasy series. (I did desperately try to find some Barret refs for him!) It was so stunning I had to ask him if he wouldn't mind me posting it for an even wider audience to enjoy.

That chocobo better be careful, he's going to get sticky feet!!! Each one is so graceful and gorgeous. I love the cock on Barret and his handsome face. Way to go Ink, I hope you will draw more of these sexy RPG Men. This would be the hottest Threesome Final Fantasy has seen in a long time!

Monday, September 21, 2009

The gift of Rikuo

Today I have a very special image to share. A gift from the great Chicourano from The Rainbow Boys blog site. You see, months ago, back when I first started to commission people, I came in contact with this charming young artist. I was following the story of Sakuseii's departure from the Y gallery when our paths crossed. I discovered he had a web site and that he took commissions. I asked him if he would be interested in drawing Rikuo for me in his wonderful style. He admitted to being a huge fan of the character as well and leaped at the chance. In a very short while I had two images of my favorite Merman. I had to choose one. It was a very hard choice!!!
Dear Chicourano feel into a terrible state soon after I made my choice. Complications with his hand and shoulder meant that for last 6 months he has had to take it easy with drawing. I kept in contact with him on sites such as Deviantart and youtube as well as through e-mail.

Simply amazing isn't he? What a turn on he is!!! I love his lips! We talked about stuff Rikuo could wear like a necklace and gauntlet. When the image is completed I will share all the sketches on this site.

Well I sent him an e-mail the other day and in the reply was this breath taking image.

Those eyes, I got lost in them. He's moved his head ever so slightly as if he is just noticing you watching him. A slight smile peeks out from the full lips on his confidant face. A vision of beauty, created by one enchanted individual. The way the fins are done is just spectacular. There are so many little touches like the slight damage on his fins. So much detail and all done by someone who is still suffering for his art. Brings a tear to my eye and I am honored so much, that he would take time out to draw another image as gift for me.
I love the page design, it so fits Rikuo, like a lost image from an undersea kingdom, found in a library book, or an old ships chest.
What an amazing penis he his, it's so sticky! :)

Thank you so much man. You have no idea how deep this image touched me.

Speaking of artists that have been down and out due to sickness, I think it's way past due that I mentioned Leurai
Another one of the first people on Y!gallery I came in contact with. Leurai did the very first frot picture I ever requested. It was of Rikuo and Donovan. Of course I feel head of heels for it.

Love under da moon, in da lagoon.

OK I have to say that this is one of the sexiest face I have ever seen on Rikuo! I love the eyes and how you rested Donovans hair on his head. The blush along with the precum dripping from fitting! The fact that he is being submissive here, just drives me wild! The bodies looks so amazingly smooth and silky! The expressions are so innocent. Your talents are beyond measure!
Love the colours and how you gave Rikuo a more human coloured penis. That's just drool worthy! lol. The lagoon setting with the soft full moon is very romantic.:love:
Someone call Capcom! lol.

I immediately contacted her to draw another image of Rikuo standing on the beach. His uncut cock flacid.

Rikuo takes a walk in the summer sun.

I wanted to capture the foreskin all the way over the head, but after I saw the fist sketch I feel in love with the poking through head more! XD

Have I told you how amazing you are yet today? WOW WOW WOW! This is amazing! He is so regal and sexy. That is one big penis! There is little as sexy as huge cock head poking through flacid foreskin! Love the tracks in the sand. It's a gorgeous touch. I don't think I have ever seen anyone do track prints for him. His pose and eyes are soo gorgeous! This is how he should look in the instruction manual.
I really appreciate you taking the time to do this for me. Boy every time I see a new Rikuo picture I am amazed at how even sexier he turns out to be!

It was all so very long ago now. If feels like forever since I commissioned her. She came down with an illness has been taking it easy this year. I hope that when she is free Leurai will draw once more for me. There are so many ideas I would love to see her tackle in her soft and sexy style.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Prehistoric Explosion 2 From Mammoths to Aliens

Ok so it's not all Prehistoric, but todays blog is indeed an explosion! Tons of stuff and even some exclusives made just for this site!!!
First off some prehistoric Jokes from the crazy artist Auticomics This was done in honor of the Prehistoric Paradise contest. Y!Gallery mods kept banning the images he produced for it sadly.

Ha, I would run for it too!

Speaking of fan art, a new artist has appeared and taken a liking to Otnorot. The artist goes by the name Garabato G, is very much into Bara and is looking for some mentors in regards to drawing and colouring. You can check out Garabato G 's Blog here:

Garabato G'

Based on the first image of Otnorot, the image is still very stunning. That's some amazing muscles and those eyes remind me of Bonk, from Bonk's Adventure. He's adorable! Getting fan art rocks! I am so thrilled!

Otnorto got some more royal treatment. Tonight was the premier of his take as done by the master FallenAngel. I have had Fallen working full tilt these last few weeks. I can't get enough of his hot art.

Wai, I love the background on this picture! Very space age. Reminds me of all the cool sci-fi books I love so much. Excellent job colouring him. I love the fuzzy brown grass! I perfect for laying down on and making love! You did a fabulous job on him! He's way sexy!!!! You know I feel in love the moment I saw him! :heart:

His cocks are so hot. Love the huge uncut one in the back.
I love his body and chest! His face is so innocent! Hot muscular legs, he could give a certain street fighter a run for her money! LOL.

The grills on his arms on the arm and act as a support, but when I saw how you did them as frills, I thought maybe he can shoot them out too for a defensive weapon too. And I like it! XD It's fun coming up with new ideas for a character.

I love how his eyes are looking in all directions, he doesn't want to get caught! :blush::heart::heart:
Thank you so much!

Fallen even wanted to add some back story for his Planet were were talking about the trees that offer large amounts of shade and smell very fragrant:

the only BAD thing bout those trees are that they are pest! they keep growing if not controlled in a town or case the planet was colonize, few tried but well it end up destroying the town:sweatdrop:

that's why Otnorot's planet considered wild, uninhabitable---unless your just want to have a camp-out vacation. and his planet is known for recreation

Before you know it, we will have a comic on our hands! I really must sit and make an alien lover for him, even if it's someone of of own species, or a space traveler.

Time to take a trip back in time provided by my good old friend Tonberryknight. Here Dore and Tonia return and are done so dramatically by her.


I have to say this is one of the most passionate pieces you have created for me. The results are simply breathtaking. You really took my vision of Dore's voyeurism too a new a new level with this pose. It's crazy hot how he's so terrified, yet has gotten so close and is even venturing to touch Tonia. (Of course I don't think he's in any danger!) But it's so HOT, just thinking about what could happen next!
Your Dore was a dream come true. Actually you are the first person to draw him after his creation by Adonix. I really love your take on him.:inlove: His hair, cock and body is just perfect! :heart:
Tonia is a cute little innocent twink here...hee hee, I so love how you twirled his tail around his leg. That's so cute! Great job on capturing him as well. :heart::widesmile: I haven't requested enough Tonia and this makes me wish I had! Great job on his sandy hair. Cute little points at the end of his ears too. That's a sweet new touch! Thank so much for giving me a second image with some new colours! I will be posting them both soon. :)

One day I will have to request a sequel image!

This image prove very popular. There were a couple versions, even one sketch had Tonia uncut. I like this one the best, with the purple head on Tonia.

This image has appeared on Sakuseii's site in it's black and white form, but here it is for the first time in gorgeous colour by Roalli from Y!Gallery. Just take a look at the amount of detail in the shading. Roalli does some amazing work here.

Sakuseii's Dimata is freaking stunning. My lord, look at that uncut dick! And those muscles! Swoons...his face and eyes just grab my heart strings! What a stunning creature. Someone hand me a towel.
Sakuseii's eyes are too weak to colour his images these days and needs all the help he can get to bring his dreams to life. He has had some contest and the like and it's very heart warming to see all the artist gather to help such a wonderful guy out. I hope to commission him again. Maybe Smilo should be next? :P

Blonds have more fun! (I should know...)

Thank you Roalli and Sakuseii, you guys are simply amazing. I know my penis was imitating Dimata's when I saw this! LOL.

Let's end this with a bang! A request from my dear heart, Anonix. I am currently playing Punch Out on Wii and Kid Disco has been on my mind a lot. He's goofy, geeky and yet so HOT! Adonix thought so two and created two images of him:

Blog Exclusive!!!!

Please Adonix, we MUST see what lies under that Speedo! He's soooo sexy by your hand. I want to hit him below the belt. :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dimata and Smilo Go 3D!!!!

A little while ago I asked the enchanting Anthony if it would be possible to do any of my characters in 3D. You see Anthony, like my buddy Uly, is a master of 3D. His boys are graceful, sweat and so very sexy. He has even produced wonderful animations of them. He has done many anthro and Kemonomimi characters. He jumped on the idea with much excitement. Not only did he do one image, he produced a whole series! And it's just breathtaking to say the very least. Here it is in full.

Oh my Gosh! These are amazing!!! I can't believe how well they turned out. Smilo is so rugged and sexy!!! That face and Facial hair..sigh..Swoons... :blush:
Dimata is just the perfect little plaything! So innocent, but with a ragging hard on! :drool::heart: I love this cute tusks and big ears!
I can't get over the fact that you did an entire series of these for me! You're such a generous guy Anhony! :kiss::inlove::love: Seeing my boys in 3D, like they were real is so exhilarating. :widesmile:
Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Woo Hoo!:happyhappy::heart::heart::heart:

Excellent position. Smilos face is priceless! His hair is so shiny, I love it. Dimata has such a hot build. The mammoth watching is such a cool addition!!!

That's a wicked ass pose! On three legs with one up and getting a reach around too! This is amazing stuff man. Ha ha, the mammoth is jealous! So so sexy. :blush::heart::kiss:

That is one big member to take and ride!! Smilo needs to focus!!! XD Very hot! I think the mammoth is jealous. :lol::kiss:

Ah, the lovers embrace. So romantic!:blush: You get a really good view of Dimatas tusks here and smilos hot thick cock! Man, it was such an honor for you to bring them into 3D life. Thanks so so much! :heart::heart::heart::happyhappy:

The reactions were so crazy positive for these. I hope Anthony will find a way to use these boys again.
Dude, I am so honored, that you took these boys and gave them digital flesh and blood. And to do it out of the kindness of your your own heart, I am in your debt. Much love you Anthony!

Anthony is one of the hardest working people on Y many other sites. Check out his stable of hot young men!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Still Loving the 80's

Another week goes by and there's tons of stuff yet again to share with everyone. This post features a couple blasts from the past.
First off we have FallenAngels oh so hot take on Prince Dargon from a series produced by Coleco of all companies called Sectaurs. If you blinked in the 80's you might have missed them, as there were only 5 episodes produced for the TV mini-series. I was lucky enough to have some of the comics and toys, so the memory of the sexy bug men stayed fresh in my mind through the years.

Ha! He's so awesome and sexy! Thanks for drawing this obscure, yet so sexy character Fallen. I love that HUGE dong you gave him! He can make love to a whole army with that! LOL. You made another dream of the 80's come true for me! I used to think of him naked all the time when I was kid!

Now for a couple Namco Entries! Every since Kenshin the Wanderer did Pac-Man for me some months back I have been wanting him to do a version of Super Pac-Man with Ms. Pac in his arms. I had an exact idea I wanted to use for Super Pac-Man's design. There was a pirate marquee for the game I saw where Super Pac had one black string of hair on his head. I have never been able to locate that marquee on E-bay, but Kenshin really pulled off what I wanted. Take a look:

And since this is a gay blog, we need a little cock action right??? XD

That's one big thick cock! Woo!!! Very nice work. I love the design of Super Pac. kenshin was nice enough to give me a version of Super Pac-man alone as well, so I could get good look at his sexy body. I might just post that one day.

Next something special indeed. The last picture Cruxixion did before vanishing from the Y!Gallery and all our lives. Designing this was a lot of fun. I sat and drew the characters with my mouse and gave a lot of design tips to Crux. Then he worked his magic.

Well it's no secret to those in the know that I have been dying to get a sexual Dig Dug picture done for some time. Crux was one of the first people I contacted. And I could not be happier with the results. Dig Dug was given a super sexy remake in Namco X Capcom some years back. I'll I have to say is SHAME on the Y gallery artists for not taking note of this! LOL. Doing Pooka and Fygar the same was a no brainer.
I have been a huge fan of Dig Dug since my Atari 2600 days. I am so proud of the job Crux did. He handled the characters with a lot of love and respect for the franchise. (While making a dirty porn pic!) Thanks man. You brought them to life exactly how I imagined them.
Your Master Dig Dug is amazing.
Pooka is the hottest twink to ever have spikes on his arm and stinger of that size on his ass! Thanks so much for follow my ideas to the T with him. :)
And Fygar is one of your hottest Green boys to date. Love that you gave me two versions of his wings. One day I might post the other winged version of this.
Thanks man.

Crux's early image. It was so cute I had to share it.

Ah, I almost forgot a very special image, my buddy Jcartblog created for me last month. He is in dire need of money for school and is I think still taking commissions. He was the first person I ever asked to draw a nice image of the Thundercats Lion-O and Panthro. I wanted a nice casual image of the two of them preparing to jerk each other off. I wanted Lion-O cut and Panthro uncut. Again, there I go pairing cut and uncut! :P I figure Lino-O might have been cut cause of his status. Who knows?

My reaction:

I really wanted to see you take on these two for a long time. More cut meets uncut!! I love it! I really like your Panthro and Lion-o man. I think Lion-o's head is very sleek and sexy. I love how he is just casually walking over with a huge hard on! Very hot stuff. :heart::heart::happyhappy:
You did this so fast too, I had barely requested it and it was done!! LOL.
Thanks man.

Well that's it for now, just some naughty images done by professionals based on the undying fantasies of this 80's kid!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Sun Sets on Summer

Tomorrow marks the end of yet another summer. I may be past the 30 year point, but dang, it still has an effect on me. It's the last day for a lot of people to squeeze the final bit of fun out the the holiday. So that's the theme of this blog, a bunch of fun images that might help squeeze something out of you!
First off here is the artist Tlana's take on Rikuo servicing a young blond pirate on a Caribbean shore.

I can't think of a better image to celebrate the end of summer.
This is a very sexy image and Tlana's take on Rikuo is very hot and extremely unique. Tlana followed some instructions from me on how the pirate should look. Awesome job!

Today I actually went out and bought Punch Out Wii. I got it cheap, due to and end of summer sale and a $10 coupon from Kellogs! I'm really enjoying the game. I am already very close to finishing it. What surprised me most was the fact that Kid Dsco is actually a gay character. He might not actually be gay, just flamboyant, but only his parents are going to buy that...:P So I guess using him in the Nookiedog commission was indeed a perfect choice! Was our gaydar up, or what?
A few weeks ago I asked my buddy Yelmo if he wouldn't mind drawing Little Mac for me. Well here it is:

Little Mac quickly became Yelmos most popular work on the Y!gallery. :)

This was my reaction:

Hey Master Yelmo! Thanks for Taking on Nintendos Sexiest sports star Little Mac! You did him some major justice. I love his smug tough guy expression. Very sexy! He's torso and abs are fabulous, you just want to rub your hands across them. That is one of your thickest fattest cut cocks ever! Just what I wanted. :kiss::heart:
I just love the little bit of hair doing that wave thing at the back of his head.
He can pound me any day.
Thanks for taking on a childhood favorite and making him shine! :widesmile::heart::heart::heart:

Maybe I will have to ask Yelmo to do Kid Disco one day!

I am sure everyone remember the awesome giant cock Rikuo Demona drew for me. It was the first commission she ever did for me. The day it was done, I requested she did a second one featuring Rikuo and Zahn of Class Comics fame. Well we kept doing new things and the project got pushed back do to that, but here it is in all it's glory Big cock Zahn and Rikuo exploring each others uncut dicks:

Zahn knows you're watching!

My Reaction:
This is so hot! Huge cocks are some awesome when done by you! Your Rikuo is so cool, per usual. :P I love the details in the colouring here. Especially Zahns hair. There is such a soft lovable quality too it. For your first try at 'adult' Zahn, he's very sexy and hot! I like his sly 'what's down here?' as he looks at the viewer!l It's hot how Rikuo is just kinda cupping Zahns cock to keep it in place. Letting his tongue do all the work, not wanting him to cum too fast.
Super sexy stuff!!!:happyhappy::heart::heart::heart:

I love how the foreskin on Rikuo is being pulled in a similar fashion to Hercs by Tarzan in Neos picture. Very hot stuff, can you imagine have a cock THAT big? :) I wish!!!

I have to admit after Caravaggia did two of my boys, I was dying to have here draw both Dimata and Romer. I have to say I was so turned on and absolutly floored by the results of her take on them. I will for sure have to beg her do to do more in the future!

Romer has sweet Gymnast legs here!

My reaction:
Oh my gosh did this put a big smile on my face the day I opened the first sketch! I just love your take on my boys and as always it was a total honor to have you take the time to draw them for me. Romer is just so amazing with those spread and stretched out legs of his. WOW. Thank you so much for giving him a new piece of jewelry of your own design to wear. A little Trilobite! His eyes are so cute and his body is smoking hot.
Your Dimata is too much!!! Those tusks!!! WOW!!! :kiss::heart: I want that wrinkly foreskin cover dick!!! I know this image got my blood flowing! Thanks so much! You certainly added a much appreciated sense of warmth and young discovery to this image. :)

You can always tell when an artist is really enjoying drawing something, especially if the first sketch looks as nice as this!

Speaking of thing prehistoric, on Thursday in I got a brand new Game and Watch style LCD game for Q&Q called Cave Man.

At first I thought the game was a little simple. You were on a mission to run across the open wilds to get to the cave on the other side of the screen. Along the way you avoid a four legged dinosaur that looks kind of like a Scutosaurus. In reality it's just a common generic dinosaur drawn by the artist. Out of the jungle will burst a hungry Plateosaurus, across the plains an angry Brontosaurus will try to tramle you and just before you can reach the cave a giant fish will want to have you for lunch. Now before you can get into the cave you must catch a torch that will be flung from the Volcano in the middle bottom on the screen. Then you must wait for the entrance to open and sneak inside. Once in you can cook your meals and warm yourself by the fire. You are returned to the starting point and repeat the process till you hit 500 points. At 500 points a slot machine starts and you can earn a ton of bonus points.

So is that it? Well for many games like this it would be, but not a Q+&Q product! Nope, all of a sudden the situation changes dramatically! You now start in the safe cave and are expected to bring your cooked dinosaurs (Yes you actually carry a dead dino) to your mate in the starting cave. Things are not that simple though, for now you must defeat a giant dinosaur in the middle of the screen with your hatchet. Only by defeating this creature will a lift appear that you can use to get back into your cave. If you get on the lift and have to back off because your mate is not there and a creature starts to attack you, it will vanish and you have to go back and defeat the dino again.

Sounds like enough there right? Well that's not all!! Get to 1000 points and round three starts. 3 new enemies appear!!!! A saber toothed tiger appears below the home cave, a Mastodon appears below the other cave and a pterodactyl flies across the top of the screen. His purpose is to steal any items you have on you, like the torch. There's a forth round, but I haven't beaten round 3 yet.

The game has inspired me so much that I wish to do a chibbi, that is a cute commission based on it. If anyone is interested please let me know. It's a long forgotten little masterpiece of efficient game design. One of the better LCD's I have played.

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful summer! Enjoy the last day!


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