Monday, September 21, 2009

The gift of Rikuo

Today I have a very special image to share. A gift from the great Chicourano from The Rainbow Boys blog site. You see, months ago, back when I first started to commission people, I came in contact with this charming young artist. I was following the story of Sakuseii's departure from the Y gallery when our paths crossed. I discovered he had a web site and that he took commissions. I asked him if he would be interested in drawing Rikuo for me in his wonderful style. He admitted to being a huge fan of the character as well and leaped at the chance. In a very short while I had two images of my favorite Merman. I had to choose one. It was a very hard choice!!!
Dear Chicourano feel into a terrible state soon after I made my choice. Complications with his hand and shoulder meant that for last 6 months he has had to take it easy with drawing. I kept in contact with him on sites such as Deviantart and youtube as well as through e-mail.

Simply amazing isn't he? What a turn on he is!!! I love his lips! We talked about stuff Rikuo could wear like a necklace and gauntlet. When the image is completed I will share all the sketches on this site.

Well I sent him an e-mail the other day and in the reply was this breath taking image.

Those eyes, I got lost in them. He's moved his head ever so slightly as if he is just noticing you watching him. A slight smile peeks out from the full lips on his confidant face. A vision of beauty, created by one enchanted individual. The way the fins are done is just spectacular. There are so many little touches like the slight damage on his fins. So much detail and all done by someone who is still suffering for his art. Brings a tear to my eye and I am honored so much, that he would take time out to draw another image as gift for me.
I love the page design, it so fits Rikuo, like a lost image from an undersea kingdom, found in a library book, or an old ships chest.
What an amazing penis he his, it's so sticky! :)

Thank you so much man. You have no idea how deep this image touched me.

Speaking of artists that have been down and out due to sickness, I think it's way past due that I mentioned Leurai
Another one of the first people on Y!gallery I came in contact with. Leurai did the very first frot picture I ever requested. It was of Rikuo and Donovan. Of course I feel head of heels for it.

Love under da moon, in da lagoon.

OK I have to say that this is one of the sexiest face I have ever seen on Rikuo! I love the eyes and how you rested Donovans hair on his head. The blush along with the precum dripping from fitting! The fact that he is being submissive here, just drives me wild! The bodies looks so amazingly smooth and silky! The expressions are so innocent. Your talents are beyond measure!
Love the colours and how you gave Rikuo a more human coloured penis. That's just drool worthy! lol. The lagoon setting with the soft full moon is very romantic.:love:
Someone call Capcom! lol.

I immediately contacted her to draw another image of Rikuo standing on the beach. His uncut cock flacid.

Rikuo takes a walk in the summer sun.

I wanted to capture the foreskin all the way over the head, but after I saw the fist sketch I feel in love with the poking through head more! XD

Have I told you how amazing you are yet today? WOW WOW WOW! This is amazing! He is so regal and sexy. That is one big penis! There is little as sexy as huge cock head poking through flacid foreskin! Love the tracks in the sand. It's a gorgeous touch. I don't think I have ever seen anyone do track prints for him. His pose and eyes are soo gorgeous! This is how he should look in the instruction manual.
I really appreciate you taking the time to do this for me. Boy every time I see a new Rikuo picture I am amazed at how even sexier he turns out to be!

It was all so very long ago now. If feels like forever since I commissioned her. She came down with an illness has been taking it easy this year. I hope that when she is free Leurai will draw once more for me. There are so many ideas I would love to see her tackle in her soft and sexy style.

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