Friday, September 25, 2009

Next Contest Starts: Fall of the Caveman

No art to share in this post! :) This is to announce a contest! You do not have to be a part of the Y!Gallery to enter this. Anyone is welcome. If enough entries come from outside of the site, I may do the voting on this site.

Hey guys! There was some interest in starting the contest soon so here we go with the second contest


Now the rules are almost the same as the last contest.
To make things interesting any kind of caveman is welcome. That is, all human, or part anthro. So Cro-Magnon Man, ape men, monkey men, regular troglodytes, or even FAN ART based on Actual Caveman characters is allowed. Though I encourage you to created your own characters. As always a visible penis is encouraged.

There is a twist, I have set up a donations box on my site. All donations will go towards increasing the prize money for the winners. (Or even including a 4th and 5th place prize.) This will depend on the contributors wishes of course. That is, if I get any! Most likely it will work on a interval of a $2-5 increase for each place first, second and third per each donation given. All donations will be acknowledged both here and on my site. I will update the contest page right away if I get any donations.

The prize money is as follows:

First Prize: $35
Second prize: $25
Third Prize: $15
All prizes money is distributed via Paypal, or gift certificate of your choice. (Please contact me to make sure I can get the gift certificate you want.)

Here are the rules:

All submissions should be in colour.

More then one character is allowed.

All characters must be original, OR fan arts based on famous caveman characters. This isn't the contest to make Son Goku a caveman. Sorry, those contest will come later!

Submissions should be in by October 25th. You can start posting your submissions at any time you like on, or before that date.

Once you know you will be in the contest for sure, send me an E-mail, or PM. I will add you to the poll list. The poll will appear on October 26th. If anyone needs and extension, feel free to contact me anytime.

Please contact me when you post so I can add your entry to the poll. I will include thumbnails and links on the contest page. You should link your submission to the poll as well. Advertise as much as you can, make journals, etc.

I will also post all images on my website as well to help everyone get a little more exposure. (With the artists permission.)
Voting will be open until November 7th.

The winner will be featured in this club until the next contest and all entries will remain posted on my site as well with the artists permissions.

Please feel free to add any feedback to this. I am STILL new to Contests.

Good luck to everyone!

The Official Contest Page is Here:

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