Sunday, September 27, 2009

From the West a lawman partols the desert by Lastmanouthere

Influences come in many forms. It's not uncommon for us to see someone and be inspired by them. Such was the case for my new character, brought to life with a ton of love in 3 gorgeous images by Lastmanouthere from Y!gallery. I saw the actor Randy West from Powermen in a solo video in August. They guys a total stud. He's chiseled like a true Adonis should be. He's cock has such a cool shape and it's a nice size. He's uncut, I think, though he doesn't seem to have much in the way of a foreskin. Here are some images:

Sadly all I could find was the one video of him. That video came out almost 3 years ago. Looks like that was the start and end of his career. Such a shame. I was so inspired by ever aspect of his perfect frame, I wanted to create a character in tribute to him. I had a couple ideas, one was a crow man due to his kinda feathery hair. I settled on a character for Dimatas world. I contacted the master of Muscles Lastmanouthere who very eagerly created not just one, but 3 amazing images of him. So here is our everlasting tribute to him. A Dimetrodon Sheriff, ready to protect the deserts from Bandits and raiders. Dimetrodons have in my mind always seemed like creatures that live outside, or in the desert, so I think it's a natural fit.

Mornin' son. Like my crotchless chaps? Those eyes are so gentle!

To be honest, outside of the costume and the dimetrodon refs, I needed to give Lastmanouthere little in the way of direction with this. As always he had lots of ideas and was willing to make any changes, or adjustments I wanted.

Bang! Bang! I love this. As mentioned we went with a more cut looking penis.

This was my favorite of the bunch. I love the tail coming through his legs. Looks like he's going to round up some loving...

Lastman was really having a good time, doing three pictures is above and beyond my expectations for a request. I guess Randy really touched him too. I was genius putting the sails along his arms too. Thanks Lastmanouthere, for this series of gorgeous pictures. I knew I could count on you to capture the spirit of this incredible man. :)

And now a little of what's new on the commission front!
is offering commissions again so please feel free to take him up on some! I asked him to take on Punch Out's Little Mac. I finally finished the games two career modes. (What a pain in the butt!) Getting this sexy image was better then the ending they provided.

Uppercuts make Mac Hot.

I love all the shine on this picture. His muscles bulging with smoothness on his shirt and his hair. Nice touch! The eyes are very sexy, a nice new style! Yeah Doc Louis does not have the best training facility does he? That's ok if we get to see Macs big dick. I wonder what he was thinking about when punching that bag? Something got him hot! That is one massively THICK foreskin. WOW! Hot stuff, lots of dick skin is hot. He would be good with docking! LOL.
The sweat bead was a cute touch!

1320 was hosting some discounted commissions. I had her take on a character called Victor for Vicky on Y!gallery. Vicky loves this guy and he's one of the most active people on Y!gallery. He doesn't draw, but he does comment and fav on many pictures. His encouraging spirit is appreciated by myself and many members and it was a delight to surprise him with this image. 1320 was super nice, even though all the slots had been filled the artist took me up on the idea.

Hunky beast isn't he? I love that long hair. I really need to watch this anime....

I also asked 1320 to take on Kentro as I have seen this artist do some great reptile-human art.

Even sitting and relaxed this boy looks dangerous!

My reaction:

Thanks so much for agreeing to take him on. He's a complicated bugger and you did an amazing job! Thanks for doing the slight adjustment on his penis for me! He looks so suckable now. His muscles are all so well detailed and smooth looking. Makes me want to cuddle his front, but stay away from his back! Nice colouring job too, it makes get all nostalgic over the old Godzilla cartoon when I see him done this way. I love his big feet too! :tongue::lol: Ha!

You can check out all of 1320's wonderful art here and even request a commission of your own!

1320 at the Y!Gallery

Ending the post in style, here's Ink's version of Leo from Final Fantasy VI, one of the most celebrated games of all time. He's so lickable! LOL. Dig the thick foreskin resting on the end of his fat cock. He's a feast for the eyes. Thanks for letting me post him my friend!

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