Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Final Fantasy Ink

I could resist sharing this wonderful image of Warrior Viera (Male) thank Ink-b did recently. He's too cute!!

As well, Ink decided to take the Beach Dinosaurboys orgy and give an even more refinded look. It now has a story book style. A feeling that it may indeed be from a long tome comes to mind when looking at it. Thanks Master Ink-b! Who have thought this image could get even more exciting? :)

Here is Dragmires second commission for me. It's Chase and Romer in wonderful Bara style enjoy some frot! I love the details on Chase so much. His face, crest and sexy body are just too much. Romer is given a brand new look here that is very rough and sexy! That tongue is going to be put to good use if Chase can hold back his cum! Dragmire did a wonderful job on both. And it was topped off with a Jurrasic Park style background! Go into the tall grass!!! These were the first characters of this type Dragmire had ever done and I have to say, job well done!

1 comment:

  1. Wow... so many lovely drawings! Your new Viera character looks super handsome too :) I really like Ink-b's style!



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