Monday, September 14, 2009

Prehistoric Explosion 2 From Mammoths to Aliens

Ok so it's not all Prehistoric, but todays blog is indeed an explosion! Tons of stuff and even some exclusives made just for this site!!!
First off some prehistoric Jokes from the crazy artist Auticomics This was done in honor of the Prehistoric Paradise contest. Y!Gallery mods kept banning the images he produced for it sadly.

Ha, I would run for it too!

Speaking of fan art, a new artist has appeared and taken a liking to Otnorot. The artist goes by the name Garabato G, is very much into Bara and is looking for some mentors in regards to drawing and colouring. You can check out Garabato G 's Blog here:

Garabato G'

Based on the first image of Otnorot, the image is still very stunning. That's some amazing muscles and those eyes remind me of Bonk, from Bonk's Adventure. He's adorable! Getting fan art rocks! I am so thrilled!

Otnorto got some more royal treatment. Tonight was the premier of his take as done by the master FallenAngel. I have had Fallen working full tilt these last few weeks. I can't get enough of his hot art.

Wai, I love the background on this picture! Very space age. Reminds me of all the cool sci-fi books I love so much. Excellent job colouring him. I love the fuzzy brown grass! I perfect for laying down on and making love! You did a fabulous job on him! He's way sexy!!!! You know I feel in love the moment I saw him! :heart:

His cocks are so hot. Love the huge uncut one in the back.
I love his body and chest! His face is so innocent! Hot muscular legs, he could give a certain street fighter a run for her money! LOL.

The grills on his arms on the arm and act as a support, but when I saw how you did them as frills, I thought maybe he can shoot them out too for a defensive weapon too. And I like it! XD It's fun coming up with new ideas for a character.

I love how his eyes are looking in all directions, he doesn't want to get caught! :blush::heart::heart:
Thank you so much!

Fallen even wanted to add some back story for his Planet were were talking about the trees that offer large amounts of shade and smell very fragrant:

the only BAD thing bout those trees are that they are pest! they keep growing if not controlled in a town or case the planet was colonize, few tried but well it end up destroying the town:sweatdrop:

that's why Otnorot's planet considered wild, uninhabitable---unless your just want to have a camp-out vacation. and his planet is known for recreation

Before you know it, we will have a comic on our hands! I really must sit and make an alien lover for him, even if it's someone of of own species, or a space traveler.

Time to take a trip back in time provided by my good old friend Tonberryknight. Here Dore and Tonia return and are done so dramatically by her.


I have to say this is one of the most passionate pieces you have created for me. The results are simply breathtaking. You really took my vision of Dore's voyeurism too a new a new level with this pose. It's crazy hot how he's so terrified, yet has gotten so close and is even venturing to touch Tonia. (Of course I don't think he's in any danger!) But it's so HOT, just thinking about what could happen next!
Your Dore was a dream come true. Actually you are the first person to draw him after his creation by Adonix. I really love your take on him.:inlove: His hair, cock and body is just perfect! :heart:
Tonia is a cute little innocent twink here...hee hee, I so love how you twirled his tail around his leg. That's so cute! Great job on capturing him as well. :heart::widesmile: I haven't requested enough Tonia and this makes me wish I had! Great job on his sandy hair. Cute little points at the end of his ears too. That's a sweet new touch! Thank so much for giving me a second image with some new colours! I will be posting them both soon. :)

One day I will have to request a sequel image!

This image prove very popular. There were a couple versions, even one sketch had Tonia uncut. I like this one the best, with the purple head on Tonia.

This image has appeared on Sakuseii's site in it's black and white form, but here it is for the first time in gorgeous colour by Roalli from Y!Gallery. Just take a look at the amount of detail in the shading. Roalli does some amazing work here.

Sakuseii's Dimata is freaking stunning. My lord, look at that uncut dick! And those muscles! Swoons...his face and eyes just grab my heart strings! What a stunning creature. Someone hand me a towel.
Sakuseii's eyes are too weak to colour his images these days and needs all the help he can get to bring his dreams to life. He has had some contest and the like and it's very heart warming to see all the artist gather to help such a wonderful guy out. I hope to commission him again. Maybe Smilo should be next? :P

Blonds have more fun! (I should know...)

Thank you Roalli and Sakuseii, you guys are simply amazing. I know my penis was imitating Dimata's when I saw this! LOL.

Let's end this with a bang! A request from my dear heart, Anonix. I am currently playing Punch Out on Wii and Kid Disco has been on my mind a lot. He's goofy, geeky and yet so HOT! Adonix thought so two and created two images of him:

Blog Exclusive!!!!

Please Adonix, we MUST see what lies under that Speedo! He's soooo sexy by your hand. I want to hit him below the belt. :)

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