Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Sun Sets on Summer

Tomorrow marks the end of yet another summer. I may be past the 30 year point, but dang, it still has an effect on me. It's the last day for a lot of people to squeeze the final bit of fun out the the holiday. So that's the theme of this blog, a bunch of fun images that might help squeeze something out of you!
First off here is the artist Tlana's take on Rikuo servicing a young blond pirate on a Caribbean shore.

I can't think of a better image to celebrate the end of summer.
This is a very sexy image and Tlana's take on Rikuo is very hot and extremely unique. Tlana followed some instructions from me on how the pirate should look. Awesome job!

Today I actually went out and bought Punch Out Wii. I got it cheap, due to and end of summer sale and a $10 coupon from Kellogs! I'm really enjoying the game. I am already very close to finishing it. What surprised me most was the fact that Kid Dsco is actually a gay character. He might not actually be gay, just flamboyant, but only his parents are going to buy that...:P So I guess using him in the Nookiedog commission was indeed a perfect choice! Was our gaydar up, or what?
A few weeks ago I asked my buddy Yelmo if he wouldn't mind drawing Little Mac for me. Well here it is:

Little Mac quickly became Yelmos most popular work on the Y!gallery. :)

This was my reaction:

Hey Master Yelmo! Thanks for Taking on Nintendos Sexiest sports star Little Mac! You did him some major justice. I love his smug tough guy expression. Very sexy! He's torso and abs are fabulous, you just want to rub your hands across them. That is one of your thickest fattest cut cocks ever! Just what I wanted. :kiss::heart:
I just love the little bit of hair doing that wave thing at the back of his head.
He can pound me any day.
Thanks for taking on a childhood favorite and making him shine! :widesmile::heart::heart::heart:

Maybe I will have to ask Yelmo to do Kid Disco one day!

I am sure everyone remember the awesome giant cock Rikuo Demona drew for me. It was the first commission she ever did for me. The day it was done, I requested she did a second one featuring Rikuo and Zahn of Class Comics fame. Well we kept doing new things and the project got pushed back do to that, but here it is in all it's glory Big cock Zahn and Rikuo exploring each others uncut dicks:

Zahn knows you're watching!

My Reaction:
This is so hot! Huge cocks are some awesome when done by you! Your Rikuo is so cool, per usual. :P I love the details in the colouring here. Especially Zahns hair. There is such a soft lovable quality too it. For your first try at 'adult' Zahn, he's very sexy and hot! I like his sly 'what's down here?' as he looks at the viewer!l It's hot how Rikuo is just kinda cupping Zahns cock to keep it in place. Letting his tongue do all the work, not wanting him to cum too fast.
Super sexy stuff!!!:happyhappy::heart::heart::heart:

I love how the foreskin on Rikuo is being pulled in a similar fashion to Hercs by Tarzan in Neos picture. Very hot stuff, can you imagine have a cock THAT big? :) I wish!!!

I have to admit after Caravaggia did two of my boys, I was dying to have here draw both Dimata and Romer. I have to say I was so turned on and absolutly floored by the results of her take on them. I will for sure have to beg her do to do more in the future!

Romer has sweet Gymnast legs here!

My reaction:
Oh my gosh did this put a big smile on my face the day I opened the first sketch! I just love your take on my boys and as always it was a total honor to have you take the time to draw them for me. Romer is just so amazing with those spread and stretched out legs of his. WOW. Thank you so much for giving him a new piece of jewelry of your own design to wear. A little Trilobite! His eyes are so cute and his body is smoking hot.
Your Dimata is too much!!! Those tusks!!! WOW!!! :kiss::heart: I want that wrinkly foreskin cover dick!!! I know this image got my blood flowing! Thanks so much! You certainly added a much appreciated sense of warmth and young discovery to this image. :)

You can always tell when an artist is really enjoying drawing something, especially if the first sketch looks as nice as this!

Speaking of thing prehistoric, on Thursday in I got a brand new Game and Watch style LCD game for Q&Q called Cave Man.

At first I thought the game was a little simple. You were on a mission to run across the open wilds to get to the cave on the other side of the screen. Along the way you avoid a four legged dinosaur that looks kind of like a Scutosaurus. In reality it's just a common generic dinosaur drawn by the artist. Out of the jungle will burst a hungry Plateosaurus, across the plains an angry Brontosaurus will try to tramle you and just before you can reach the cave a giant fish will want to have you for lunch. Now before you can get into the cave you must catch a torch that will be flung from the Volcano in the middle bottom on the screen. Then you must wait for the entrance to open and sneak inside. Once in you can cook your meals and warm yourself by the fire. You are returned to the starting point and repeat the process till you hit 500 points. At 500 points a slot machine starts and you can earn a ton of bonus points.

So is that it? Well for many games like this it would be, but not a Q+&Q product! Nope, all of a sudden the situation changes dramatically! You now start in the safe cave and are expected to bring your cooked dinosaurs (Yes you actually carry a dead dino) to your mate in the starting cave. Things are not that simple though, for now you must defeat a giant dinosaur in the middle of the screen with your hatchet. Only by defeating this creature will a lift appear that you can use to get back into your cave. If you get on the lift and have to back off because your mate is not there and a creature starts to attack you, it will vanish and you have to go back and defeat the dino again.

Sounds like enough there right? Well that's not all!! Get to 1000 points and round three starts. 3 new enemies appear!!!! A saber toothed tiger appears below the home cave, a Mastodon appears below the other cave and a pterodactyl flies across the top of the screen. His purpose is to steal any items you have on you, like the torch. There's a forth round, but I haven't beaten round 3 yet.

The game has inspired me so much that I wish to do a chibbi, that is a cute commission based on it. If anyone is interested please let me know. It's a long forgotten little masterpiece of efficient game design. One of the better LCD's I have played.

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful summer! Enjoy the last day!

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