Friday, September 11, 2009

Still Loving the 80's

Another week goes by and there's tons of stuff yet again to share with everyone. This post features a couple blasts from the past.
First off we have FallenAngels oh so hot take on Prince Dargon from a series produced by Coleco of all companies called Sectaurs. If you blinked in the 80's you might have missed them, as there were only 5 episodes produced for the TV mini-series. I was lucky enough to have some of the comics and toys, so the memory of the sexy bug men stayed fresh in my mind through the years.

Ha! He's so awesome and sexy! Thanks for drawing this obscure, yet so sexy character Fallen. I love that HUGE dong you gave him! He can make love to a whole army with that! LOL. You made another dream of the 80's come true for me! I used to think of him naked all the time when I was kid!

Now for a couple Namco Entries! Every since Kenshin the Wanderer did Pac-Man for me some months back I have been wanting him to do a version of Super Pac-Man with Ms. Pac in his arms. I had an exact idea I wanted to use for Super Pac-Man's design. There was a pirate marquee for the game I saw where Super Pac had one black string of hair on his head. I have never been able to locate that marquee on E-bay, but Kenshin really pulled off what I wanted. Take a look:

And since this is a gay blog, we need a little cock action right??? XD

That's one big thick cock! Woo!!! Very nice work. I love the design of Super Pac. kenshin was nice enough to give me a version of Super Pac-man alone as well, so I could get good look at his sexy body. I might just post that one day.

Next something special indeed. The last picture Cruxixion did before vanishing from the Y!Gallery and all our lives. Designing this was a lot of fun. I sat and drew the characters with my mouse and gave a lot of design tips to Crux. Then he worked his magic.

Well it's no secret to those in the know that I have been dying to get a sexual Dig Dug picture done for some time. Crux was one of the first people I contacted. And I could not be happier with the results. Dig Dug was given a super sexy remake in Namco X Capcom some years back. I'll I have to say is SHAME on the Y gallery artists for not taking note of this! LOL. Doing Pooka and Fygar the same was a no brainer.
I have been a huge fan of Dig Dug since my Atari 2600 days. I am so proud of the job Crux did. He handled the characters with a lot of love and respect for the franchise. (While making a dirty porn pic!) Thanks man. You brought them to life exactly how I imagined them.
Your Master Dig Dug is amazing.
Pooka is the hottest twink to ever have spikes on his arm and stinger of that size on his ass! Thanks so much for follow my ideas to the T with him. :)
And Fygar is one of your hottest Green boys to date. Love that you gave me two versions of his wings. One day I might post the other winged version of this.
Thanks man.

Crux's early image. It was so cute I had to share it.

Ah, I almost forgot a very special image, my buddy Jcartblog created for me last month. He is in dire need of money for school and is I think still taking commissions. He was the first person I ever asked to draw a nice image of the Thundercats Lion-O and Panthro. I wanted a nice casual image of the two of them preparing to jerk each other off. I wanted Lion-O cut and Panthro uncut. Again, there I go pairing cut and uncut! :P I figure Lino-O might have been cut cause of his status. Who knows?

My reaction:

I really wanted to see you take on these two for a long time. More cut meets uncut!! I love it! I really like your Panthro and Lion-o man. I think Lion-o's head is very sleek and sexy. I love how he is just casually walking over with a huge hard on! Very hot stuff. :heart::heart::happyhappy:
You did this so fast too, I had barely requested it and it was done!! LOL.
Thanks man.

Well that's it for now, just some naughty images done by professionals based on the undying fantasies of this 80's kid!

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