Friday, September 4, 2009

The Alien has Landed!

Today I present to you my newest creation brought to life by the great talents of Adonix and Caravaggia the creature from beyond the stars Otnorot! Created on a whim after watching some Powerman videos. I wanted to create an interstellar lover for Space Cadet to have some fun with. But the idea went from very simple to extremely complicated quickly. I took out my tablet and started to doodle.

He started out simple enough, I wanted to mimic the powerful body, strong legs and bald head of a model I was looking at. But as I drew him more and more he started to evolve into something different. The feelers on his heads changed, his neck lengthened and his arms changed as well.

A little Colour and it's time to go to the professionals!

A failed perspective view from the ground up. If anyone can help me erase that hand, please let me know! XD

The first one to take him was Adonix, who in a matter of hours after seeing him had this amazing take on him:

I dig the B-Movie look! Nice! Adonix incorporated the necklace theme as well as some rings to give him a very spacey, yet slightly primative appearence to him. I love how one of the cliffs in the background is phallic shaped!
What a hunk! He's really human here, very soft and inviting. This really inspired me.

Just before I sent a bunch of sketches (Much more then I am displaying here) to Adonix and Caravaggia I made sure he had a description to go along with him:

Name: Otnorot (if you can figure out where I got that from, you get a Toffee....)

This Race of creatures walks the entire length of their planet often twice before maturity. This is the reason behind their incredibly well developed and huge calf muscles. Another reason is the testicular sack in the males that is almost the length of and is the width of one the calf muscles.
They often climb large trees and cliffs for safety against predators. This helps to develop their already huge shoulder muscles.

They have two large spinal storage lumps on their backs. It is believed these evolved due to the length of time they spend traveling through areas that may have no good nourishment. It makes eating and drinking avoidable for weeks at a time.
They evolved antenna on their ears and two extra tentacle eyes that grow out from behind their regular eyes. These may have evolved to help keep an eye on the large rear area of the creature in case of attack and for grooming purposes.
They have large pectoral muscles that have sharp looking armor jetting out for the nipples. (This is protective, but is smooth to the touch, like plastic.)

They are born with two penises. Both are functional for sexual intercourse and often both are used on the same mate during a sexual encounter. The being is able to ejaculate from both before being worn out. But they will be satisfied if only one is use once for the act. The one in the front is naturally cut, the one in the back is left uncut. Often found in the front when they are born is a sack like covering over the penis head. This is often mistaken for a foreskin. This sack will dry up and fall off as the long head grows. Sometimes pushing through it. This usually signals sexual maturity, or the start of puberty. The development of the front penis can cause it to grow from 10-15 inches. The back grows from 4-9 inches. The penis in the back is a little more flexible then a regular one. It can remain semi flaccid. Unlike the front cock, the back penis administers water, not urine. It does this to keep the anus, back, and storage lumps clean. Because of this it is the preferred organ for oral sex. It draws sperm from the testicles in the front of the body and water from the storage spines.

The creatures are from a gentle race and do not attack humans.
The creature stands 8-9 feet tall.

Caravaggia worked her BUNS off doing this image I will now show you. A true Masterpiece of naughtiness, she worked very closely with the sketches, asked tons of questions and did her darndest to add features. He looks a heck of a lot better then my images. I can tell Caravaggia is a real Sci-fi fan. She refs a lot of Star Trek stuff when doing this picture. Not to mention the fact that she put so much love into the background and lighting effects. (Look for the hidden Penis on the control panel!!!)

Lick it good Mr. Cadet!!!

I can't get enough of Caravaggia style. Those gloves on Space Cadet alone are worth the commission price! There's something very bouncy about this image that I feel makes it look so animated. Otnorot is simply divine here. His body is a strange one, but she really pulled him off. The light colours she chose for him are just so out of this world! From his funny little extra eyes, to his huge legs and feet I just love him! I hope everyone else does too.

Thanks you guys for having faith in my design and taking the time to make my little idea into something so beautiful. My love to you both!
What do you think?


  1. Hi there
    interesting piece of art
    I came across your blog today and got
    inspired by your design
    I would like to send you my little take on your alien guy contact me at

  2. Heyyy ! I've worked on him (^^) for hours and I just get it now ! Otnorot, Toronto ! I know I'm slow...

  3. Ha,! Caravaggia, trust me, I would have never have figured it out. I remember someone told me a character was something spelt backwards once when I was in grade 9 and remember feeling really out of it for not figuring that out on my own! XD But really, who flips names backwards? LOL.

    Hey Cherryl! That's very nice of you! I would love to see what you have up your sleeves! I sent you an e-mail earlier today.



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