Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Yelmo goes Deep, Demona does Egypt, BossReo Premiere, Ink Fullfills More Fantasies and Ryld gets hired.

No theme this time! It's been a busy couple of weeks. As always many ups and downs. Here are some of the wonderful images created by talented artists for me during that time.

First off we have my old friend Yelmo doing an inflation picture:

Getting ready for the Anal of his life!

In the wonderful world of Dig Dug anything is possible. You want a bigger dick? No problem, just stick that magic pump in and watch it work miracles! I have to say big thanks for Yelmo for this one. He went back into this picture and added the stingers to the Pooka and defined the characters for me. The picture was wonderful, but now it's fantastic.
My reaction:

I have to say that I really dig your take on these two classic characters. Pooka's face is so perfect. Excellent job on his expression and features.
That's one thick pumped up cock! Dig Dug is getting it back for once huh? :P Nice inclusion of the circumcision scar below the head. That's very hot. The score and the player name made me laugh. It made my day, the morning I opened it.
Dig dug is very sexy as well. Thanks so much.:heart::heart::heart:

Yelmo was very kind to include my name as the player of the game. Cool kid that. :)

As far as my dinosaurboys go, Brakari is one of the hardest to draw. Here is a bad image of my very first sketch of him:

I kinda see Brakari as an average worker. He would be someone that due to his size could easily build pyramids as a daily activity.

Demona was offering a special package some time ago and I took her up on. She agreed to take him on. And here he is in all his glory:

I have to say that her image is extraordinarily close to my original vision. Oh that neck!!! XD Demonas first sketch of him was sans the neck! That got added later! hee hee.

I loved him from the first sketch you sent! Very nice take on him. It's so very close to my original design. Long necks and arms are fun, eh? :) You gave him such a soft and gentle look. His face is so kind and inviting. I like the different colour on the head crest (NOSE) It kinda looks like hair in a way. Adding a little more of a human touch to him. I know he's supposed to be Egyptian, but he looks perfect for playing basketball doesn't he? XD
I really like the background, if fits the stone age, Egyptian crossed theme.
Thanks so much!

Demona was very busy, I had her draw the great Egyptian God Anubus as well. He turned out very smashingly. Made with someone in mind, who will remain anonymous.
Here he is in a couple stages:

You playful bugger!

Stargate anyone?

He must have just been looking at Demonas gallery!! His eyes are glowing! Either that, or a godly golden shower had a lasting effect...

Outside of Prehistory, Egyptology was my other passion growing up. This is one sweet, playful and inviting Anubis. He has the most mischievous smile and sexy eyes. I love his ears! I just want to pat them! :lol: Nice muscle tone. Very well built arms. His cock head is the perfect colour too. :wink::heart:
I know how hard you worked on that bg too. It's super sweet. I love moving the image down a bit, taking out the top blue sky and having it look like storm is coming, then moving it up and enjoying the blue sky mixed with the cloud cover of a cool Egyptian morning. Gives this image a very special feel, that really speaks to me of the dying days of summer.
Awesome stuff!

Here's a surprise! I was the first one to Commission Ryld on the Y!gallery. How about that??? Well for an artist of his skills and gulp..prices...(Which I later learned were a lot less then his page write up lead me to believe. oops) I had to think of something really special. I had an idea of a playful image of Dimata and Smilo as pirates. The costumes were inspired by my very favorite Halloween special. guess it; Garfields Halloween Adventure. I still guilty watch it every year.

My reaction:

Ok first off this is spectacular!!!! WOO HOO!!!

Wow I am your first? Ah I deflowered Ryld!!! Add a notch to my belt!! XD
It took me a while to pick something for you Ryld. I wanted to something worthy of your skills. Something very dramatic. Yeah this is kinda inspired by a lot things...Garfield included...:lol:
What magnificent costumes you gave them! I love this to death!!! Dimata looks very angry, but it fits the whole pirate image. I think I was going to go with playfull, but why the heck not? You can just hear the ARRRRGGGGGGHHHH OK lame... His mouth and tusks are just too much. It's the perfect Pirate picture. Great cocks on both. Dimatats is crazy huge, no complaints there! That would be some wicked anal he would give with that huh?
Smilo is amazing too. That pose is exactly what I wanted. I could not have imagined a better image of him as pirate. Your skills are a marvel.
Thanks man, can't wait to see part two!:heart::wink:

Ryld turned out to be one of the most professional people I have ever met on Y Gallery. His kind attitude and patience with his customers will take him far in life.

Way back when, all my Rikuo commissions caught the attention of many artist. Included in them was BossReo from Y!gallery. He asked me if he could have the honor of drawing him for me. I love his cartoony style and his promise of something smooth and sexy intrigued me.
So here is the premier for the internet to enjoy:

I was actually waiting for BossReo to post this himself, but he has never gotten around to it due to a hectic schedule. I gotta say I love love this! His hands are so cute perching on that log. It is indeed very sexy. Cute uncut cock, wonderful background and handsome face. He's a regular Darkstalkers fold out!
Thanks BossReo!

The following image wasn't made by request, but is one of Ink-B's tributes to the boys of colour in the Final Fantasy series. (I did desperately try to find some Barret refs for him!) It was so stunning I had to ask him if he wouldn't mind me posting it for an even wider audience to enjoy.

That chocobo better be careful, he's going to get sticky feet!!! Each one is so graceful and gorgeous. I love the cock on Barret and his handsome face. Way to go Ink, I hope you will draw more of these sexy RPG Men. This would be the hottest Threesome Final Fantasy has seen in a long time!

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