Friday, May 29, 2009

The master of the third Dimension Ulysses0302 Presents Kid Icarus and ZAHN!!!

Kid Icarus was my first 3D commission and I thank heavens it was with Ulysses0302! This young man is forever trying to make the piece better and better! So much love, late nights and passion go into his work it is unbelievable. It was an honor sir! And even at the end, his modesty forbids him to take full pride in the picture!

Oh man I am really DIGGING this! WOO WOO! He is a really sexy man toy! I love that deep purple, cock head! His face looks soooo sexy and I just want to rest my face in his soft feathery hair! OMG! Hair parted down the middle of the head like that is so attractive to me.
I am lost in every aspect, from the cute little birth mark on his chest, to his big sexy eyes.
Someone call Nintendo! Cause they need to use this model in the next game!!!!

That was part of my reaction to Ulys first commission for me some time ago. A truly remarkable young man, he does everything he can to make the image as sexy as can be! Some time passed and I asked him if he wouldn't mind taking on Zahn from Class Comics. A little treat for Mr. Fillion and the rest of the world. I was dying to see what the sexy beast would look like in the world of video games! Well Ulysses worked with lightning speed and didn't just provide, one, but 4 separate images!!!!
And here they are, 2 for the first time ever!

The original version!

No Blur cause I told him his buzzards were too awesome! XD

And the Son of Winter Version with a little winter lighting added to it!

Clothed for non-adult sites!

My response:

Thanks Uly!!! This is one of you best pictures ever! :heart::heart::heart:

You really nailed Zahn here! I love how his hair has been left to grow out, he's dirty, beaten, suntanned, tired and yet still hard!!!! I guess he sees Jonah coming to save him from Zozah!

This is amazing and I can't wait to see what you do with Jonah and Zahn together! Yep a sequel is coming!!!
Next Zahn the video game!!! How does Wii Love Zahn sound?

I was so impressed that I asked him if he would not mind doing more of Zahn and he happily agreed. Uly gets a 10/10 as far as artist you can work with on Y!gallery go. He is one of the nicest guys you will ever have the pleasure of meeting from any site.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Caveman appears: meet Dore Lockstone

After spending a lot of time with Adonix last night, he asked me the question, what is my dream man? Well I told him, wavy golden hair with dreads, bronze tan and many other things that came to mind. And a mere couple of hours later the dear man presented me with this image!

A caveman to frolic in our world of Paleozoic porn stars, I present to everyone my dream man Dore Lockstone!

I actually started to well up the moment I saw him. Such an act of pure kindness! I was speechless. I feel that he has been plucked from my imagination, from every fantasy I had growing up and made real on paper in an image that presents a man so powerful and yet the eyes and face suggests a timid youthfulness. Hinting at a naivete in the art of love and passion. A boy eager to learn given the right chance.

Dore is a young man who lives in the human settlement far below Twilight Tundra. He is intrigued by the young anthros that live there. He often spies on them and wants to join in on their love making. The fear of not belonging and possibly of their nature being hostile to a human has kept him at bay. A voyeur who desperately want to be apart of a world he feels he can only watch.

Dream boy and Dream cock, thick, uncut and fully ready for action!

Adonix I thank my lucky stars everyday for having the honor of you as a friend. You are one of the most caring and generous people on Earth! All my love to you.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gambit by JCArtblog and Demona!

Here we go a Dinosaurprince exclusive for the time being! My request for Gambit by the always amazing JCArtblog! The Master of Marvel has produced a most sexy image. I asked that only Gambit chest, abs and lower half be exposed! XD This is because I love the costume found in the old TV show and in the Capcom games! This is some of JC's best work! This was a request for a very dear friend of mine who loves Gambit even more then I do!

As well the Queen of Chibies Demona has made the cutest Gambit I have ever seen! Check out this little guy! Don't gamble in the dark young man!

My thanks to both of you and my dear friend Ken, who is the inspiration for these! A figured he could go for a little Cajun!

Dimata shaved!!!! XD

As recently as two days ago Ink-B told me that his dear friend and often partner in art Jacy-J had opened for commissions. She was looking for a taker and you know me, I can't resist the charms of an artist in need! I was already a fan having been introduced to her some time ago. I sent a request and before I knew what was happening I had this in my mail box:

Summer time Dimata! She took the wholly out of the mammoth, but gave me the second glimpse of my boys naked body. Dimata has been shaved and the stud is ready for the beach! Can anyone say swim suit edition? XD Just check out the gorgeous abs and chest! Thank you Jacy-J, for this very original piece! I can really recommend Jacy-J to anyone who wants a commission. She is very fast and very friendly! You can find her on Deviantart:

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The brithday celebration continues! A special gift, 24 hour Magic and Ink-b's Brakari!

Just when I thought my birthday was over I received this from the ever popular Conji!

A caveman Tarzan style blowing a dinosaur human? Now who are Earth could know my tastes that well and go out of their way to commissions something just for me? XD I know...but I am sworn to secrecy! LOL. Thank my friend. I could not have asked for a nicer gift!
Conji and I are in talks about him Doing Dimata for me! Here's hoping!

It wasn't the only gift I got! Ink-b Completed his work on Brakari and he is looking even more amazing then ever! He gave him a residual nose on his face to keep his human look, placing the nostrils on the top of his head like a real Brachi. He gave him a wonderful green glowing body and gorgeous scales. Ink said this was a challenge for him, one of the most inhuman characters he has done. It must have been a struggle trying to keep him within as much of a human frame as possible, stretching the restrictions of each form with out moving too far away from either, but keeping him as human as possible. I think he is one the sexiest characters he has ever drawn. He is so youthful, light yet strong looking. Excellent job man! He got me all hot!

Around the same time Ink was working on Brakari so was my newest friend Fydbac! Ever want to see a Brachiosaurus do a mammoth? Well now you can!

Oh man I am a bad influence on Fydbac! I had Fydbac do her first nude, then the first inflation and now this!!! Penetration and not just double it's also self penetration at that!! 3 for one!!!

This is just breath taking! The details on the leaves on the skirt alone are enough to make me fall over! What a really amazing job on Brakari. I just love the expression on his face! And Fydbacs Dimata begs to be drawn over and over again! I could not have hoped for a better picture! And so fast!!!! This one here is greased lightning folks!!!

Well turning older has never been this sexy and fun!!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

DinosaurPrince Birthday Extravaganza

Yep that's right today is my birthday and I want to thank everyone for all their well wishes! Especially my good friends Ink-b and Sirio who went out of their way to provide me with two heart warming and sexy cards!

Thanks guys! The best presents come straight from the heart!


I don't usually do this, as I prefer to show everyone a finished work, but every so often a picture comes along that is so hot, so desirable and full of passion that I just cant hold it back.. Today I was honored by Nookiedog with his rendition of Dimata Wrangle and I have never said this before, but I think this is his SEXIEST work ever. I couldn't keep my hands to myself when I saw the boy in my inbox. That thick uncut cock drooling, the face, the pose, the new earing, the image is just screaming sex god.

Nookiedogs explanation:

As Ink-B drew the first few images of him I wanted to base mine on that version. I've given him his slightly large earlobes and the slightly more modest tusks. For me the idea of him being a wilder version of a human is hotter than just imaging him as a animal.

So far many of the images of him show that human side well, so I wanted to do something extra special for you and try and show the balance of his animal side too, which is what I think makes him a sexy character! I've gone for a feral looking wild pose of him on all fours. From your descriptions of him I also got the impression that he should have a wild and unkempt look, so I wanted to give him scruffy hair to emphasise that.

I am counting the seconds till this is completed. One of the best birthday gifts ever!!! XD


Romer has only appeared as a bust on the site so far, but Sirio and others have been hard at work making my African Parasaurolophus come to life! Sirio is great friend, the master of Gladiators! I will be featuring many of Sirios commissions soon.
Here Romer is enjoying his frilled penis while dipping his toes in a lake! This hunk is going to appear a lot more and I will soon have Sirio doing more and more him cause I yam in loves! XD

This is Romer Walkeri my Dinoboy, or Parasaurolophusman. He's from Africa, but migrates to the land of snow and ice, place at the top of the world called Twilight Tundra where he discovers Dimata frozen in the ice.
He's a skilled in the bo staff and can create strong sound waves that can push back his foes. I noble tribesman and a adoring lover. Romer prefers to make love in the water and on river banks.

Thank you so much for creating such a sexy image Sirio! He is better then I could have hoped for! He's the ultimate dinosaur hunk!!! I love his oh so inviting chest! I just want to snuggle with him! His glowing yellow eyes are dreamy! And his penis, like his head crest has a frill running down it! Now that the cock for the ages!!!!!

The first sketch, sigh be still my heart!

Thanks Sirio you are a Bara master!!!! XD

Oh So Naughty! Demonas Dactyl With Silky Sexy See Through Wings!!!

Demona was very interested in taking on Trevor Dactylus and here she gives me the cleanest piece on my site! Trev in a crouch ready to dive! This is just the sketch, I am hoping to get it completed when she has some time in the near future. Still one can't help, but be impressed!

Now I have a picture Busiris can pat me on the back for, something I can show my family!! XD
Thank you for drawing him Demona and giving him all your style and flair.
And so dang fast too!!!! I really love the job you did on his hair and face. He has such an innocent quality to him. And those are kick ass feet. With see through wings, he can't over his naughty parts...and that can lead to some very hot situations!
A pose like that deserves some future attention. Colouring, a cliff, a treetop, so many neat choices! Is he diving for fish, or booty?

The pose helped solidify a relationship I have between him and Steko, I see the two lovers working together as they fish in the shallows.

Long neck and long Cock the Egyptian Brachiosaurus Brakari Phallatops!

Here is the newest cast member to my ever growing Fossil Harem! Brakari is a hard working young man from Egypt. He dreams of building pyramids. Due to his size people assume that he is a lot older then his 18 years. A powerful lover, one would be careful to clear his cock when that tidal waver of cum starts to spurt!

Here is Ink-b's first sketch of him. He shows a bit of elegance and a very human regal demeanor. Despite his size he looks light on his feet and gives the impression that he is a swift runner and not just a lumbering giant. I love the beads around his neck. Ink-b did an amazing job of blending human and dinosaur. Who knows what directions Ink will take as he continues to work on him? You know he is only going to get sexier!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rikou by Masters Sakuseii And Voider!

Hey everyone!!! It's finally time to share something very special! The one only Sakuseii agreed to Draw Rikuo for me!!!!! Now he has no faith in his own colouring skill, (Silly I know, he's a legend!), so I enlisted the help of one of the best Voider, to help me complete the NUDE project! Yep that's right, here it is folks a Dinosaurprince's Kingdom EXCLUSIVE!!! NUDE RIKUO BY SAKUSEII!!!!

Oh wow a cut Rikuo!!!!! Too hot to handle!!!! I had to request that penises head colour! LOL. Voiders choice too... XD

Voider tells me he was honored to work this picture. Sakuseii has my thanks for creating such a wonderful piece. Voider was so excited he created a larger version of your 'censored' version and coloured it as well! What a kind and caring artist he is! They both poured all of their hearts into this, including even water drops and listening to any request I might have had! Voider is a true master of the rainbow! And Sakuseii's Storm is breath taking, I feel the pressure drop as Rikuo spreads the waves! Biblical!!! I am very lucky to have had met both of them.

Rikuo is one of my favorite video game characters of all time. I always look forward to Sakuseii's next creation. Who knows, maybe I will commission him again some day! XD

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One Cast down with grace intact, the other the Master of time, Fallenangel7 and Fydbac Presents Dimata to the Extreme!!!

First off I want to talk about someone. I guy who means a HELL of a lot to me: FallenAngel7. This guy was the second person I ever commissioned and we became fast friends. Even though I only did two commissions with him, our friendship has grown way beyond that of artist and client. We have so much in common and talk all the time. He's an awesome guy and a heck of a talent! You must check out his Comics, they are some of the hottest I have ever read! There is such an innocence to his characters and he mixes that with such gorgeous bodies and huge smooth cocks! It's a style and eroticism like no other. I am proud to present his version of Dimata Wrangle, a bizarre and utterly hot take on my innocent creation!!!! Soon I will be displaying tons of his art! Stay tuned!

When I told Fallen Dimata a has trunk like Cock, he took that very seriously! I love this! LOL That monster has got a life of it's own!!! XD Who wouldn't want to play with it?!!! And here Dimata has a beard as well! Looks like he has grown up a bit and forgotten to shave while search for his long lost family! Where does one find a razor in all that snow anyway? :P Nice touch!

And once again Fydbac master lightning ink has added her sexy charms to my Dimata as well! Changing him a bit, but keeping to his basic model, giving me something that is so hot, it's like he fell off the pages of Class Comics themselves! LOL. Thanks Fydbac! I can't wait to see you do more of him! You rock!!!!

Thank you two for taking your time to add touches to my character. There is nothing like seeing someone open up their imagination to you.

You gotta try Fydbacs 24 hour commissions:
24 hr commission:

Regular discount commissions:

Full commissions:

Awesome takes on Rikuo!

The best thing about commissioning, besides meeting new people is how everyone takes your favorite character and adds their own touches to them. That's why I seek out artists, cause I want to see how they will handle a complex creature like Rikuo, or a relatively untouched character like Kid Pit Icarus.

Here are three of my newest and most awesome pictures of Rikou, all full of style and surprises! Each one a masterpiece of porn in it's own right!
First off is Gothkelts Merman lust:

I LOVE this. From the colours he choose for Rikuo (the pink penis head drives me wild!) to the pose, it's all amazing. His foot says no, but his cock says yes!!!
Such a wonderful style and I am honored to have something so unique done by Gothkelts hand!
I really love how Rikuo looks like he is trying to push the merman away! Showing he is a little reluctant to receive his oral service! His reptilian tongue and fangs are a fascinating and sexy touch to the character. Very inspired! Gotta love his nipples and gills too. They are wide open as he shoots from that massive cock!
The Merman is an aqua Adonis. I love his muscles and cut cock! Hee hee very hot. Thanks for creating him based on my simple idea! He's hot!
I must have Gothkelt work on some of the my Original cast as well!

Next we have a little Street Fighter X Nightwarriors! With the thick juicy foreskins only K3rry can provide the world! Such an awesome take could only come from this gifted young man!

Here is an artist I can strongly recommend for commissions. K3rry Takes their art very seriously and does his best to meet the clients demands. The communication was excellent. K3rry gives you a product like no other can. I wanted to do a little Darkstalkers meets Street Fighter here. (A game that was planned, but never came to be.) Ken has the biggest juiciest foreskin I have ever seen on him, getting ready to get covered with the cum from Rikuo's cock. And what a cock it is!!! Gotta love those balls! Those will produce some massive waves! This is all so very hot! I would love to get my hands on those two uncut cocks!

Ken is being pushed forward to the hot cock and he's a little reluctant because of what is about to happen...

Uhhhh...Rikuo couldn't hold it in any longer! Ken is going to have fun jerking that hot wad into is foreskined member as he makes himself cum...maybe Rikuo will use those giant hands to help him out!

I love it so much I would be honored to have K3rry draw for me again!

And now we have my newest acquaintance, Fydbac doing her very first nude commission! Who better then Rikou! And she did it with TONS of style and sass in less then 24! Now that's an artist I can fall in love with! XD

I loved this so much I asked for her to Dimata and will be posting him tonight!!! This is my birthday week, who knows what other Treasures will be posted!!!!

Surfing Icarus

Sometimes you look at someones art and an idea just hits you in the face. I was on Kumikoalastar's page and while looking at her Zodiac boys I thought, I gotta commission Kumikoalastar for sure! I started looking around the net at my friend Bart's site and saw a bunch of surfers. I said, hey how about taking Kid Icarus to the beach? And who better to get the job done! So here we have young Icarus and a blond sexy Centurion enjoying a day at surfing!! Kumikoalster was kind enough to give me the naughty versions as exclusives to this blog! Enjoy peoples!!!!

I just love your take on these two! Nothing like seeing hair blowing in the ocean breeze!

Looks like the boys had their pants pulled down! All the better for us huh? XD
I would love to do a few more like this. Thank you so much for such a gorgeous picture!
Next time another very special character at the beach!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

The story of forbiddin love.

Inspiration from Yelmo's take on Smilo breed a lot of creativity. Ink-b Stayed up all night to produce this inspirational image of Dimata and Smilo the night Yelmo's image appeared. This picture takes me back to every Zdenek Burian and Charles R. Knight picture of the age of mammals, that touched me as a child. The image brings forth feelings of a moment long ago lost to the cloud of time. A long lost lovers paradise, unmapped, unknown, situated somewhere between fantasy and reality.
You can feel the cool night air, the cool water at their feet and experience the forbidden passions with just a simple glance. I am speechless. Or maybe not!

A expanded the back story of Dimata a little bit inspired by everyone selfless hard work.

Dimata Wrangle: Dimata is a innocent young man. At the tender age of 18 he was frozen in a glacier for an unknown amount of time. We was rescued by Romer a dinosaur human. for many months he searched for his family. Meeting Smilo who rescued him from the Grasp of Lil'Deep very early on. The two instantly fall in love with each other. He wants to settle down with the Smilos tribe, but their love is forbidden and frowned upon. Smilo is utterly torn by this as well. He seeks the comfort of his touch where ever and whenever the two can be alone, even for a few fleeting moments.

He still actively seeks his family. At times wandering the world in hopes of finding his lost brother, sister and a lover that appears only as a faded memory. Dimata is a just a shy young man who wants to be loved and he wants a welcoming home more then anything else. He enjoys making other happy and offers himself up physically to anyone that asks. His his lower trunk can be milked and can excrete over a liter of cum each day with little effort, or strain. Enough to fill the world with Mammothmen all by himself. He is often sought after those that could exploit this for various reasons. Is his family long dead? Other mammoths roam the tundras, perhaps they hold the knowledge he seeks.

And now something else! It's my vacation, so lets do some more shall we?
Introducing the newest member of our cast!!!

The Dire Wolf Dalach Whakan meaning sacred gatherer. Because he is excellent as assembling his fellow tribesman. Something that is important for a pack hunter. He is member of Lil'Deeps sex Pirate troop. A formidable running and excellent tracker. He is Lil'Deeps #2, though he has sworn loyalty, he seems to be pained by the life he has chosen.

The Dire wolf is too hot! I wanted to make him a lot different then say Inuyahsa and the ears you gave him are just what I was hoping for to accomplish that. Thanks to Ink-b for following my cruddy picture so well! LOL. He looks good with arm hair. That is some awesome hair around his chest. You just want to put your head there and sleep. And the hair on his head is just the amount you would want if your chasing prey though the cold tundra winds!

Age: 20
Status: Uncut
Trevor Dactylous
Lives on a small island beside Stekos and they two childhood friends have grown to be lovers. Trevor does his best to help anyone and has devoted himself to helping Dimata find his family.

Triceratops: Ceadda O'Tops
age: 30.
Status: Uncut
A warrior skilled at using clubs and maces. He is Tonia's best friend at his family Gladitor training academy. He teaches Tonia how to use more then just his club tail properly.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Smilo by Yelmo

Yelmo opened his art trade last week. I can't draw, but I can give and we had such a fun time creating Tonia, he jump at the chance to do another original character. He fell in love with Ink-b's take on Smilo and wanted to give him a whirl. Here he is in all the style and sexiness Yelmo can dish out. Ready to take on any animal in the ancient forest to feed his friends and family. Perhaps he is out hunting Terror Birds?

Yelmo you made my day. If you were here I would give you the biggest hug for this. I swear I can here the leaves rustling and the birds chirping when I see this. Your take on Smilo is super hot. There is nothing like a young man with white hair. So uber hot!!! So much power and passion. I cannot thank you enough!!!
Why just look at the effect it is having on Dimata!!!! LOL.

The Caribbean Stegosaurus

Meet Steko Stentop of the Caribbean Canyon tribe. A gentle warrior who prides himself in his calm peaceful demeanor. He is also an excellent swimmer and basketball player. He may become the leader of his tribe some day.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Dimata Bust by Ink-B

Part of a series of realistic style images for our characters! Talk about sexy!!! Who will be next?! :P

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Prehistoric Boys from the master of the past Ink-b

Well I can't dish them out as fast as Ink-b can draw them up! Here we have even more cavecock creations!!!

First we have the bust of Stev Stenops, a canyon basin dwelling Stegosaurusman. Ink-B took my original sketch and gave it some very personal touches! XD

Here is Trish Elk, based on various extinct deer and antelope. Believe it, or not there were antelope type animals with long tusks and tons of horns on their head. I am in the midst of trying to find my book The Rise Of Mammals. It's one of the few places you will find the creature listed. I toned down the horns a bit and gave him some Irish elk style antlers when designing him. Ink-b provided all the sexy!!!

Last but not least we have ancient Armadilloman Glypto Scutes. Ink-b charged the armored hunk up ten fold! One day soon I hope to present them full nude. :P

Thanks again my friend!!! :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Boys of Eocensual by Ink-b

Hi everyone! This is Diams Smilo, based on a sketch I did, brought to life by the fabulous Ink-b! A saber tooth tiger Felinoid type character from my and Ink-b's series of Prehistoric Mammal men I am not calling Eocensual! Based on the therm Eocene Epoch.

Diams, named by Ink-b is in his early 20's, a proud hunter and cut!

Ink-b is a dear friend who loves to draw my creations! We talk all the time and he is talents and speed is outstanding.

Check out this gorgeous picture of Dimata relaxing under a tree in the brief summer months. Looks like something from a story book. Just wondrous.

And now we have a the bad guy for the series Lil'Deep!

This is Ink-b's creation based on an older character of his. Lil-Deep is an ancient Megalodon shark boy.

Ink-bs Description of him:

He is the likable bad guy of the series. He is bi and he loves to fuck hunters like Diams as much as 5 times a day! Many fear his huge dick. He really loves it when Smilo gives him a blow job. Diams Smilo however does not want to bottom for him, which upsets Lil-Deep to the point of anger! His greatest pleasure in life comes from hanging out with his crew of misfits pirates!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Tonberryknights CLASSIC Summer Night Sex

Well here it is an exclusive picture just for this site! What an honor TonberryKnight!!!
Here we have Patrick Fillions Cam and Lanor making a Felicia sandwich done with all the flair and charms only Tonberryknight can give the world!

There are two versions, one of Cam circumcised and one of him intact. That was Tonberry's idea! She wanted to shake things up a bit! Her roughs had a foreskin on Lanor too.

We had a lot of fun with this. I wanted it to be set on a summers evening. From the first shot of the finished picture all I could think about was the 90's when I was still a teenager. We placed the ghetto skater gear on Cam from one of Mr. Fillions site pictures and Tonberry decided to put that shirt on Lanor, to give him an urban teenage feel. This also makes them look like they were out exercising when they ran into Felicia!

Her art is amazing and I love her take on all three characters! Felicia is just the bomb! I just had to see how she would handle them together! :) I love the city she added...the whole thing takes me back to summer of 1993 for some reason. I swear I can feel the cool night air when I look at it! Ah Jurassic Park..LOL.

One of the things that makes commissioning artist great is the different takes on characters they present you with. TonberryKnight felt the ears on Lanor were too big, but I really dug them and asked her to please keep them in!

The original idea had a street light behind the characters. It was taken out to focus more on the city scape.

When I look at all the versions I realize just how much love and attention TonberryKnight gives her customers. Each character was given many additions and changes until she felt the picture was perfect. Going beyond what is expected and incorporating all my wants as well. Thank you TonberryKnight you're Top Cat in my book!

Check out all the great stuff at Class Comics!!!


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