Monday, May 11, 2009

Boys of Eocensual by Ink-b

Hi everyone! This is Diams Smilo, based on a sketch I did, brought to life by the fabulous Ink-b! A saber tooth tiger Felinoid type character from my and Ink-b's series of Prehistoric Mammal men I am not calling Eocensual! Based on the therm Eocene Epoch.

Diams, named by Ink-b is in his early 20's, a proud hunter and cut!

Ink-b is a dear friend who loves to draw my creations! We talk all the time and he is talents and speed is outstanding.

Check out this gorgeous picture of Dimata relaxing under a tree in the brief summer months. Looks like something from a story book. Just wondrous.

And now we have a the bad guy for the series Lil'Deep!

This is Ink-b's creation based on an older character of his. Lil-Deep is an ancient Megalodon shark boy.

Ink-bs Description of him:

He is the likable bad guy of the series. He is bi and he loves to fuck hunters like Diams as much as 5 times a day! Many fear his huge dick. He really loves it when Smilo gives him a blow job. Diams Smilo however does not want to bottom for him, which upsets Lil-Deep to the point of anger! His greatest pleasure in life comes from hanging out with his crew of misfits pirates!


  1. I see you made a real interesting character thar! :B I like the teeth, or fangs or what have you. I'd say Ink-b has become someone you have depended on muchly to help you with OCs, and I bet you could really chisel out a really nice few because of it. :3 lol he naked too. XD

    okay so yeah... XD;

  2. at first the idea to make guys melted with ancient creatures seemed kinda silly but now i see the results and are really cool o_o

    great designs...soo hawt, and Ink-b have the talent to m¿bring them into shap x3

    Diams Smilo must be my favorite o_o

  3. Thanks guys! XD As you can see the cast is growing everyday!



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