Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Naldeep the Embalmer and gifts for my Buddies...FallenAngel and Ink-B

Naldeep is the best Embalmer in all of Egypt. He's so good he can whip a brain out of a nostril in one slight twist of his wrist. He is about 16 years old, has a slim build and has always had grey hair. Naldeep wears much more covering then the other characters in the series. He also sports a lot of Ankhs, a symbol of life and immortality. Naldeep was created to be a love interest for Jamun. He has a huge crush on her and would do anything to get to know her better. Jamun is unfortunately uninterested in anyone who makes an average living. (Plus the whole touching dead bodies all day thing isn't working much in his favor either.)
Naldeep is a quiet and shy young man. Dealing with the dead constantly has driven him to seek comfort in the strangest of things. His constant companion is his mummified Nile gator Snappy-tep. He often places him on his shoulder, or carries him around and still talks to him as if he is alive. The other cast members are often left wondering if the thing is truly dead as dust, or not. A master of the macabre, knows a lot about the undead and the underworld. This is of great interest to Fatep. She often calls upon him for assistance in her adventures. This is all good for Naldeep, as it means he might be able to get close to Jamun.

This is Fallenangels spectacular take on him:

He took my sketches and truly gave him life. I was totally blown out of the water by this one. Just look at the amount of details in the background. Fallen had way too much fun here! The store sign is just too funny. :P The book is perfect. I was just looking for a nice profile picture of him and as always Fallen went above and beyond adding in Snappy-tep. He drew him much bigger and more plush in appearance then I had drawn up. I like this a lot. I makes him much more cute and huggable. ^o^ I like Fallens idea of Mummu taking on a part time job to model in his store window. Today he is in for repairs... :) He created the perfect work environment for Naldeep! Thank so much man.
I could not have wished Naldeep to come out any closer to my original design. He's awesome.

Well because FallenAngel has done so many characters for me, I wanted to create something for him. He likes the younger characters so last night during my drive home I came up with this little guy I call Twinky Tut.

This young man was blessed with an eternal tan and golden blond hair. He is an excellent warrior, master swordsman and an expert Falconer. His weapon is the dapper Damascus sword. A magical weapon the seems to be smiling constantly. He would love to usurp Pyis in the Palace Guards and even marry Fatep. He soon learns he is adored by woman and becomes a bit of a celebrity. (Three woman constantly follow him.) He is full of himself and a total show-boater. He is quick on his feet. He is so adored that if he faints, someone will always be there to catch him. ;) His sparkling gold loin cloth is a thong in the back... He has a soft down of white hairs on his bum. :P

Ink-B and I are fans of Sean from Street Fighter. I wanted to get a little something for him, so I asked Demona to do up a cute Chibi for him. She had a wicked idea for Sean and as you will see, made one spot on adorable Chibi!!! Thanks Demona! :)

Flip the bird to what ever brings you down Ink-B! :P
This Chibi has a lot of nice details in the shading and stuff. I really like how the finger nails were giving a bit extra care. ^^ Sean is really naughty here...he reminds me of a Koopa Kid for some reason.

More to come soon!

50 Years of a Gay old Time, Flintstones STYLE Contest!

This is it folks, it took awhile, but the next contest is The 50th Anniversary of my most favorite cartoon of all time, The Flintstones!!!

The Grand Prize shall be $50!

The Flintstones was a series that met social issues in a light hearted way. I bet, had it gone on, there would have been some gay neighbors. Heck, even Archie has a gay character now! They were going to do a series called the Blackstones, during the 70's.

The rules for this contest are really lose and open.

There will be two categories! Yep! You can submit Black and White and Full colour images. Prizes will be given for both. This will give artists that are stressed for time a chance to enter.

Full contest rules are as follows:

1. Entries should be of an erotic, or sexual nature.

-Please try to sexy up the cast, I am not looking for exact versions of the characters. Feel free to do characters in your own style.

-Feel free to create Anthro versions of the characters.

-You may create your own original cast members.

-Your may use your own original characters and place them in Bedrock.

-Use famous TV series characters, movies, Manga, Comics, other Hanna Barbara stars, anything meeting, or visiting the city of Bedrock. This includes live action TV shows! Remember the Flintstones was always doing this back in the day.

2. More then one character in each image is welcome.

3. More then entry into either category is acceptable as well.

4. Please No shota, however tasteful images of the Flintstone kids is acceptable as well.

The prizes are as follows:

Color Entries:

$50 Grand Prize
$30 Second Prize
$25 Third Prize
$15 Fourth Prize
$10 Fifth Prize

Black and White Entries:

$20 Grand Prize
$15 Second Prize
$10 Third Prize
$6 Fourth Prize.

The dead line is August 20th. However if there is a demand for it, I can lower the contest deadline..

I think I will be doing the voting poll on this site for a change.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Maduinshorn Presests DinsoaurPrince Kingdom Cross over with the KensouDojo!

A little while ago I became infatuated with the character Ajax created by the artist KensouDojo. I saw a lot of collabs and things go up featuring his characters. KensouDogo seemed to be a very friendly person, with his constant comments and enthusiastic pictures. So I threw caution to the wind and decided to contact him regarding a possible cross over commission. Turned out he was very much into the idea. XD I suggested that he pick from any of my characters, especially the human ones. He chose Roshawn, my Indian stud and I asked him what kind of sexual act he would like to see the boys perform. Maduinshorn was called into action, as KensouDojo had mentioned to me how much he liked his art. Mario is PERFECT for creating a scene featuring Ajax. He knows how to do thick juicy muscle men as we have seen so much on this site. What I am about to reveal here tonight is his version of Ajax that is beyond magnificence.

Roshawn and Ajax have been spending many nights at the gym together. The swimmer has beefed up under Ajax tutelage. One night, their passions aflame, Ajax pulls off his shorts and allows Roshawn to suck him to completion right in the middle of their work out. Nothing is going to stop these boys from pumping iron though!

Like with Lil Deep Maduinshorn is really pushing the big muscle mass and body size here! Ajax as I said is amazing. His arm is a mass of muscles! His chest is perfectly heaving and stretched to the limit. I love the shine he added to these wonderful nipples on both guys. Mario really did a great job making these guys glisten under the hot gym lights. They sparkle. Shows just how pumped and tight they are.

I really love how he has done Roshawn this time around. His abs and chest look like soft chocolate bars that need some licking.. XD His hair is just wow..love how long it hangs. His body and cock are making me sweat! Hee hee Roshawns giant uncut dick rubbing against that light skinned leg would feel great for both parties. Maduishorn was really good at showing Rowshans arm buckle under the weight of the dumbbell, by making the muscles under his arms so tight and stuck out. Excellent touch!
Roshawans legs are built like a Roman gods, though not many had great sneakers like those on their feet. XD

Rashawns gorgeous eyes are transfixed on the perfect abs that Maduinshorn created for Ajax. What I like the most on him is that huge booty and those big hang low balls he did up. I am started to become more of an ass man, then I used to be!due to all these recent works. :P

Thanks again Maduinshorn and thank you KinsouDojo for allow this match up to happen. Enjoy everyone.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Street Fighters Dee Jay, a surprise from Adonix

Hey guys! Just a quick blog today. Last night Adonix wanted to draw something for the fun of it, so I randomly suggested Dee Jay from Street Fighter. Well, not so random, we had talked about our love of this guy in the past. Hey anyone that can kick Ryus ass and then proceed to have a maraca party after RIGHT afterward is awesome in my books. Dee Jay was one of my favorite characters and I am happy they brought him back. (I like the upbeat ones alright? XD)

Here is Adonixs beautifully vibrant take on him!

That is the biggest most mischievous smile I ever saw Adonix do...this guy is not letting you leave till he gets that cock up your ass! Don't even think of escaping..you are gonna have a good time.. XD
This is what Adonix calls a fast sketch. I couldn't tell cause it's so well done and freaking hot! That chest is so tight. That effect is exemplified by the shine of the skin he created. The chest, face, arms and abs stand out so well, nice and smooth due to Adonix's extraordinary colouring job. He made the skin on all over his body look nice and tight looking. Like he just came out of the shower after working out for 2 hours..did it get hot in here?
The cock is huge and thick, just the way I like it...but what really made me smile about it was the cute curly pubes growing at it's base. Nice sexy touch!
Thanks Adonix, this was very sweet of you my friend. I love him!

OH and here is a another surprise. Last year Adonix drew this picture of Young Little Deep and a Pirate he created named Big Mak. Lil'Deep is not fully grown yet, but his cock even here is so big and thick!! He still built to perfect and so sweet as only Adonix can draw him. Adonix actually made a comic to go with this. I really love this pirate Mak. Adonix drew him a couple times and I hope he will continue to do so and give him a back story. I dig sexy bald men. XD The tattoo is pure wickedness.

Enjoy guys, cause there is more to cum!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Men of the Sea and Snow! Wonderful works of Crusiz's, Ink-B, Lastmanouthere and Demona.

Hey guys! I got more then just a blog post today! I got some questions too, that I hope to get a bit of feedback on. I saw Toy Story 3 today. Great movie, very sad though. Bring some tissues!
First off I have to spring out this most gorgeous masterpiece ever created by Crusiz. His Barbarians in the Snow!

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG..sorry but OH MY GOD! This image is way to pretty to be bestowed upon little me! Crusiz has outdone himself with this! Look at the skin. I thought I was gonna have a heart attack and die!!! Cause Conan alone is to die for! Man that skin is SMOOTH! I love the perspective on him and that crazy hot pose. He is just thrusting that uncut cock into He-Mans mouth, enjoying that view of Dimatas massive cock explosion. HA HA HA, Dimata gots cum all over his tusks!!!!He will have cumcicles!!!! Now that is creative.

What a cock he gave him too. It's so big and thick in the middle. That would stretch out the mightiest warriors ass way into next week. XD Yep I loved Cruzis Dimata so much I wanted him to draw him again. He made him even hotter. Those side burns still rock hard. Beautifully highlighted hair. He towers above the two barbarian hunks, just as I was hoping. That dildo was all Crusiz, hee hee, nice touch. I think he is shoving his tail up there too! LOL. ^o^
His colouring has come a long way and it's just amazing. Hell, it was amazing before, now it's mind blowing! Really love Conas big chest and huge body. The shine on his cock head is spectacular. His perfect skin and bright smile all come together to form a perfect beast! XD

I drew this up stick man style for Crusiz and he added so much to it.
Originally I wanted He-Man cut, but when I saw the final and sketch I went for uncut. I know Cruzis would easily have changed it at any point, had I said anything (He is great that way let me tell you.) But I liked his work way too much and got one of my uncontrollable foreskin cravings when I saw it. XD It has such a great design. Mmmmm his He-man is such a blond stud. He did a spectacular job on him. I love his eyes and how much he is enjoying that cock!!! Excellent body, soft big balls and nice take on his costume. The background really adds a sense of place and time to the image. A rolling field at the edge of a pine forest, this is great stuff! It's like a naughty Christmas card!
You can tell Crusiz spent a lot of time on this and was having a good time with it too. Thank you my friend! I can't wait till you open shop again. You should take a nice long break and relax after this one! LOL.

(I have been requesting a lot hands behind the heads these days.. XD)

Next up I have a 3 big surprises premiering on my blog!

First off a really nice gift from Lastmanouthere. What a dear heart he is. He has done so much for me these last few weeks, I just can't thank him enough. He shocked me with this about a week ago. He was inspired by my art and Crays take on my serpent man and wanted to give him a go. I kissed Lastman for this one! He asked me lots of questions and wanted to give me some variations. We talked a lot about it. See I wanted to give him an Asian look, so Lastman did up a skin tone that was not tanned as deep, to more match the model that had inspired his creation. I think this gave him an even more Asian look to be honest. To match this Lastmanouthere also gave him a slightly brown penis head, something you see often enough in real life, but not as much in erotic art.

Of course we both love Crays tanned design. He gave him a tan befitting a muscle stud who spent the whole day basking in the sun as well! He could not look hotter.
He even went ahead and tried different variations on the tail. What do you guy think, Skin coloured, or green? That is my question today.

Behold his image, I found so hot, I had a hard time keeping my hands on the keyboard... XD

Well he turned out fantastic! His muscles could not be harder and more sexy. I adore his eyes, they are very fitting as they are perfectly Asian in design. Lastmanouthere really added a lot to him. He gave him very neat new frills that are soft and gentle looking to the touch. I like how they are flopping over. ^o^ We went for an all pink design to keep the colours a little less loud. I think that works great. It has helped me decided that, that is gonna be his colour from now on.
He was nonstop creative with him and added to his tattoo too. A pure genius move was to give the sea monster a wave under his base, like a common arm band style tattoo, but unlike any I have ever seen! Wicked stuff, another piece that will be forever added him thanks to his creative input!

That background is just so beautiful..the last moments of the day fading into darkness...this is what summer days are about! Just trying to hold on to the day as long as you can. Sitting out by the pool long after you should have gone in. ^_^ It's like he has been cooked in the sun all day and now, his tan and body cooling, is taking one last sip of coconut milk, before getting up and releasing the pressure from his loins. You can feel the heat sizzle off of his skin. He would be so smooth to the touch and smell of sweet of tanning oil baked into his muscles.... XD Ha ha ha, can you tell I like it?
His skin looks so soft and creamy. It made me cream! HA! Really though, it is SMOOTH. :)

Also we were thinking of a name. Ink-B suggested Hydronis and I thought maybe Ling Hydronicus...what do you guys think?

Speaking of Ink-B, let's bring out Inks newest piece of breath taking work, Mako from TigerSharks! My god, does Ink-B outdo himself every time as well, or what? This is the sexiest guy wearing a wet suit I have ever seen! XD Ink did something a little different, he asked me if he could do the human version of Mako and I said sure man, he's hot!!!! Ink made him 100 times sexier then his in the cartoon! Check it out!

My latest greatest commission from Ink-B is Mako the Hero of Tigersharks as never seen before. Ink gave him a wonderful muscle bound body worthy of the greatest porn stars! He had a lot of fun combining elements of his shark form and human identity. The scales and the shine make him look so smooth and hunky. Love the big chest and how he highlighted all the muscles on his perfect frame are. He really brought out every curve on him. He is so perfectly built. That cock is wicked dangerous! XD The skin tones in the face make him look so alive and handsome. His eyes sparkle. The eyes of a pure hearted hero. As always Ink lips are something of legend. He never ceases to capture my heart with his incredible faces.

Ink tells me he spent most of the day on this and i would not doubt it. Looking over the water effects alone took me ten mins. There is just so much detail, though I must admit my eyes kept getting transfixed on that perfect face! It's so angelic, how it is tilted, with those really cool eyebrows and his pointy ears...I am swooning. XD Thank you Ink, you are a wonder!

Now one more Mako! Something fun and cute from Demona! There is Chibbi Mako perfectly done by her. He has the curtest eyes and such a big head! He's totally sharky and adorable. Yet just a bit creepy, like a Devilman creature. LOL, I love him!!! I got to watch her draw him from scratch. Didn't take her long at all. Before I knew it she was done! She added a nice mystical wave effect to go with him. LOL I just had a funny follow up idea..but that will come later... XD Enjoy this mischievous little bugger guys and see you next time. (I am so bad a writing up Chibi Praise, forgive me Demona...he rocks so much!)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Urbanmusq Presents Disney Meets Dreamworks Plus a Karulox Surprise!

Got two more hot images to share today that were created by Urbanmusiq. This guy works fast! He did all these commissions in just a few days. I hardly had time to write a thank you before he was sending me another sketch, or completed image!
We are BOTH big fans of Kale from Sinbad. For the first image I threw a couple ideas at him that I liked and he actually combined them into into one giant surprise. See I had an idea of Herc and Kale Posing and looking at each other, getting turned on by their muscles and the other was just of them having sex, with Kale being Hercs bitch. XD Hee hee..well here is the genius combined results:

Kale takes it like a Man. Look at the grip his ass has on Hercs cock!! How hot is that? XD He has it perfectly straddled in. Urban you are a pure master of man sex. ^o^

It's rare for me to approve a pose from the back of the character. This one however looked too good to pass up on. He gave Kale wonderful shoulders, a beautiful back and an epic ass as I noted above..I could not resist.

Hercules face is such a delight. His eyes sparkle in the babiest shade of blue I have ever seen. His huge smile, brings a grin to my own face every time I look at this. Herc is having the time of his life. He is gonna burst from happiness ^_^ The captioning of course is all Urban as well. I love captions!!!! XD Especially when I can pictures Kales sexy voice. Urban nailed Herc and Kale. Love Kales torpedo head and how the neck connects it to the back, it's perfectly on scale to the characters original design. There is some nice details here, like the shine on Kales head..oh, not his human head. That is good too, but the penis head actually is darker from the piss head to the end of the crown, but lighter on both sides. That gives it a nice shine, showing it is stretching out.. XD

I liked his take on Kale and Hercules so much that I asked for more of them. I had to see him do them from the front. Kales pecs are legendary. This time Herc is on the receiving end of things. We also added another player. After seeing Urbans kicks ass Aladdin and Jasmin I wanted to him to include his version of Aladdin in this commission.

I sketched this one out as best as I could and explained what I wanted. It turned out awesome, especially when he added the sensual night time background. The men really stand out as visions of perfection against the Agrabah backdrop. Mmm I can smell the sweet summer air.

I love how relaxed they all are here. Kale is just enjoying every thrust, he is in no rush. This dude is just enjoying every moment. I love how Urbanmusiq got his muscles to shine in the moon light. He has a bit of Asian, an almost elfish quality to his face, especially his gorgeous eyes, just like he did in the movie. Great touch man! This Kale is even more ripped then the movie version. What a perfect body!!! It's hot how the abs trickle down into his spiky pubes, perfectly done.
Oh that ass... XD Even in this picture it just wont' quit! Pulls eyes away...

Aladdin is a little embarrassed, but that isn't bugging him too much. He's rock hard. My god, his eyebrows would melt cold steel. They make him so innocent and adorable!!! I insisted Urban use the nose he have him in his fan art. I really love this cute face!! XD He gave him a really muscular body too. Not just thin like he is in the movie. This Aladdin has been hanging around Herc and Kale and has gotten buff! His hair is very soft looking, nice and puffy!
Herc looks like he is chowing down on the tastiest piece of beef ever! My god, he is starving for Arabian Cock and is not going to let go till Aladdin releases!!! HOT STUFF!!! XD

As always Leon is a total delight to commission. He really cares about his art and making his customers perfectly happy. A huge bonus is the cocks out version he did. Kale is done and Herc is gonna work Aladdins shaft with his hand. Leon asked me if I wanted Aladdin cut, or uncut. I told him to surprise me! XD It's a gorgeous cut cock and very fitting since many Arabian men are indeed circumcised.

Keeping with the Disney Tone today I commissioned a quick sketch from the wonderful artists Karulox on Y!Gallery. You all should recall he did a really sexy Bionic Commando for me this past winter. Well I got a hankering for Herc these days, so I asked him to draw up the Zero to Hero. This was the first time he did Disney Style and the results could not be better!!! The Sketch was so awesome I just had to ask him to add some colour to it. I hope you guys like it as much as I do! Check out his sketchy masterpiece! LOL.

OH Hercs eyes literally made my heart skip a beat and sink into my tummy. I ordered a Herc with a huge fat dick and extra thick foreskin and Karulox not only delivered, he added great touches like dark balls and a nice dark foreskin ensnaring around Hercs to die of pink head. You just want to stick your finger under there and stretch it out as far as you can. That is a foreskin I would play with for hours! XD Oh that stare..he is transfixed on that cock. Nothing is gonna break him away from it till it cums. Love the shoulder placement. One up and one slightly done, is very sexy. He is grooving as he jerks off! XD Nice red on the bum! That was cute. He's all tender down there. Ha! Hercs skin tone is a perfect tan. Man this takes me back to the days when I would collect everything from this movie. Like the 12 inch figures I had of Herc and Meg and gave away....sigh.
He did up a beautiful background with a view of the ocean from Phils island. Herc's enjoying himself after doing thousands of laps! XD Karolux is amazing. He did this up really quickly and talked to me the whole time. He was full of great questions and is a pleasure to watch work. You can see why he is so popular very quickly. A very charming young man!

Thanks guys! You made some major Disney Dreams come true, I can tell you that! XD

Monday, June 21, 2010

Manly Men of the Ice and Snow By Caravaggia, MiOworks and Maduinshorn Plus a Sirio Surprise!

Remember the sexy Ice Climbers that Nookiedog created last year? Well now they are back! Yes after months and months of trying to use them in a new idea, I finally had a good idea and sent it to the amazing artist MiOworks to produce it. Poor MiOworks has been banned for Y!Gallery at the moment. So I am happy to be able to present this sensual masterpiece collaboration between himself and Caravaggia who provided such wonderful colours as she always does. (Run on sentence much..)
What do you guys think of it? :)

Yep Ice He-Man is back! LOL. I do so love him! And he is just fantastic! He's so shy and innocent, but that massive uncut dick says he is ready to break free of that Facade! XD Is he hot, or what? I could not resist having this king of Bara take on the King 80's warriors. He is a beauty from head to toe! Check out his sexy legs! Caravaggia was great at really exemplifying every sexy curve and muscle on the guys with her magic brush. Especially that super perfect ass on Popo!!! MiOworks really outdid himself on the cocks and butt! He kept in the boys phimosis and gave them sexy 'lips' that stick up nicely. Caraggia was kind enough to add in some features like white in the Ice Climbers eyes and beautiful blue irises. The blush she gave He-Man could melt the snow! XD HA! All in all one of my favorite pictures of He-Man. It was pure delight to watch this come together. It was really important to me and I even drew up the sketch. XD (Poor MiOworks..XD) I new it was in best hands though. The whole thing is topped with a soft wind and light snow wisping past the men. Will they make love in the snow?

OMG this almost became a commission nightmare due to a translation problem. I wanted Caravaggia to colour in a line that she missed and she thought I wanted to reline the entire image! I could have died!!! She is a real trooper and was ready to watch a ton of episodes to actually get the look just right! LOL, I quickly e-mailed her what I wanted (Just a couple vein like lines in the armor that got missed, a two second job.) and she must have breathed the biggest sigh of relief....As well as took the knife out of my Voodoo doll... XD Oh man, I gotta be more careful how I word things.

Do you guys think I should ask for some follow ups from MiO?

Well I loved how she was doing this He-Man and asked her for more He-Man love! Have you guys noticed how wicked her chests and abs have gotten? I mean, I always loved 'em, but she has made them really dark and deep. She applied this here. This was really fun, cause I wanted her to do Conan and He-Man having a good time in HER style. She used He-Mans cape as a blanket. (I am finding lots of people love this idea.) And poured her cute sexy style all over these comic book legends!

Crom take it you Virgin slut.. XD

Really love He-Mans skin tone with those Nipples. XD Ha ha ha, I had to ask for them to be that pink. After she worked so hard on the MiOworks image, Caraggia must have really gotten to know He-Mans outfit, cause she did it very perfectly indeed. Love the face on Conan and the placement of his hair. Really nice ice background too! HA HA HA, He-Man hit the icicle! Better watch out, that is gonna melt and put your eye out. :P Or worse Conan will use it as a very cold Dildo!!!!

The other night, I was refusing to go to Slumberland, so I started to look for a random old TV Special. There was this Christmas special where people travel to space to find a Christmas star. It's some late 80's cartoon. No idea what it was called, but I think it came out in 86, or 87. Anyway I didn't find it. I did however rediscover a very cool show that was long forgotten by me. TIGERSHARKS! From the creators of Thundercats, this show just rocked so much! How is there no fan art of it???? XD Well I am proud to announce that there will be a whole WAVE of art coming. Especially of the lead Mako. Look out Rikuo! This Childhood love may just usurp you my friend..I am so shocked I forgot about this great cartoon.

I showed him to Sirio and she was delighted to draw him. In fact, she was so excited she did him up in less then 24 hours!!! We fiddled with a few posses and went for this one. Really love her take on him. She even added some cute bubbles coming from his mouth. That is one well positioned penis. The purple head fits perfectly. Is it me, or does he remind you of a Go Nagai character too? Like he feel out of Devilman, or something. Which is a really cool thing. Thanks Sirio, I was so hyped that you did this for me! He's lovely!

Okay back to the snow and ice!!! One final image, Maduinshorns latest wonder, Dimata and Smilo enjoying each other, in a little place I call Tundra Meadows:

In the Museum world of Prehistoric Paradise, there is said to be a place, high above the Caveman Suburbs. A field that rises gradually to the very tip of the atmosphere. They say that if you stand up and reach out, you can grab the very stars. It is here that Smilo and Dimata come often to lay together in quiet and solitude.

I already knew that Mario does Dimata magnificently, but he really went all out here. Love this huge cock, it's so trunk like! LOL. I think it's even bigger then before! :) And the details under his arm alone are enough to stare at for hours. These guys are buff! Smilo is brick house! He gave Smilo a super hot flat buzz cut style, that I love!! XD That floppy dick resting against Dimatas abs looks so warm and sticky. XD So hot..These boys are gonna melt the ice age...Mario did a great job giving the image a sense of wonder and mystery as well. The sunset is beautiful and the mist by the cliffs edge adds a sense of wonder and height to the image. The Space scene is very soft and peaceful looking, like you are looking at city lights through a rainy windshield. Very beautiful my friend. I tip my hat to you.

Mario did such a great job, I had to show you guys a close up of the boys. Here they are! You can really see all the great details in their muscles and Dimatas cock. What a romantic image...sigh..you just gotta sigh when you see something as sweet as this. :)

Bonus! The line art of MiOworks masterpiece! Enjoy!

Egypt Story Fleshing out the Cast FallenAgnel, Urbanmusiq and Maduinshorns takes

For the last few months FallenAngel, Lastmanouthere, Maduinshorn and Urbanmusiq have been working on various images of my Egypt Story characters. This is a series that is very dear to me. Each image is so exciting to see. So today I will be presenting them, each with a bit of a bio. I am going to do things a bit differently. I am going to explore the characters, more then talk about the individual images. The artists all know how much I love it creations they did.

FallenAngel has taken on the most images thus far and I have not published them online as yet. Fallen is a total blast to watch do these characters. He has so many questions and sends so many funny images to me. He gets me thinking of new stories and characters constantly. Paving the way for me to think of character interactions as well. Mario has given me so many sketches over the last few months I really have to share them with you guys. He is a great inspiration to me, due to his words of encouragement as well as his breathtaking art.

Jamun Akuman II and her dog Dyphun.

Jamum in full colour playing her instrument outside of the palace, probably waiting for Pyis, or Cleo to walk her home. She looks very sweet and tired here. Just relaxing after a long day of dealing with Fateps requests and many schemes, no doubt.
She was the first character I choose due to her sexy body and wild hair. :P

I really dig little Dyphun. It was fun to watch FallenAngel do this. He had so many questions about her and her hair. I joked about the how balds she is. She is shaved down except for bangs that grows out the side of her head and the top palm tree style hair coming out of her head. I said to him maybe she is bald and it is really a wig and he drew some really funny images of her taking off her hair and shocking her friends. He even created a cute coffin for her.

She is very beautiful here. Love her sweet face and head. Fallen reduced the number of hairs her had from 6, to 4, which looks really great. The pose is perfect and the background lovely. It got me thinking about her typical day.

Dark Jamun

Very dramatic pose of Jamun playing Frisbee with her Dog Dyphun as done by Maduinshorn. ^_^ My jaw dropped when I opened up this wonderful gift from Mario. It's so vibrant. This has so much going on. You can feel Jamuns glee, her hair is wild and alive in the wind, as the camera swoops by. Beautiful eyes make her sparkle like a genie!

The first sketch Fallen did of Jamun and Pyis, he included Dyphun too! I thought this was going to be the commission pose, but he had bigger plans. :)

Age 16
Profession: Professional Minstrel and DJ at her fathers club.
She has had many adventures and stopped just as many from happening, being the life long friend of Fateps.
Jamun is fairly perky and easy going. She represents the common man of Egypt. Her main goal in life is gather enough money to finance a perfect tomb. Why? Simple, the better the tomb, the better an afterlife you will receive. At least this is her thinking. She doesn't want to be a slave for all Eternity. Her obsession with death is pretty unnerving, even for an Egyptian. She hardly spends money and wears only the most basic, cheapest bikini outfit. Not that any of the men complain....

Fatep the Pharaoh:
Motto: 'A Pharaoh can do anything, my rule has no limits.'
Age 16:
Occupation: Ruler of Egypt, just not the official Pharaoh.

A head strong, depressed young woman. Fatep has lost her entire family. Her father, the person she cared the most for in all the world, died years ago. She refuses to take his place. She denies death has to be final and is obsessed with bring him back from the dead. Fatep is self centered in many ways, but has a lot of compassion for her people. Despite her claims to not want to be Pharaoh, she does lead the country and is not bad at it. Her reasons for not wanting this position stem deeper then just depression, or laziness.
Here she is seen berating her self appointed court adviser, Mammu. Fatep has little time for this undead abomination and his constant know it all attitude. Since he is undead he can heal very quickly. Once she discovered this..she was anything but kind in her physical treatment of him. Mammus story is not so simple as basic resident mummy....

Fallen did a great job depicting her. I wanted her to have a really deep tan. Fatep has no breast and it must have been kinda shocking for FallenAngel when I asked him to remove the ample ones he gave her. She wears a large chest plate to conceal this fact. Originally I had the plate only covering the front, but FallenAngel added in some metal Armour around her back for the fun of it. It's a great addition and adds a bit of strength to her overall design. I love the wing design he did, I was never happy with my design. He even added some personality to her snake!
One thing that I wanted prominent are her eyebrows, which I always drew as way too big for her face. Probably influenced a lot by my favorite comic strip character Garfield. It helped emphasis her 'better then everyone', conceited self.

FallenAngel also expanded on Mammus design too. Giving him an Egyptian head dress under his wrapping and a bit a skirt. It was cool of him to always want to give back so much. ^_^

This is Maduinshorns amazing Fatep done with an online program called Scribblertoo. He made a crystal princess!!! WOW! I can't imagine ever trying to conceive something so complicated in my own mind. :) He said it was fun and easy..but it still blows my mind every time I see it, despite his thoughts on the process.

Fallen took my sketches of Pyis along with Maduinshorns and created a wonderful sexy and cartoony version of him. He positioned him like an Egyptian hieroglyphic! He got his hair perfect and gave him a much more built body then I had drawn. (I had a more of a strong swimmers build in mind years ago what lacked abs.) I love the way he did him. So much so that I asked for more a lot more! Fallen was kind enough to present me with Pyis on my birthday, in his birthday suite!

Pyis: 18 ?
Pyis is Fateps personal body guard and also her other best friend.
Pyis was a very interesting character for me. When I first started to draw these characters in college and even do up stories, he was not very prominent. He was just the muscle and his design varied a lot. Most of his original pictures had him wearing a typical Pharaoh hat, expressionless with lowered eyebrows. I usually had him doing some feat of strength like, carrying Fatep, or lifting her with one hand, or battling a creature.
This stayed the same for about 2 years, then I started to draw up some sort of back story. In my head I could hear the voices of Fatep, Jamun, Mammu, etc. But Pyis never had a voice. He was always just sentinel, smiling, or laughing and very shy. So I decided to make him mute. That's kinda boring, so I gave him a couple ways to talk. For years I had him holding up stone slabs with speech on it. Then recently, Lastmanoutheres images of him with his Ibis gave me the idea that the bird could talk for him. Still a bit strange I guess. Pyis's story is fairly interesting. He didn't come to this position very easily, he had to sacrifice a lot. He did it all for Fatep, who he has been madly in love with since he was 12, Fatep was 14 at the time. Hmmm starting to wonder about the age difference huh?
Pyis is always ready to lend a helping hand and fiercely protects Fatep. He actually really likes Cleo too. That's mostly cause he is oblivious to Cleos constant advances and views him as a helpful little brother. (Even though he is older.) XD

Jamun running to the palace in the early morning hours. Each day she mad dashes it to get there on time. Here Pyis is caught off guard by his friend.
Thanks Pyis!! This is an image based on an idea for the opening sequence. I may ask Fallen to do the whole thing one day. I love his little Kabob stand with the finger pointing up. Ha ha ha, cute! Jamun is constantly late for her job at the palace. This helps show the contrasting personalities between the two supporting characters.

Cleo by Fallen Angel:

Oh god, how did this happen? Cleo is the resident gay character, so I couldn't help but ask Fallen to make him really hot and sexy!!! He did that and more. Good lord, someone sit on that thick cock, it's gonna explode! Once again Fallen nails my character. I can't express how in tune to my idea of what these guys look like in my mind he gets them.

Cleo: Age 19
Occupation: None really..chasing men!
Cleo is Fateps older cousin from Dongola.
Cleo is a layabout spoiled rich boy from the Valley. His mane activities are chasing down would be lovers. However he is saving himself for Pyis, his one true love.
Cleo is a patron at Jamuns club and a would be performer. His life consists of visiting his cousin and hanging out with her. He, like Jamun is obsessed with cheering her up. He's actually a nice guy, but a bit of a coward.
He had NO plot for the longest time. He was just based on a flamboyant person I worked with who's name was Theo. He was this skinny guy with a lot of stubble on his face. He was really light skinned, so his dark facial hair really stood out like freckles. Sigh..I felt his pain that way. I was cursed with quick growing facial hair as well. Though he was much worse off then me. Anyway he became a friend and inspired the character slightly. But I only drew Cleo a couple times and never really liked how I drew him. The only concept I came up with was a story of him coming to the palace and trying to seduce Pyis with some love potions. His intentions were not very pure. :O I think Ukyo from Ranma was an even bigger influence then my friend.

I had to work on that. I was not sure how a character like him would fit in beyond one story and so never really drew him again. After all that has gone on with my life due to all these projects, I am not more confident in using a gay character. I wanted to give some more love and a better role, not to mention an entirely new design. I won't show his original sketches. He was a wisp of thing, with a long pony tail and skirt like toga.
I started from scratch and used the art of Ubranmusiq along with a Kristen Bjorn model for inspiration and guidance when creating him. I am pretty happy with the results. Originally he was to be cut. Ha, I reffed an uncut dong when drawing him and it stuck. One of his greatest desires in my head was to get Pyis in bed cause he thinks he is uncut and all Egyptian guys are cut at 13. So he has never played with a foreskin. XD But I am going to switch that up a bit.

The first person to draw Cleo was Maduinshorn. He drew him grabbing a very startled Pyis, while sitting at a club. I really really love his take on Cleo. He made him a real aggressive character. He has a devilish look to him that fits perfectly. Really great take on his hair and this solidified his bigger build. This is the only instant where Cleo is brave outgoing individual. Thanks Maduinshorn, as always you give me strength. :)

I personally had a lot of fun creating and drawing him. it took many tries, but I think I finally got him. He's evolved even beyond what is below in my shitty style. XD His hair went though a lot of stages. I tried to use a model to base it on, but went my own path in the end. I wanted him to have some special eyebrows and sideburns. I think it's kinda early 90's. Man...he looks nothing like the guy that inspired him... XD

The latest Urbmanusiq Masterpiece! Nile Bath!

This is actually part of a story. Cleo having his way and bathing with Pyis? Looks like his precum is uncontrollable...As usual Pyis doesn't realize what is going on behind him. This is of course, a bit out of character for both. So what lead up to this point? I would love to do the full comic of this. Any takers?

These guys are so handsome and this is so romantic, you can hear the Kas singing..(Look it up, Epptian ref.) XD Some days I am not too sure how people will take my characters. A friend of mine told me he didn't care to much for Celo when I first showed him images I drew. After seeing the images Fallen and Leon did, he remarked on how when I give an artists something, they can take the concept and create something truly wonderful. I am mentioning this cause I really felt very proud of the boys at that moment.

Man I really love the colours and the contrast of the skin and sunset! I told Urbanmusiq the story and he added in the Sunset even with me asking for it. Don't you love a uncut cock bathed in the last rays of a hot day? So so hot....
I melted as I gaze upon this work that belongs on the cover of a comic book.

Cleos green gems are penetrating right into Poor Pyis. He has him hooked in that gaze! XD I adore the head shapes on both, especially Pyis big strong chin. The cocks are great. What a nice vein on Pyis penis. Cleos cock is so big and strong with a perfectly thick foreskin. Such a great shaped cock head under the skin.

I told Urban that the hair is one my favorite part of his take on the boys. It makes them stand out so well with the highlights and smooth design you have given it. I feel a nice hair design really completes them, like snow on the peek of a majestic mountain. The same applies for Fallens, Lastmanouthere and Maduinshorns work as well. It's like when you have a good head of hair, every piece falls together beneath it, the sexy faces, the smiles, the thick strong necks, the pecks, the abdomens..just like running water down a mountain. Speaking of looking down, noticed that Urbanmusiq matched the hair on their heads with their pubes!

I don't know when I will get over it, but I constantly remind myself 10 years ago these characters were a dream and that was it...now I you guys have given so much fuel and inspiration. Even if I only do some fun images, I feel like my characters are super stars already.

My art:

This pretty much represents the creative process of Cleo. The first image of him is the one where he has sleeves. From there, I experimented with long lashes, puffy cheeks and various hair styles. I reffed Camili-Cat for his legs and cock. This is how he got to be uncut. Ha, The Patrick Fillion effect! XD

Sketches from around Christmas 2000.

A sneak peek at the next two characters:

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ink-B is all over Boytoons! Urbanmusiqs Demitri Encore, FallenAngels hard core Strider love and More!

Big news for my humble buddy Ink-B! He just made the cover of Boytoons Magazine again! WOOT! This time for his wonderful blog. His Christmas image of Zhan and Cam made it there as well! Check it out guys and girls!

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #195 – Ink B’s Black Sugar!

In celebration here is his take on my still unnamed serpent man!! He did him in his transformed sea monster form..like a mermaid. XD He is really great, (Even though Ink thinks his version is scary.) He has excellent muscles, nice big full chest, a cute face and big strong outstretched arms. Gosh...he really followed my sketch well, except of course he actually looks hot and sexy! I would swim with him... XD

Those goggle sunglasses are so perfectly hot and a little nerdy! XD Awesome addition to his wardrobe and look INK!

If you have been to black sugar you have already seen Inks awesome new modern Day Lil'Deep, he has dubbed Titanic, along with his buddy Koben. Koben talks with a heavy accent.
So I wonder if this Lil'Deep is actually Crokis Deep Transformed by experiments and if so is this the same Lil'Deep reborn? Have to wait till Ink finishes his story, but it leaves a lot of questions unanswered. ^_^

This is a cool Deep huh? That is one HUGE cock head! OMG! HA HA HA I bet that tattoo hurt! XD TITANIC~! LOL You are too awesome my friend!!! :P
Koben is so great I was really happy Ink included him in this image. His hair is really nice and soft looking. He can hide condoms in there.. XD That face is adorable! The cute belly gives him the air of a real person and that realism makes him even more sexy. He is perfect! You should make this your new main OC. The junk food lover!! XD I might have to think of cute ideas for him. I have fallen for him! :P

Urbanmusiq got the new Darkstalkers Graphic Novel and highly recommends it. He claims Donovan to be extra hot in it. More then enough reason for me to pick it up. HA!
Well he was most inspired and as super nice gift, he created a very naughty encore image of Demitri Maximoff for me. How awesome is this?! Check him out, his glowing yellow eyes pierced right into my heart. Seriously..those things caught me off guard. XD

Urbanmusiq really captured the essence of Capcoms classic character. He NAILED his face, nose and chin. Love the highlights in his hair and those big rippling muscles blessing his arms. That thick cut cock, cleanly popped right out of those tight white pants didn't it? Great perspective, it's like I am looking up at him while on my knees, already to service the wanna be king of the night! You know what Leon was lusting for as he drew this up...LOL. Thanks man! This is mouth watering follow up to your Bionic Commando masterpiece!

Ha ha ha, here is a treat, FallenAngel took on Strider and we decided to pair him with the ever lovable Ghostboy. Fallen wanted to take off Ghostboys hood so we could really get a good look at his expression as he takes that gigantic dick all the way up his butt. He doesn't seem to mind, in fact he is encouraging Strider to go deeper! His face is actually one of the sexiest takes on the character I have seen in fan art. Anime perfection! Really love how he did his hair. He got Strider so sexily done in his style. He's nice and big, with a perfect torso, sweet hairy chest and gorgeous flowing hair. This is FallenAngels first take on a Centaur. I think it rocks, so feel free to tell him how you feel. :)

As always Fallen outdoes himself with his epic backgrounds. The forest with the light streaming reminds us that we are still in the beautiful fantasy world of Ordovica. This was great to watch Fallen do and to think of ways to cloth Ghostboy as well. We even decided to put in his little tattoo on his chest. :P Bonus cuteness! Thanks man! I am really impressed with this one and happy you took the time to add so many creative touches.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Joey gets some Love from Busiris and Psycholiki

Back on June first Mr. Busiris had a very special surprise for me. The little minx had swiped Patrick Fillions Joey off this site and went ahead and coloured him for the pure pleasure of it. Now that's a nice surprise. Very bold and daring too! Taking on a piece by the king of gay comics takes a lot courage. He's got some mad skills and a great heart. He is getting really superb at colouring. His teacher the artist Neekko has been guiding this boy well! XD I looked over it a bit and gave him my thumbs up. He actually did two colours of Joeys skin, and was very concerned that it meet my standards of quality. That was very professional of him! Here are the wicked results!

This image became a huge success for Busiris, with over 100 favorites! Awesome!

This is his write up, which is really nice, so I want to perserve it here! XD

Hey! Back again with more coloring collab for your viewing pleasure.
This time I was fortunate to have material created by LOCUS who happens to have some really great lines to work with! I hardly felt any problems while doing this one. Thank you for letting me use this piece! Of course I also have to thank OfflineDinosaurprince for such an interesting character! I like his broad face and the buffness too. And the 'roo feet are really cool. Haha.

Oh and of course this is dedicated as another gift-o for him. <3 to OfflineDinosaurprince! I hope you like this. Since he is nice enough to plug my blog, I do the same! Check it out, ya'll. ^^ dinosaurprinceskingdom····spot.com Anyways, yeah tried to break my mold here, by making him SHINY! I hope it doesn't look bad. It was my first try and I hope to continue to grow and improve. :3 I actually find myself really enjoying coloring naked and porny images. XD; Not too complicated but very interesting material. I try to make the spooge as authentic as I can. lol I hope it shows well. Thanks again to people watching this! I hope you all enjoy, and of course, thanks to Dinosaurprince and LOCUS for allowing me to present it here. <3 I hope you both enjoy it as well. I tried hard! Hehe. This was my reaction:
Hey man thanks for the really awesome job! This was a really cool surprise. Very unique and sexy colour scheme for Joey. You did a great job bringing out his muscles, especially on his legs. Nice shading on the key areas of his shaft and along the bottom of his testicles. You really brought out his feet and made the flexed muscles on his bicep really stand out nicely! Thanks again. :)

Edit! I almost forgot, credit needs given to Neekko for being the biggest help and support while guiding me on shading this as always. Thanks! Sorry I forgot. :0

Thanks so much Busiris! This image is now twice as special, since it includes love from two dear friends.

A couple weeks ago I checked out the artist Psycholiki, on Deviantart. I was very impressed with her takes on Disney, Fox animation and other characters. I saw she offered commissions and asked her if she could take on Joey in a reclined pose. She was not accustomed to doing penises, but was really into drawing his. XD Here I go again, making people draw foreskins and cocks! LOL. The results speak for themselves. All done by hand, Joey is stunningly handsome, with hair all over his body, ne? XD

Joey face is very strikingly handsome. Love the flopping dick!

It has a kinda 90's feature animation feel to it! I just love Joeys body. Yum yum!!! Nice legs, great chest and sexy feet! I would for sure commission this artist again. I really appreciate hand drawn art and this is very sexy!!! She was very easy going and had the image done in about 24 hours. That's great service! Most impressive!

Check out her gallery here:


Okay one more piece of Joey love tonight! The artist Cray not only took on Joey, but my new OC an Asian Body building Sea Serpent man. I have to think of a name for this guy still. I based him on a model I found, combined with the sea monster from the board game Survive. You haven't played a board game till you have tried this old title. I could do a whole blog on that game! I think I will XD.
Well Cray made the boys really super beefy and sexy. I just wanted to see them posing and getting hot looking at each other. I think the Serpent will be a fellow boxer, a friendly rival of Joeys. Cray did a wonderful job following my basic design of him and adding some nice features such as the curls on the scales. I was very happy with the image.

Cray's muscle bound mega hit! XD I really love how Joeys skin contrasts so well with his wild blond hair and bright blue ascot. Super nice!

Hey Cray, you did a great job on Joey and the unnamed serpent! XD Guess I have to sit and figure out a name for him huh? I love you take on these two, they are so THICK! Nice builds bro! Thanks for taking on my new OC and being the first to do him. Also thanks for helping me with the colours. I have a few new ideas for him and his design and this helps me a lot, in getting a good evaluation of him that is inspiring for me. ^^ Joey is wicked. Love how bright his ascot is on his dark skin. And what wonderful chocolate skin on these boys..wanna lick them all over! XD
Great cocks as always! Thanks so much man!

Thanks Cray, gonna have to get you to take on more of these two some day! ^_^ I think I will change his fins to all be pink and make his tail match the rest of his skin colour. Cray actually showed me him all green. It looked cool and was fitting, but I wanted him to have a more human skin tone.

A couple of my first sketches of him. XD Avert your eyes....XD LOL.

Kid Icaurs 3, The uprising is about to begin!!!!

Oh my gosh, after almost 20 years and many broken promises by Nintendo, it's Coming! One of my favorite NES characters is finally returning and it's on 3DS...next year..noooooooooooooooo! I have to wait till next March?
Can I hibernate till then? XD Since a huge portion of this site is dedicated to Pit, I thought this warrants a blog post. I am not gonna look up anything about this game till it comes out. Nintendo was making me happy with more Side Scrollers, like Donkey Kong and Kirby, but finding this game had me pretty much in tears. I had to do a double take while on a video game site today. I feel like I have been waiting for this day since I was 14.
Here is some images of Kid Icarus, Medusa and Palutena, plus a character round up bonus poster from the first game! I wonder how many will show up in the new game?

Medusa in her human form. This is the first time Nintendo ever released any official art of her like this. You only got to see her like this for a brief time at the end of the game. I wouldn't doubt she appears like this first, then changes into her monstrous Cyclops form after you defeat her.

I have not been this hyped for a game since NightWarriors on Sega Saturn.


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