Friday, June 25, 2010

Street Fighters Dee Jay, a surprise from Adonix

Hey guys! Just a quick blog today. Last night Adonix wanted to draw something for the fun of it, so I randomly suggested Dee Jay from Street Fighter. Well, not so random, we had talked about our love of this guy in the past. Hey anyone that can kick Ryus ass and then proceed to have a maraca party after RIGHT afterward is awesome in my books. Dee Jay was one of my favorite characters and I am happy they brought him back. (I like the upbeat ones alright? XD)

Here is Adonixs beautifully vibrant take on him!

That is the biggest most mischievous smile I ever saw Adonix do...this guy is not letting you leave till he gets that cock up your ass! Don't even think of are gonna have a good time.. XD
This is what Adonix calls a fast sketch. I couldn't tell cause it's so well done and freaking hot! That chest is so tight. That effect is exemplified by the shine of the skin he created. The chest, face, arms and abs stand out so well, nice and smooth due to Adonix's extraordinary colouring job. He made the skin on all over his body look nice and tight looking. Like he just came out of the shower after working out for 2 hours..did it get hot in here?
The cock is huge and thick, just the way I like it...but what really made me smile about it was the cute curly pubes growing at it's base. Nice sexy touch!
Thanks Adonix, this was very sweet of you my friend. I love him!

OH and here is a another surprise. Last year Adonix drew this picture of Young Little Deep and a Pirate he created named Big Mak. Lil'Deep is not fully grown yet, but his cock even here is so big and thick!! He still built to perfect and so sweet as only Adonix can draw him. Adonix actually made a comic to go with this. I really love this pirate Mak. Adonix drew him a couple times and I hope he will continue to do so and give him a back story. I dig sexy bald men. XD The tattoo is pure wickedness.

Enjoy guys, cause there is more to cum!


  1. I have considered some SF guys as sexy, like Cody, Abel, and Charlie, but never Dee Jay.

    Until now :)

  2. Ink-D you rock as always :D - FallenAngel

  3. Ohnoes, you made the "more to 'cum'" line. XD Now you are one step further in Pornonomics.

    I actually kinda giggle at a couple here with names starting with little and another with big. There is that connection! XD Clever stuff.

  4. nice draws!
    i like your blog

    i hope you can se mi own blog

    take care



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