Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Men of the Sea and Snow! Wonderful works of Crusiz's, Ink-B, Lastmanouthere and Demona.

Hey guys! I got more then just a blog post today! I got some questions too, that I hope to get a bit of feedback on. I saw Toy Story 3 today. Great movie, very sad though. Bring some tissues!
First off I have to spring out this most gorgeous masterpiece ever created by Crusiz. His Barbarians in the Snow!

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG..sorry but OH MY GOD! This image is way to pretty to be bestowed upon little me! Crusiz has outdone himself with this! Look at the skin. I thought I was gonna have a heart attack and die!!! Cause Conan alone is to die for! Man that skin is SMOOTH! I love the perspective on him and that crazy hot pose. He is just thrusting that uncut cock into He-Mans mouth, enjoying that view of Dimatas massive cock explosion. HA HA HA, Dimata gots cum all over his tusks!!!!He will have cumcicles!!!! Now that is creative.

What a cock he gave him too. It's so big and thick in the middle. That would stretch out the mightiest warriors ass way into next week. XD Yep I loved Cruzis Dimata so much I wanted him to draw him again. He made him even hotter. Those side burns still rock hard. Beautifully highlighted hair. He towers above the two barbarian hunks, just as I was hoping. That dildo was all Crusiz, hee hee, nice touch. I think he is shoving his tail up there too! LOL. ^o^
His colouring has come a long way and it's just amazing. Hell, it was amazing before, now it's mind blowing! Really love Conas big chest and huge body. The shine on his cock head is spectacular. His perfect skin and bright smile all come together to form a perfect beast! XD

I drew this up stick man style for Crusiz and he added so much to it.
Originally I wanted He-Man cut, but when I saw the final and sketch I went for uncut. I know Cruzis would easily have changed it at any point, had I said anything (He is great that way let me tell you.) But I liked his work way too much and got one of my uncontrollable foreskin cravings when I saw it. XD It has such a great design. Mmmmm his He-man is such a blond stud. He did a spectacular job on him. I love his eyes and how much he is enjoying that cock!!! Excellent body, soft big balls and nice take on his costume. The background really adds a sense of place and time to the image. A rolling field at the edge of a pine forest, this is great stuff! It's like a naughty Christmas card!
You can tell Crusiz spent a lot of time on this and was having a good time with it too. Thank you my friend! I can't wait till you open shop again. You should take a nice long break and relax after this one! LOL.

(I have been requesting a lot hands behind the heads these days.. XD)

Next up I have a 3 big surprises premiering on my blog!

First off a really nice gift from Lastmanouthere. What a dear heart he is. He has done so much for me these last few weeks, I just can't thank him enough. He shocked me with this about a week ago. He was inspired by my art and Crays take on my serpent man and wanted to give him a go. I kissed Lastman for this one! He asked me lots of questions and wanted to give me some variations. We talked a lot about it. See I wanted to give him an Asian look, so Lastman did up a skin tone that was not tanned as deep, to more match the model that had inspired his creation. I think this gave him an even more Asian look to be honest. To match this Lastmanouthere also gave him a slightly brown penis head, something you see often enough in real life, but not as much in erotic art.

Of course we both love Crays tanned design. He gave him a tan befitting a muscle stud who spent the whole day basking in the sun as well! He could not look hotter.
He even went ahead and tried different variations on the tail. What do you guy think, Skin coloured, or green? That is my question today.

Behold his image, I found so hot, I had a hard time keeping my hands on the keyboard... XD

Well he turned out fantastic! His muscles could not be harder and more sexy. I adore his eyes, they are very fitting as they are perfectly Asian in design. Lastmanouthere really added a lot to him. He gave him very neat new frills that are soft and gentle looking to the touch. I like how they are flopping over. ^o^ We went for an all pink design to keep the colours a little less loud. I think that works great. It has helped me decided that, that is gonna be his colour from now on.
He was nonstop creative with him and added to his tattoo too. A pure genius move was to give the sea monster a wave under his base, like a common arm band style tattoo, but unlike any I have ever seen! Wicked stuff, another piece that will be forever added him thanks to his creative input!

That background is just so beautiful..the last moments of the day fading into darkness...this is what summer days are about! Just trying to hold on to the day as long as you can. Sitting out by the pool long after you should have gone in. ^_^ It's like he has been cooked in the sun all day and now, his tan and body cooling, is taking one last sip of coconut milk, before getting up and releasing the pressure from his loins. You can feel the heat sizzle off of his skin. He would be so smooth to the touch and smell of sweet of tanning oil baked into his muscles.... XD Ha ha ha, can you tell I like it?
His skin looks so soft and creamy. It made me cream! HA! Really though, it is SMOOTH. :)

Also we were thinking of a name. Ink-B suggested Hydronis and I thought maybe Ling Hydronicus...what do you guys think?

Speaking of Ink-B, let's bring out Inks newest piece of breath taking work, Mako from TigerSharks! My god, does Ink-B outdo himself every time as well, or what? This is the sexiest guy wearing a wet suit I have ever seen! XD Ink did something a little different, he asked me if he could do the human version of Mako and I said sure man, he's hot!!!! Ink made him 100 times sexier then his in the cartoon! Check it out!

My latest greatest commission from Ink-B is Mako the Hero of Tigersharks as never seen before. Ink gave him a wonderful muscle bound body worthy of the greatest porn stars! He had a lot of fun combining elements of his shark form and human identity. The scales and the shine make him look so smooth and hunky. Love the big chest and how he highlighted all the muscles on his perfect frame are. He really brought out every curve on him. He is so perfectly built. That cock is wicked dangerous! XD The skin tones in the face make him look so alive and handsome. His eyes sparkle. The eyes of a pure hearted hero. As always Ink lips are something of legend. He never ceases to capture my heart with his incredible faces.

Ink tells me he spent most of the day on this and i would not doubt it. Looking over the water effects alone took me ten mins. There is just so much detail, though I must admit my eyes kept getting transfixed on that perfect face! It's so angelic, how it is tilted, with those really cool eyebrows and his pointy ears...I am swooning. XD Thank you Ink, you are a wonder!

Now one more Mako! Something fun and cute from Demona! There is Chibbi Mako perfectly done by her. He has the curtest eyes and such a big head! He's totally sharky and adorable. Yet just a bit creepy, like a Devilman creature. LOL, I love him!!! I got to watch her draw him from scratch. Didn't take her long at all. Before I knew it she was done! She added a nice mystical wave effect to go with him. LOL I just had a funny follow up idea..but that will come later... XD Enjoy this mischievous little bugger guys and see you next time. (I am so bad a writing up Chibi Praise, forgive me Demona...he rocks so much!)

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  1. *start singing Usher's OMG song* realy nice work here, sexy Ink-B Mako pose, Lastmanouthere's Cray and chibi Mako-chan from Demona..sw33t awesomeness great work guys! - FallenAngel



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