Sunday, June 13, 2010

Strider the ultimate Stalion as done by Demona and Jacy-J! And something special from Yelmo!!!

Oh Strider, how you stole my heart! Before I even read the last panel in Space Cadet ,I was very smitten by this incredible character. So I asked a couple artist to take him on. Not with any really specific pose in mind. Just to draw him in all his beauty in their style. The first two artists I asked were as noted in the title Demona and Jacy-J. They did magnificent jobs on him. So I am very happy to present them to you today.

Demona got him spot on! He is so rugged with that chest fuzz, yet so shiny and cuddly looking thanks to all the great details in his coat and head hair. She really studied the few images available and matched his horse/human cock and balls perfectly with the ones found in the comic. I wanted the comic colors cause I find the darker brown very becoming on him. The gold REALLY stands out well against this. He has a nice strong frame (oh those arms) and a wonderful horse body. She does horses very well. Gotta love his strong green eyed gaze. He's awesome. No he is more then that, he's a Demona masterpiece. :P

A little blog exclusive, a no cum version! :) Check out the sweet head!

Jacy was next to take on Strider. She made him very elegant. His hair is wisping all around him. His hoofs are lost in the massive details of his leg hair. The way he is waving with one hand fading out is almost like he is coming out of another reality, or fading back into his. Just a beautiful stud running past and teasing us at the edge of our dreams? Thanks Jacy! Strider is a sensual fairytale dream boat, from his big spirit filled eyes, his great horse body all the way to his cute big balls. Hee hee.

Let's make this Centaur day complete, by sharing with you guys Yelmos birthday gift for me. It was very nice of him to choose out of all my guys my nameless Giraffe Centaur. This was a huge surprise and very heart warming. He gave me faith in this character. Take a look:

He's reaching in, can you reach up that high? XD

This was my reaction:

OH WOW! HA! This is a surprise! I never would have guessed this was the guy! ^_^ He's awesome! I love how you did his fiery mane! He's flaming! The nice thick white goatee is a nice touch. Adds to his mythical appearance. Young guys with some white hair is always so mysterious and hot. It looks really thick and soft.
Those cute wavy eyebrows go very well with the wild untamable hair you bestowed upon him! It has a very sexy design. Neat long nails! XD He would make a great back scratchier! :P Your Giraffe body is very well done. It has a very plushy squishy huggable appearance. Oh my gosh, do you know how hard it was for me to draw my crappy body? LOL. Horses and Dinosaurs I can do, but forget about Giraffes! XD Thanks man!!! You gave me so much faith in him!!!! I keep looking at him then back at my original and keep thinking, there is no way I planned for him to look this cool! Now I think I will explore him a lot more.

I wonder what I should name him?

Thanks again guys! I will now have to look into doing more with him Yelmo, you really rock man. ^^


  1. I have never seen the centaur character, but I found it funny to see he is more than half human, with his human peen. XD I suppose it's a VERY sad thing that I have seen more pics of centaurs with non human junk. I need to go to FurAffinity waaaaay less than I do. Things I cannot unsee!!!! @3@ Nice work all around, my friend. I didn't know you had a centaur fetish. XD

  2. Name the giraffe after Yelmo?

  3. Nice ! This makes me realize you never told me about those ideas you had for Strider !

  4. Hot Striders and giraffe :D man - FallenAngel



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