Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Naldeep the Embalmer and gifts for my Buddies...FallenAngel and Ink-B

Naldeep is the best Embalmer in all of Egypt. He's so good he can whip a brain out of a nostril in one slight twist of his wrist. He is about 16 years old, has a slim build and has always had grey hair. Naldeep wears much more covering then the other characters in the series. He also sports a lot of Ankhs, a symbol of life and immortality. Naldeep was created to be a love interest for Jamun. He has a huge crush on her and would do anything to get to know her better. Jamun is unfortunately uninterested in anyone who makes an average living. (Plus the whole touching dead bodies all day thing isn't working much in his favor either.)
Naldeep is a quiet and shy young man. Dealing with the dead constantly has driven him to seek comfort in the strangest of things. His constant companion is his mummified Nile gator Snappy-tep. He often places him on his shoulder, or carries him around and still talks to him as if he is alive. The other cast members are often left wondering if the thing is truly dead as dust, or not. A master of the macabre, knows a lot about the undead and the underworld. This is of great interest to Fatep. She often calls upon him for assistance in her adventures. This is all good for Naldeep, as it means he might be able to get close to Jamun.

This is Fallenangels spectacular take on him:

He took my sketches and truly gave him life. I was totally blown out of the water by this one. Just look at the amount of details in the background. Fallen had way too much fun here! The store sign is just too funny. :P The book is perfect. I was just looking for a nice profile picture of him and as always Fallen went above and beyond adding in Snappy-tep. He drew him much bigger and more plush in appearance then I had drawn up. I like this a lot. I makes him much more cute and huggable. ^o^ I like Fallens idea of Mummu taking on a part time job to model in his store window. Today he is in for repairs... :) He created the perfect work environment for Naldeep! Thank so much man.
I could not have wished Naldeep to come out any closer to my original design. He's awesome.

Well because FallenAngel has done so many characters for me, I wanted to create something for him. He likes the younger characters so last night during my drive home I came up with this little guy I call Twinky Tut.

This young man was blessed with an eternal tan and golden blond hair. He is an excellent warrior, master swordsman and an expert Falconer. His weapon is the dapper Damascus sword. A magical weapon the seems to be smiling constantly. He would love to usurp Pyis in the Palace Guards and even marry Fatep. He soon learns he is adored by woman and becomes a bit of a celebrity. (Three woman constantly follow him.) He is full of himself and a total show-boater. He is quick on his feet. He is so adored that if he faints, someone will always be there to catch him. ;) His sparkling gold loin cloth is a thong in the back... He has a soft down of white hairs on his bum. :P

Ink-B and I are fans of Sean from Street Fighter. I wanted to get a little something for him, so I asked Demona to do up a cute Chibi for him. She had a wicked idea for Sean and as you will see, made one spot on adorable Chibi!!! Thanks Demona! :)

Flip the bird to what ever brings you down Ink-B! :P
This Chibi has a lot of nice details in the shading and stuff. I really like how the finger nails were giving a bit extra care. ^^ Sean is really naughty here...he reminds me of a Koopa Kid for some reason.

More to come soon!


  1. Aww Chibis are always cute!! X3 And Ink does them well. As you do too with your art. ^^ You're getting better. And of course it's nice to see your Egypt characters getting some life thanks to Fallen's work. Nice all around. :3

  2. Glad you like my take on Naldeep :D and great chibi Sean by Ink-B :) -FallenAngel



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