Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Joey gets some Love from Busiris and Psycholiki

Back on June first Mr. Busiris had a very special surprise for me. The little minx had swiped Patrick Fillions Joey off this site and went ahead and coloured him for the pure pleasure of it. Now that's a nice surprise. Very bold and daring too! Taking on a piece by the king of gay comics takes a lot courage. He's got some mad skills and a great heart. He is getting really superb at colouring. His teacher the artist Neekko has been guiding this boy well! XD I looked over it a bit and gave him my thumbs up. He actually did two colours of Joeys skin, and was very concerned that it meet my standards of quality. That was very professional of him! Here are the wicked results!

This image became a huge success for Busiris, with over 100 favorites! Awesome!

This is his write up, which is really nice, so I want to perserve it here! XD

Hey! Back again with more coloring collab for your viewing pleasure.
This time I was fortunate to have material created by LOCUS who happens to have some really great lines to work with! I hardly felt any problems while doing this one. Thank you for letting me use this piece! Of course I also have to thank OfflineDinosaurprince for such an interesting character! I like his broad face and the buffness too. And the 'roo feet are really cool. Haha.

Oh and of course this is dedicated as another gift-o for him. <3 to OfflineDinosaurprince! I hope you like this. Since he is nice enough to plug my blog, I do the same! Check it out, ya'll. ^^ dinosaurprinceskingdom···· Anyways, yeah tried to break my mold here, by making him SHINY! I hope it doesn't look bad. It was my first try and I hope to continue to grow and improve. :3 I actually find myself really enjoying coloring naked and porny images. XD; Not too complicated but very interesting material. I try to make the spooge as authentic as I can. lol I hope it shows well. Thanks again to people watching this! I hope you all enjoy, and of course, thanks to Dinosaurprince and LOCUS for allowing me to present it here. <3 I hope you both enjoy it as well. I tried hard! Hehe. This was my reaction:
Hey man thanks for the really awesome job! This was a really cool surprise. Very unique and sexy colour scheme for Joey. You did a great job bringing out his muscles, especially on his legs. Nice shading on the key areas of his shaft and along the bottom of his testicles. You really brought out his feet and made the flexed muscles on his bicep really stand out nicely! Thanks again. :)

Edit! I almost forgot, credit needs given to Neekko for being the biggest help and support while guiding me on shading this as always. Thanks! Sorry I forgot. :0

Thanks so much Busiris! This image is now twice as special, since it includes love from two dear friends.

A couple weeks ago I checked out the artist Psycholiki, on Deviantart. I was very impressed with her takes on Disney, Fox animation and other characters. I saw she offered commissions and asked her if she could take on Joey in a reclined pose. She was not accustomed to doing penises, but was really into drawing his. XD Here I go again, making people draw foreskins and cocks! LOL. The results speak for themselves. All done by hand, Joey is stunningly handsome, with hair all over his body, ne? XD

Joey face is very strikingly handsome. Love the flopping dick!

It has a kinda 90's feature animation feel to it! I just love Joeys body. Yum yum!!! Nice legs, great chest and sexy feet! I would for sure commission this artist again. I really appreciate hand drawn art and this is very sexy!!! She was very easy going and had the image done in about 24 hours. That's great service! Most impressive!

Check out her gallery here:

Okay one more piece of Joey love tonight! The artist Cray not only took on Joey, but my new OC an Asian Body building Sea Serpent man. I have to think of a name for this guy still. I based him on a model I found, combined with the sea monster from the board game Survive. You haven't played a board game till you have tried this old title. I could do a whole blog on that game! I think I will XD.
Well Cray made the boys really super beefy and sexy. I just wanted to see them posing and getting hot looking at each other. I think the Serpent will be a fellow boxer, a friendly rival of Joeys. Cray did a wonderful job following my basic design of him and adding some nice features such as the curls on the scales. I was very happy with the image.

Cray's muscle bound mega hit! XD I really love how Joeys skin contrasts so well with his wild blond hair and bright blue ascot. Super nice!

Hey Cray, you did a great job on Joey and the unnamed serpent! XD Guess I have to sit and figure out a name for him huh? I love you take on these two, they are so THICK! Nice builds bro! Thanks for taking on my new OC and being the first to do him. Also thanks for helping me with the colours. I have a few new ideas for him and his design and this helps me a lot, in getting a good evaluation of him that is inspiring for me. ^^ Joey is wicked. Love how bright his ascot is on his dark skin. And what wonderful chocolate skin on these boys..wanna lick them all over! XD
Great cocks as always! Thanks so much man!

Thanks Cray, gonna have to get you to take on more of these two some day! ^_^ I think I will change his fins to all be pink and make his tail match the rest of his skin colour. Cray actually showed me him all green. It looked cool and was fitting, but I wanted him to have a more human skin tone.

A couple of my first sketches of him. XD Avert your eyes....XD LOL.

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  1. Aww, you're too kind for inflating my ego like that. XD I am really happy that you enjoyed the work I did. I really did try to push myself to impress ya, and also I suppose if I could impress Mr. Fillion, also a great bonus, right? :3 Maybe more stuff will come someday. I did enjoy it and even I am pretty happy with the results. I hope I can get better.
    And speaking of improvement, I can say you definitely rock out better than me at drawing. ;3; You're actually getting better, I feel. You have a firm grasp on anatomy and muscles. Take a bow. :3



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