Friday, June 4, 2010

Ren by Rainbowboys Raul! Must be Pirate week.. XD

Hey guys! Got something really special to share today. My third commission from the legendary fantasy artist Chicourano of the Rainbowboys blog site and Deviantart. You guys are gonna love this masterpiece! It's such a thrill to be able to present this at last!

This commission started around the time Rikuo was done. RG was very hungry to get into another erotic male character and so was I! XD I wanted to present him a character that I really loved from long ago and one that doesn't always get a lot of exposure in erotic art. The character I presented to him was Ren from the series Pirates of Dark Water.
RG really loved doing this guy, cause in his own words, the character has a very Elfish look to him. I think Ren caught my eye when I was kid cause he was one of the first character that to me was certainly not white, but had beautiful blond hair. It was a mix I had never seen before. I have a thing for olive skinned men. I wonder if Ren was the start of that? Nah... :P I think when I was kid I thought he was Indian, or something, which made me route for him even more. :P Well, whatever my conception of him was, it fueled many fantasies for a long time.

After getting the okay on Ren as the subject matter, I sent RG an idea to work with. Now, RG loves to spoil me! He sent me too gorgeous images of Ren.
I remember I had a really bad day at work. Coming home to this made all the events of the day vanish to oblivion! Have a peek at the sample images he sent. Both masterpieces already at this stage.

Young Ren is more in tune with his design from the TV series. He is messing up the deck!!!! This was not an easy choice....

Oringal Sketch of a Hunkier Ren. This is the image I chose to work with. I really fell for that chest and cock. :P What a turn on! The shadow his hair is casting looks so in tune of the style this cartoon was drawn in. Ah, the good old Fantasy cartoons...sigh.

Of course I love them both! Ren is so irresistible already and RG made him even more so! He nailed his face! The hunk ones cock is so big and soft looking, you just want to take it in your mouth and play with the foreskin and head. Oh and those nipples... XD

From here I talked to him about including the magical power of Rens necklace. I thought it would be a nice idea to have it lite up and make him glow, cause he is such a treasure! XD (In the series the cast used his necklace to guide them.) This got RG very excited again, cause he loves to do lighting effects and as you will see, he really did a superb job on them.

Chicourano's Ren is Mers greatest Treasure! Everything on his is driving me wild!
As you can see the image went through a couple minor changes. Not a lot though. His foreskin was flopped down and here it is so soft and yet so tight. It really shows every beautiful contour of the enormous head blow. It is rare to see foreskin done so sexily! The entire cock is one of his best. I wonder how many 'cool down' breaks he needed while doing this? XD

This guy threw me right into his fantasy world!!! He's awesome! Both Ren and Chicourano that is! LOL. He gave Ren a perfectly big heaving chest. His nice full round supple pectorals and sweet purple nipps are great. This is the kind of chest you fall asleep on in total contentment.:P His eyes are indeed very elfish and fit him beautifully. Especially mixed with those big graceful lips and his smooth golden hair resting on his shoulder..oh man!

Chincourano did a couple versions for me as a bonus. Here is the heavenly blue version.

I love the blue version with the lighter colored hair. His eyes shine with such brightness here! When artists do things like this, it allows the audience to see the image in a new light and get a whole new appreciation for it! ^_^

One thing to note is how very creative he while doing the lines around various parts of the body. On the outer areas near where the light is hitting Ren, the lines are fainter and close to his skin colour. This gives him a soft inviting look. Cuddly even! XD
Now in the areas he really wanted to get your attention to right away, the lines are darker, or thicker, such as the chest. The thickest lines are here showing size, strength and the weight. They are the most built part of his body and he did a great job emphasizing this with this technique. The nipples have very sexy sharp lines, making them kinda tender looking.
Rens eyes on the other hand have the darkest lines on the image. You meet Rens Gaze before anything else on him. The penis has a great mix of line types, drawing your eyes instantly to the balls, then forcing your eyes to move down the shaft slowly to that massive members purple head. Over emphasizing the cocks power and beauty and solidifying it as the most sensual part of the image. This is all genius folks!

Thank you so much Chicourano. This is one of your most delicious images ever!

Next up Patrick Fillions Joey gets some colour and the Egypt Story Evolves!


  1. OH man I love that toon!!!! Been years since I've seen it although I always loved the girl in it! UGH I'll have to hunt it down and rewatch it all one day!

    Great work on Raul's part too!

  2. I am PRETTY sure I have heard of that series, but yet have never seen an ounce. That aside, it's really nice! That's some high quality work, to be sure, and also heck, great sketches to boot. THAT is always a plus, great sketches and then an equally swell final product. Nicely done ;)That's more for your money! lol That's just one of many reasons why commissions are fun.

  3. Nice body ! I love the colors on the first version, that kind of warm tones I often use ! ^^



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