Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Urbanmusq Presents Disney Meets Dreamworks Plus a Karulox Surprise!

Got two more hot images to share today that were created by Urbanmusiq. This guy works fast! He did all these commissions in just a few days. I hardly had time to write a thank you before he was sending me another sketch, or completed image!
We are BOTH big fans of Kale from Sinbad. For the first image I threw a couple ideas at him that I liked and he actually combined them into into one giant surprise. See I had an idea of Herc and Kale Posing and looking at each other, getting turned on by their muscles and the other was just of them having sex, with Kale being Hercs bitch. XD Hee hee..well here is the genius combined results:

Kale takes it like a Man. Look at the grip his ass has on Hercs cock!! How hot is that? XD He has it perfectly straddled in. Urban you are a pure master of man sex. ^o^

It's rare for me to approve a pose from the back of the character. This one however looked too good to pass up on. He gave Kale wonderful shoulders, a beautiful back and an epic ass as I noted above..I could not resist.

Hercules face is such a delight. His eyes sparkle in the babiest shade of blue I have ever seen. His huge smile, brings a grin to my own face every time I look at this. Herc is having the time of his life. He is gonna burst from happiness ^_^ The captioning of course is all Urban as well. I love captions!!!! XD Especially when I can pictures Kales sexy voice. Urban nailed Herc and Kale. Love Kales torpedo head and how the neck connects it to the back, it's perfectly on scale to the characters original design. There is some nice details here, like the shine on Kales head..oh, not his human head. That is good too, but the penis head actually is darker from the piss head to the end of the crown, but lighter on both sides. That gives it a nice shine, showing it is stretching out.. XD

I liked his take on Kale and Hercules so much that I asked for more of them. I had to see him do them from the front. Kales pecs are legendary. This time Herc is on the receiving end of things. We also added another player. After seeing Urbans kicks ass Aladdin and Jasmin I wanted to him to include his version of Aladdin in this commission.

I sketched this one out as best as I could and explained what I wanted. It turned out awesome, especially when he added the sensual night time background. The men really stand out as visions of perfection against the Agrabah backdrop. Mmm I can smell the sweet summer air.

I love how relaxed they all are here. Kale is just enjoying every thrust, he is in no rush. This dude is just enjoying every moment. I love how Urbanmusiq got his muscles to shine in the moon light. He has a bit of Asian, an almost elfish quality to his face, especially his gorgeous eyes, just like he did in the movie. Great touch man! This Kale is even more ripped then the movie version. What a perfect body!!! It's hot how the abs trickle down into his spiky pubes, perfectly done.
Oh that ass... XD Even in this picture it just wont' quit! Pulls eyes away...

Aladdin is a little embarrassed, but that isn't bugging him too much. He's rock hard. My god, his eyebrows would melt cold steel. They make him so innocent and adorable!!! I insisted Urban use the nose he have him in his fan art. I really love this cute face!! XD He gave him a really muscular body too. Not just thin like he is in the movie. This Aladdin has been hanging around Herc and Kale and has gotten buff! His hair is very soft looking, nice and puffy!
Herc looks like he is chowing down on the tastiest piece of beef ever! My god, he is starving for Arabian Cock and is not going to let go till Aladdin releases!!! HOT STUFF!!! XD

As always Leon is a total delight to commission. He really cares about his art and making his customers perfectly happy. A huge bonus is the cocks out version he did. Kale is done and Herc is gonna work Aladdins shaft with his hand. Leon asked me if I wanted Aladdin cut, or uncut. I told him to surprise me! XD It's a gorgeous cut cock and very fitting since many Arabian men are indeed circumcised.

Keeping with the Disney Tone today I commissioned a quick sketch from the wonderful artists Karulox on Y!Gallery. You all should recall he did a really sexy Bionic Commando for me this past winter. Well I got a hankering for Herc these days, so I asked him to draw up the Zero to Hero. This was the first time he did Disney Style and the results could not be better!!! The Sketch was so awesome I just had to ask him to add some colour to it. I hope you guys like it as much as I do! Check out his sketchy masterpiece! LOL.

OH Hercs eyes literally made my heart skip a beat and sink into my tummy. I ordered a Herc with a huge fat dick and extra thick foreskin and Karulox not only delivered, he added great touches like dark balls and a nice dark foreskin ensnaring around Hercs to die of pink head. You just want to stick your finger under there and stretch it out as far as you can. That is a foreskin I would play with for hours! XD Oh that stare..he is transfixed on that cock. Nothing is gonna break him away from it till it cums. Love the shoulder placement. One up and one slightly done, is very sexy. He is grooving as he jerks off! XD Nice red on the bum! That was cute. He's all tender down there. Ha! Hercs skin tone is a perfect tan. Man this takes me back to the days when I would collect everything from this movie. Like the 12 inch figures I had of Herc and Meg and gave away....sigh.
He did up a beautiful background with a view of the ocean from Phils island. Herc's enjoying himself after doing thousands of laps! XD Karolux is amazing. He did this up really quickly and talked to me the whole time. He was full of great questions and is a pleasure to watch work. You can see why he is so popular very quickly. A very charming young man!

Thanks guys! You made some major Disney Dreams come true, I can tell you that! XD


  1. Well, that Herc is really having some good times above. And in the third picture is just as if he's wishing that lube had been already invented! That poor dick!

  2. Hot crossover here ohohohohoh -FallenAngel



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