Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kid Icaurs 3, The uprising is about to begin!!!!

Oh my gosh, after almost 20 years and many broken promises by Nintendo, it's Coming! One of my favorite NES characters is finally returning and it's on year..noooooooooooooooo! I have to wait till next March?
Can I hibernate till then? XD Since a huge portion of this site is dedicated to Pit, I thought this warrants a blog post. I am not gonna look up anything about this game till it comes out. Nintendo was making me happy with more Side Scrollers, like Donkey Kong and Kirby, but finding this game had me pretty much in tears. I had to do a double take while on a video game site today. I feel like I have been waiting for this day since I was 14.
Here is some images of Kid Icarus, Medusa and Palutena, plus a character round up bonus poster from the first game! I wonder how many will show up in the new game?

Medusa in her human form. This is the first time Nintendo ever released any official art of her like this. You only got to see her like this for a brief time at the end of the game. I wouldn't doubt she appears like this first, then changes into her monstrous Cyclops form after you defeat her.

I have not been this hyped for a game since NightWarriors on Sega Saturn.


  1. I really only played the Game Boy version of the game, and I was pretty young back then. So this isn't really too hyped by me. I was more excited about Donkey Kong Country, that was my childhood right there. XD But I digress, I will still probably buy it with much glee and also I really just wanna see the 3DS and look at the glassesless 3D. D8 I want see nao!



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