Saturday, June 26, 2010

Maduinshorn Presests DinsoaurPrince Kingdom Cross over with the KensouDojo!

A little while ago I became infatuated with the character Ajax created by the artist KensouDojo. I saw a lot of collabs and things go up featuring his characters. KensouDogo seemed to be a very friendly person, with his constant comments and enthusiastic pictures. So I threw caution to the wind and decided to contact him regarding a possible cross over commission. Turned out he was very much into the idea. XD I suggested that he pick from any of my characters, especially the human ones. He chose Roshawn, my Indian stud and I asked him what kind of sexual act he would like to see the boys perform. Maduinshorn was called into action, as KensouDojo had mentioned to me how much he liked his art. Mario is PERFECT for creating a scene featuring Ajax. He knows how to do thick juicy muscle men as we have seen so much on this site. What I am about to reveal here tonight is his version of Ajax that is beyond magnificence.

Roshawn and Ajax have been spending many nights at the gym together. The swimmer has beefed up under Ajax tutelage. One night, their passions aflame, Ajax pulls off his shorts and allows Roshawn to suck him to completion right in the middle of their work out. Nothing is going to stop these boys from pumping iron though!

Like with Lil Deep Maduinshorn is really pushing the big muscle mass and body size here! Ajax as I said is amazing. His arm is a mass of muscles! His chest is perfectly heaving and stretched to the limit. I love the shine he added to these wonderful nipples on both guys. Mario really did a great job making these guys glisten under the hot gym lights. They sparkle. Shows just how pumped and tight they are.

I really love how he has done Roshawn this time around. His abs and chest look like soft chocolate bars that need some licking.. XD His hair is just how long it hangs. His body and cock are making me sweat! Hee hee Roshawns giant uncut dick rubbing against that light skinned leg would feel great for both parties. Maduishorn was really good at showing Rowshans arm buckle under the weight of the dumbbell, by making the muscles under his arms so tight and stuck out. Excellent touch!
Roshawans legs are built like a Roman gods, though not many had great sneakers like those on their feet. XD

Rashawns gorgeous eyes are transfixed on the perfect abs that Maduinshorn created for Ajax. What I like the most on him is that huge booty and those big hang low balls he did up. I am started to become more of an ass man, then I used to be!due to all these recent works. :P

Thanks again Maduinshorn and thank you KinsouDojo for allow this match up to happen. Enjoy everyone.


  1. Hot ver of Kensoudoji here with Roshawn , now thats a good exercise and pleasure all together - FallenAngel

  2. There is just something about working out and gyms that seem to inspire people with sexual images. XD I guess if you think about it, it's obvious, but at the same time... interesting!
    And Maduinshorn rocked the house with buffness. There is never ever a problem with huge bulkiness, right? XD Nice stuff!



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