Monday, June 21, 2010

Manly Men of the Ice and Snow By Caravaggia, MiOworks and Maduinshorn Plus a Sirio Surprise!

Remember the sexy Ice Climbers that Nookiedog created last year? Well now they are back! Yes after months and months of trying to use them in a new idea, I finally had a good idea and sent it to the amazing artist MiOworks to produce it. Poor MiOworks has been banned for Y!Gallery at the moment. So I am happy to be able to present this sensual masterpiece collaboration between himself and Caravaggia who provided such wonderful colours as she always does. (Run on sentence much..)
What do you guys think of it? :)

Yep Ice He-Man is back! LOL. I do so love him! And he is just fantastic! He's so shy and innocent, but that massive uncut dick says he is ready to break free of that Facade! XD Is he hot, or what? I could not resist having this king of Bara take on the King 80's warriors. He is a beauty from head to toe! Check out his sexy legs! Caravaggia was great at really exemplifying every sexy curve and muscle on the guys with her magic brush. Especially that super perfect ass on Popo!!! MiOworks really outdid himself on the cocks and butt! He kept in the boys phimosis and gave them sexy 'lips' that stick up nicely. Caraggia was kind enough to add in some features like white in the Ice Climbers eyes and beautiful blue irises. The blush she gave He-Man could melt the snow! XD HA! All in all one of my favorite pictures of He-Man. It was pure delight to watch this come together. It was really important to me and I even drew up the sketch. XD (Poor MiOworks..XD) I new it was in best hands though. The whole thing is topped with a soft wind and light snow wisping past the men. Will they make love in the snow?

OMG this almost became a commission nightmare due to a translation problem. I wanted Caravaggia to colour in a line that she missed and she thought I wanted to reline the entire image! I could have died!!! She is a real trooper and was ready to watch a ton of episodes to actually get the look just right! LOL, I quickly e-mailed her what I wanted (Just a couple vein like lines in the armor that got missed, a two second job.) and she must have breathed the biggest sigh of relief....As well as took the knife out of my Voodoo doll... XD Oh man, I gotta be more careful how I word things.

Do you guys think I should ask for some follow ups from MiO?

Well I loved how she was doing this He-Man and asked her for more He-Man love! Have you guys noticed how wicked her chests and abs have gotten? I mean, I always loved 'em, but she has made them really dark and deep. She applied this here. This was really fun, cause I wanted her to do Conan and He-Man having a good time in HER style. She used He-Mans cape as a blanket. (I am finding lots of people love this idea.) And poured her cute sexy style all over these comic book legends!

Crom take it you Virgin slut.. XD

Really love He-Mans skin tone with those Nipples. XD Ha ha ha, I had to ask for them to be that pink. After she worked so hard on the MiOworks image, Caraggia must have really gotten to know He-Mans outfit, cause she did it very perfectly indeed. Love the face on Conan and the placement of his hair. Really nice ice background too! HA HA HA, He-Man hit the icicle! Better watch out, that is gonna melt and put your eye out. :P Or worse Conan will use it as a very cold Dildo!!!!

The other night, I was refusing to go to Slumberland, so I started to look for a random old TV Special. There was this Christmas special where people travel to space to find a Christmas star. It's some late 80's cartoon. No idea what it was called, but I think it came out in 86, or 87. Anyway I didn't find it. I did however rediscover a very cool show that was long forgotten by me. TIGERSHARKS! From the creators of Thundercats, this show just rocked so much! How is there no fan art of it???? XD Well I am proud to announce that there will be a whole WAVE of art coming. Especially of the lead Mako. Look out Rikuo! This Childhood love may just usurp you my friend..I am so shocked I forgot about this great cartoon.

I showed him to Sirio and she was delighted to draw him. In fact, she was so excited she did him up in less then 24 hours!!! We fiddled with a few posses and went for this one. Really love her take on him. She even added some cute bubbles coming from his mouth. That is one well positioned penis. The purple head fits perfectly. Is it me, or does he remind you of a Go Nagai character too? Like he feel out of Devilman, or something. Which is a really cool thing. Thanks Sirio, I was so hyped that you did this for me! He's lovely!

Okay back to the snow and ice!!! One final image, Maduinshorns latest wonder, Dimata and Smilo enjoying each other, in a little place I call Tundra Meadows:

In the Museum world of Prehistoric Paradise, there is said to be a place, high above the Caveman Suburbs. A field that rises gradually to the very tip of the atmosphere. They say that if you stand up and reach out, you can grab the very stars. It is here that Smilo and Dimata come often to lay together in quiet and solitude.

I already knew that Mario does Dimata magnificently, but he really went all out here. Love this huge cock, it's so trunk like! LOL. I think it's even bigger then before! :) And the details under his arm alone are enough to stare at for hours. These guys are buff! Smilo is brick house! He gave Smilo a super hot flat buzz cut style, that I love!! XD That floppy dick resting against Dimatas abs looks so warm and sticky. XD So hot..These boys are gonna melt the ice age...Mario did a great job giving the image a sense of wonder and mystery as well. The sunset is beautiful and the mist by the cliffs edge adds a sense of wonder and height to the image. The Space scene is very soft and peaceful looking, like you are looking at city lights through a rainy windshield. Very beautiful my friend. I tip my hat to you.

Mario did such a great job, I had to show you guys a close up of the boys. Here they are! You can really see all the great details in their muscles and Dimatas cock. What a romantic just gotta sigh when you see something as sweet as this. :)

Bonus! The line art of MiOworks masterpiece! Enjoy!


  1. Great pics but really loving the collab with Mio and Caravaggia ^^

  2. The expression in He-Manæs face in the first image is priceless... well, it is both images, but the first one really gets me!
    And these two, next to last, beasts of men caressing is not only sexy, but also overwhelmingly romantic :)

  3. It was a pleasure drawing this for you buddy! =) And Caravaggia did a great job with the colors!
    I use to play the Ice Climbers game when I was a little boy! I never thought I would be drawing them like this though! XD

  4. Lol, man I can't help but notice how particularly long Dimata's schlong is in that second to last image here. XD I am not saying it's bad, but it's funny. It's curved in such a way and smilo is grabbing ahold of it. I kinda like how that turned out. XD Nice stuff!

  5. Dang, that misunderstanding was just hell ! XD I was sooo relieved and at the same time felt so stupid when I realized what you really meant ! Awesome blog post as usual, forgive me for not replying before but well, most of us frenchies are currently super busy and anxious about the upcoming french version of Comicon'... that's like the event of our year ! ^^

  6. yummy hot guys! :D ohhh Mio's work is cute and awesome love Heman's blushy smile :D

    Mario's Smilo x Dimata lovely :D

    Sirio's Mako sexiness!

    Caraggia's conan x heman something to warm a cold day :D




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