Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ink-B is all over Boytoons! Urbanmusiqs Demitri Encore, FallenAngels hard core Strider love and More!

Big news for my humble buddy Ink-B! He just made the cover of Boytoons Magazine again! WOOT! This time for his wonderful blog. His Christmas image of Zhan and Cam made it there as well! Check it out guys and girls!

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #195 – Ink B’s Black Sugar!

In celebration here is his take on my still unnamed serpent man!! He did him in his transformed sea monster a mermaid. XD He is really great, (Even though Ink thinks his version is scary.) He has excellent muscles, nice big full chest, a cute face and big strong outstretched arms. Gosh...he really followed my sketch well, except of course he actually looks hot and sexy! I would swim with him... XD

Those goggle sunglasses are so perfectly hot and a little nerdy! XD Awesome addition to his wardrobe and look INK!

If you have been to black sugar you have already seen Inks awesome new modern Day Lil'Deep, he has dubbed Titanic, along with his buddy Koben. Koben talks with a heavy accent.
So I wonder if this Lil'Deep is actually Crokis Deep Transformed by experiments and if so is this the same Lil'Deep reborn? Have to wait till Ink finishes his story, but it leaves a lot of questions unanswered. ^_^

This is a cool Deep huh? That is one HUGE cock head! OMG! HA HA HA I bet that tattoo hurt! XD TITANIC~! LOL You are too awesome my friend!!! :P
Koben is so great I was really happy Ink included him in this image. His hair is really nice and soft looking. He can hide condoms in there.. XD That face is adorable! The cute belly gives him the air of a real person and that realism makes him even more sexy. He is perfect! You should make this your new main OC. The junk food lover!! XD I might have to think of cute ideas for him. I have fallen for him! :P

Urbanmusiq got the new Darkstalkers Graphic Novel and highly recommends it. He claims Donovan to be extra hot in it. More then enough reason for me to pick it up. HA!
Well he was most inspired and as super nice gift, he created a very naughty encore image of Demitri Maximoff for me. How awesome is this?! Check him out, his glowing yellow eyes pierced right into my heart. Seriously..those things caught me off guard. XD

Urbanmusiq really captured the essence of Capcoms classic character. He NAILED his face, nose and chin. Love the highlights in his hair and those big rippling muscles blessing his arms. That thick cut cock, cleanly popped right out of those tight white pants didn't it? Great perspective, it's like I am looking up at him while on my knees, already to service the wanna be king of the night! You know what Leon was lusting for as he drew this up...LOL. Thanks man! This is mouth watering follow up to your Bionic Commando masterpiece!

Ha ha ha, here is a treat, FallenAngel took on Strider and we decided to pair him with the ever lovable Ghostboy. Fallen wanted to take off Ghostboys hood so we could really get a good look at his expression as he takes that gigantic dick all the way up his butt. He doesn't seem to mind, in fact he is encouraging Strider to go deeper! His face is actually one of the sexiest takes on the character I have seen in fan art. Anime perfection! Really love how he did his hair. He got Strider so sexily done in his style. He's nice and big, with a perfect torso, sweet hairy chest and gorgeous flowing hair. This is FallenAngels first take on a Centaur. I think it rocks, so feel free to tell him how you feel. :)

As always Fallen outdoes himself with his epic backgrounds. The forest with the light streaming reminds us that we are still in the beautiful fantasy world of Ordovica. This was great to watch Fallen do and to think of ways to cloth Ghostboy as well. We even decided to put in his little tattoo on his chest. :P Bonus cuteness! Thanks man! I am really impressed with this one and happy you took the time to add so many creative touches.


  1. Always the usual nice little works as usual. You always have the same group of nice artists popping out some really well done stuff in general. I like the Darkstalkers stuff! That's pretty sweet. :3

  2. That Lil'Deep is truly sexy. His dick goes til next Friday! Not to mention the awesome torso and handsome, bad-ass face!

  3. Nicely done work for ink-B hot and sexy cock out :D

    Urbanmusiq's dimitri is yummy! :D

    And lastly glad you like my Strider version



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